Hello! I'm Niki

My life’s work as an Intuitive Empath, Energy Healer and Ascension Guide is to inspire people to embody and express their divine connection to Source and realize their full potential as Cocreators in this lifetime. My mission is to inspire global awakening by building a community of conscious, joyful, empowered masters living awakened, fulfilling, multidimensional lives.”


Here’s a bit more about me!

Unlike many intuitive energy healers, I didn’t experience being psychic or having any energy healing abilities in my childhood. My abilities unfolded in adulthood as I went through healing my own attachment trauma and severe PTSD from childhood.

At age 25 I went through a healing life experience while I was working as a chartered accountant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers specializing in banking and finance in the City of London. 

I wasn’t an empathic “feeling” type of person before this point, and the healing derailed my career.  

Much to the surprise of most friends, colleagues and family, after completing a degree in economic and international politics at the University of Warwick and a seven year career in financial services, I left to work in an environment with more heart and meaning and in ways I could more directly help and serve others.


I retrained as a nutritionist at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, and trained in many mind-body and psychology therapies including NLP,  EFT,  Matrix Reimprinting and Yoga.

An avid follower of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory in my twenties, I decided to co-found a clinic with my fiancé for overcoming chronic fatigue based on this approach in London in 2004.

We were delighted that the clinic became one of the largest mind-body clinics in integrative medicine in Europe. 

 In 2009 the clinic won the award for Outstanding Practice in the UK. The results with protocols I designed at the clinic were later even published as a preliminary study in 2012 in the British Medical Journal Open. 

 It was also an amazing moment when the theoretical basis of the clinic’s approach was recognized and published in Ken Wilber’s Journal of Integral Theory and Practice .

In 2008 I began deeply working with an ascension school, and experienced another awakening.

This time I discovered I had been depressed and numb the majority of my life, disconnected from my body and rather emotionally illiterate.

At that time I awakened to telepathic psychic abilities and the ability to experience prophetic dreams. 

As many others have discovered on the awakening path, it usually leads to endings of toxic relationships that no longer serve us and I lost contact with friends and family members. 

The awakening in 2008 triggered a new direction in my career and personal healing. I left the clinic in the UK in 2010, moved to the USA where I received two “O” visas from US immigration awarded to people who are considered “Outstanding” in their field of practice and began intensively studying energy healing modalities, quantum physics and developmental trauma. 

Over the next ten years I studied the work of many world leading experts and later interviewed most of them in two summits I hosted between 2015-2020.

I also spoke on almost 50 health summits on the topic of developmental trauma, reaching almost 1 million people worldwide.

I experienced a gradual worsening in all aspects of my life during this period. I only later discovered all the reasons it happened, but by the end of 2015, I faced bankruptcy, the loss of my health, and key friends and family members.

On my journey back to healing I researched many many avenues and cohosted the largest online summit on healing trauma in 2020 called the Trauma Mind Body Superconference with over 185,000 attendees. We interviewed 90 experts including Ken Wilber, Professor Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Peter Levine, Professor Stephen Porges, Dr Joe Dispenza, Caroline Myss, Ross Rosenberg, Dr Laurence Heller, Dr Deitrich Klinghardt, Lynne McTaggart, Dr James Oschmann and Chief Scientific Officer of Heartmath, Dr Rollin Mcraty just to name a few. 

I discovered I was a magnet for attracting narcissistic men in romantic relationships. Once again I had to face that my childhood was much worse than I’d thought. 

With everything including parts of my family, career, health and finances stripped away, I began a slow 5 year recovery journey.

In 2019 I had yet another life-changing awakening this time triggered by a surprising tool. One day a friend and I started to experience being “high” for three days after spending time together at my apartment.

Over a period of a few weeks I was suddenly able to complete soul readings for people, share people’s past life experiences, I experienced lucid dreaming, astral projection, telekinesis and the ability to communicate with Source energy, ETs and more.

My intuitive teacher confirmed I was at professional level within less than a month of training.  A world renowned spiritual channeler confirmed I could psychically see other people like a “crystal clear prism.”

What triggered this? Surprisingly, it happened when I listened to two of my own musical guided meditations which I’d created spontaneously for an online health program.

Source (my Guide team) later confirmed that my healing meditations contain profound awakening and healing codes. 

One of the world’s leading experts in divine muscle testing worked with me for eight months to confirm what was happening.

A complete mind body and soul healing took place as I began using my new intuitive empath skills with Source guiding me.

Source guided me on everything from my diet, lifestyle, supplements, amazing healing devices and energetic healings.

I suddenly attained financial abundance goals I’d desired since I left the UK and was able to travel internationally and take time out to fully heal and relaunch my career. 

While this experience was astounding and mind blowing, it was a difficult “baptism of fire” and heartbreaking to discover that my own Source team could be “hacked’ by various nefarious entities.

 I found out that from 2008 I had been partly unknowingly guided by negative beings from the ascension school I’d attended to bankruptcy and almost losing everything in 2015.

 It took over a year of healing, grounding and clearing in 2020 to attain a channeled connection to Source which was 100% love light and truth.

In addition while facing having to heal at least five types of PTSD, I realized I had been in denial about the degree of attachment trauma that ran like a river of pain back through generations of my family . 

 Most of us are only semi aware of the shame, loneliness and self love deficit we carry around with us due to attachment trauma which is usually intergenerationally inherited.

However, I discovered that my guided meditations open a type of portal that allows your Source team to begin to reveal and heal this deep unconscious generational wounding – something which is lacking in Western Psychology techniques.

 Unlike other spiritual guided meditations, my meditations safely heal our shadow parts, repressed emotions and energies that usually block our positive conscious intentions and desires from manifesting.

 They are part of the solution to one of most the challenging psychological epidemics we face today: healing attachment and developmental trauma from childhood.

 This healing is an amazing side effect of reaching a state of full realization and embodied enlightenment, for a state of full self realization requires we release all self hatred and victimhood.

 The fact my meditations were powerfully healing proved undeniable after I launched my healing circle in 2020. I started to receive overwhelming positive feedback from people across the globe who were having life-changing experiences with my meditations.

 I collated 1000s of testimonials (see them here and here). People reported healing trauma, connecting to Source and experiencing all kinds of intuitive openings. This finally led me to having the confidence to make my final major career shift.


sBy 2021 I realized why parts of my life were so traumatic and depressing. Navigating through my challenging past experiences, I discovered my calling is to help others heal and unpack deep negative programming which many of us experience from childhood, and help guide those who are willing to expand consciousness and ascend in this lifetime.

My calling is also to alert people to be discerning during this period of powerful human consciousness expansion. Awakening to other dimensions during this period in Earth history is like entering the Wild West, and people need to know about protection and discernment tools. 

 Source said to me, all that seemed to “go wrong” in my life was ultimately a blessing: to enable me to guide others successfully on their own ascension through this amazing opportunity available on planet Earth right now.

I know that without the experience of almost losing everything, I would never have been able to go public in this way, connect with Source and experience miracles

So, I hope you won’t just take my word for it about my meditations, but join me and experience my work for yourself through my Ascension Portal or through listening to my free meditations on YouTube – see more on how to get started below.

If my story in any way resonates with you, I hope to connect with you in person one day, maybe on one of my live Q and As or on a retreat.

 See you soon and take care for now.



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Other facts about me:

  • I was born in Manchester in the UK
  • I’ve lived in quite a few different places in the UK when growing up, both north and south before moving to Paris in France when I was 16
  • I completed the International Baccalaureate at The International School of Paris rather than the usual A Levels in the UK from 16-19 years old
  • In August 2015 I hosted the largest ever free online health summit at the time on mind body approaches to overcoming fatigue with over 30,000 attendees. 
  • In 2020  I cohosted the largest ever online event on overcoming developmental and emotional trauma; the Trauma and Mind Body Super Conference, with almost 200,000 attendees.
  • I have been the recipient of two “O” work visas from the USA, granted only to people who can demonstrate “extraordinary ability” in their field
  • Spent almost 10 years living and working in the USA in Boulder, Colorado, and Santa Monica in California.
  • Currently I live on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados