Welcome to the Consultations with Niki!

Skype Consultations

Note consultations are by SKYPE. Niki’s Skype address is Nikig73. 

Niki will call you at the time and date agreed with you directly on Skype. Feel free to send Niki a Skype contact request.


An invoice will be sent by Paypal straight after your consultation and is payable by debit or credit card covering the cost of the consultation and any infoceuticals recommended. Note infoceutical orders will not be processed and posted until this invoice is cleared. Invoices are payable within 48 hours of receipt.


A separate sheet is sent with any supplement recommendations after the consultation, clients purchase their own supplements at the dispensaries recommended on the supplement sheet.

Consultation Length

Initial consultations are  1 hour and follow ups are up to 30 minutes.  Niki will book these in with you directly when you purchase your scanner.

Cancellation Process

If you need to cancel your telephone or clinic consultation and reschedule, please provide 48 hours notice. If you do not give this notice, we will assess each individuals circumstances accordingly and the reason for cancelling.

Emailing your practitioner between consultations

Please note, feel free to email Niki for the below:

  • Needing help to do something that was recommended at your last consultation, but you are not able to complete it due to lack of information or clarification.
  • You have reacted to something recommended, and it is either causing a significant change in mood or physical symptoms and you are concerned about this.
  • If your medication as prescribed by any doctor has changed, or your circumstances have changed.
  • If Niki has asked you to stay in touch with her

Insurance and Licensing

Niki is insured to practice as a nutritional therapist, however she is not licensed by the State of California as she is not a registered dietitian, therefore her fees are also not reimbursable by health insurance companies.

Additional charges to clients

There will be an extra charge for requests for written reports analyzing test results, or letters and reports required to be sent to doctors or social services.


Niki earns commission on some of the health supplements and products she recommends and sells on her website. All products are tested and used by Niki herself before making any recommendations to clients.