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Due to the nature of digital data, we cannot refund digital goods or online courses. If you are a member of the Ascension Portal, fees are automatically charged monthly or annually depending on the plan you chose, and you can cancel your membership at any time by logging into the Portal, and click on the menu tab “My Account.”  There are no refunds for monthly or annual Ascension Portal membership. 

Please note we also reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time for any reason, including if you do not comply with our terms of service or Portal usage guidelines.

Note refunds for one to one sessions are only available if you have provided 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling

Please note merchant transaction fees are never refunded for any product. Generally merchant fees are 2.99% (full details are here).

If you join the Ascension Portal or purchase a product via Niki Skye LLC you agree that you understand all products and services should not be construed as medical advice, professional mental health advice, or any medical  or mental health diagnosis, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical or mental health expertise or treatment. If you have a medical or mental health concern, you should consult with your physical or mental health care provider or seek other professional medical or mental health treatment. Never disregard professional medical or mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of a product or services sold by Niki Skye LLC or in any linked materials. If you think you may have a medical or mental health emergency, call your doctor, mental health professional or emergency services immediately.

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