What People Are Saying

I’ve been in the Ascension Group since last September. In a word, I can say this is completely life changing. Do not hesitate to ascend as quickly as you can. You will not regret it. Like many of you, I had doubt, resistance and didn’t make the time to do the meditations. I began at 20 minutes a day and slowly began prioritizing it as I saw the results. You will too.  Momentum is slow at first, but it builds and builds. I can only say I wish I had dedicated myself far more, far sooner to reap the benefits I enjoy now.  

My health has improved dramatically. Prior to beginning ascension, I was 25 lbs overweight, having hot flashes, sleep issues, hormone imbalance issues and had a number of food intolerances and blood sugar issues. All of this has resolved, though I still have about 15 lbs to lose. I can say I really have changed nothing in my diet and exercise routine, but have lost 10 lbs easily. I’m honestly in shock by this. My skin looks younger – I have a glow. Moles and wrinkles are disappearing. My back pain issues are almost completely resolved. My eyesight is improving. I can eat any food I want without a reaction, though I am trying to be vegan as much as possible. I have a lot more energy and sleep really really well. 

I was also a workaholic, pouring myself into work to feel better. Now I work far less and spend more time with my daughter and taking care of myself. I don’t stress about projects, money or the future. I don’t feel stressed during or after work like I used to. Things just FLOW. I enjoy work more than ever. I know more abundance is coming because I am more in alignment with my life’s purpose and mission – because I’m constantly asking Source what to do. I don’t have a thing to worry about. Everything will align when the time is right. I can ask any question I need on what project to focus on, what I should do in the future, what is in my highest and best interest. I don’t have to fret because I have all the answers right at my fingertips. 

I was also in a terrible relationship with a covert Narcissist for three years. I was completely in love and attached to him. I knew I needed to leave and tried many times – but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. This was the typical type of relationship where a healer/intuitive is inescapably attracted to a narcissist. It was only through this ascension process, and asking Source to give me the courage to leave and transmuting self hatred (which kept me in the relationship) and asking Source to show me his true nature, that I was able to leave him. And it was shockingly revealed who he truly was. As soon as I asked Source to show me his true nature, I caught him lying, manipulating, stealing from me and far more. Prior to that I had been in complete denial. The veil of denial came crashing down when I was ready to see it. I left immediately and have not looked back. I have been set free and cannot be happier. Never will I be subject to narcissists or manipulators like this because I can ask Source before I enter into any type of relationship – romantic, friendship, business –  if it’s in my highest and best interest. This gives me a tremendous peace of mind, I cannot tell you. 

I can also say that I have tremendous peace of mind knowing the answers to what is happening on this crazy planet right now, re Covid, vaccines, politics and the negative elite. I believe without this 360 degree view granted to us by Niki and the ability to ask my pendulum questions, I’d be one fearful lost soul indeed. Given this work, I feel I have nothing to fear and feel i’m in total control of my destiny. Again, total peace of mind. 

I also feel that I finally have found a spiritual practice that I am in total alignment with. I’ve always searched, but had doubts or felt something was amiss in anything I tried. Now, I revel in my daily meditation with Source, knowing I finally know who I truly am and my place and purpose in the planet and the universe. I could not be more thankful for this opportunity and for Niki’s courage to bring this knowledge forth in the world. 

Wendy Myers

CEO Myers Detox, Functional Health and Energy practitioner

Wow! I wanted to start with a word to try to encapsulate all that has happened during the last 12 months of being part of Niki’s Ascension Group. Truth is, there isn’t a word, or set of words, that really do it justice. Life changing and transforming, rapid spiritual evolution, and healing on so many different levels. I’ve been ill with ME my entire adult life – some 23 years or so just after I qualified as a medical doctor. I was moderately severe until 6 years ago when I had a massive relapse that put me in the severe category, and this was from a place of doing everything right. Diet, supplements, pacing, meditating etc. In desperate need I reached out to Niki to see if she could help, already convinced there would be nothing she could do. Yet Source had “conspired” that Niki’s path with Source had begun so yes, Niki (and Source!) could and would help me. Mentally and physically I was in a very bad place, so bad that I had started the process of looking into how Dignitas could assist me. I had severe autonomic dysfunction that included severe gastroparesis, severe heavy metal toxicity, severe mycotoxin toxicity, multiple severe chronic infections and immune dysfunction, an oesophagus that kept closing off with Candida (you normally only get this with AIDS or in chemotherapy patients) along with huge emotional trauma in the form of Health PTSD from all that had happened to me Spiritually I felt dead inside, as the poet Dante put it; “in the middle of life’s great journey, I was lost in a deep dark forest, for I had lost the right path”. Little did I know I had just found the right path…

From the moment Niki and Source came to my aid I felt better straight away, not physically (that was to come), but emotionally and spiritually. All notion of even considering going to Dignitas immediately left my mind, never to return. I felt like I had “me” back, and couldn ‘t quite believe the difference in such a short time in a process I was initially skeptical of.

As the year of the Intensive Group went by things got better and better. It was hard work being so unwell and having to do meditations to release all the emotional trauma from my field and also the transgenerational trauma, and I learnt early on Source will only ever give you what you can deal with, most days I would only do 20 mins as that’s all my health would allow. Skillfully guided by Niki with her medical intuitive skills she carefully guided me to start to heal the physical side of my body. I have no more chronic infections, my oesophagus doesn’t close off with Candida anymore, gastroparesis is a thing of the past, no more idiopathic sinus tachycardia, no more mould or heavy metal toxicity. My body has healed so much. Am I fully well yet? No. As I was such a severe case it does take time for the body ans nervous system to heal (remyleinating nerves etc) and that is what we are currently working on. I have no doubt that I will regain full health from what I have experienced so far. My work with Niki has changed and saved my life. Is it an easy path – no. You need to be committed to the process and trust in Source that you will get there.  Niki’s work/program is a life changing, health healing process and I highly recommend working with Niki. 

Michael Jones

Functional Health Practitioner


From the moment that I joined this Ascension Group, my life has never been the same. Where do I start? How about the beginning ! Day one Niki had us start doing meditations. Being the “Ascension Group” it makes sense now. During this journey I went through things like all of the childhood programming that was still alive and in play in my life at that time and how it was affecting every circumstance and relationship that in was in. Realizing that most everything was  not as it seemed, was huge. This is where doing the commands and learning how to use our Pendulums were absolutely the beginning of the healing. As I began to notice is was through healing that we Ascend to a higher consciousness. I have come to know the Devine Creator/ Source who regularly communicates to me and I to him and also in this I have come to a new level of compassion, love and peace as never before. I have the complete pleasure of working with a team of amazing individuals in this group who are closer to me than family and are dearly loved. Niki is so gifted as you all are aware of by now and by direction of Source has led us on this truly amazing journey through Ascension. It was not however without hard work and some uncomfortable things to deal with. No pain No gain is absolutely true for me here. I wouldn’t change a thing ! Here is one example: Transmuting negative emotions and having them come up all over again before they are GONE ! Yeah…again, I wouldn’t change a thing as it was all part of the process to freedom and Light. All that to say, we are all Ascending and there is no place/ group that I would rather be. BIG thanks to Source, Niki, my amazing group partners and last but not least, my amazing wife Christine (who is part of this group) for this journey in Ascension. Big Love to all,

Jeff Deppe

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Therapist

Hi Niki, I am truly grateful for what you’ve helped me achieved during these last 8 months!

Your Ascension Group has been a life changer and a lifesaver!I started in January 2021 and in only 8 months, I’m already at creator level 29.  More importantly, I have grown emotionally, spiritually and physically. It was overwhelming at first, committing to hours of daily commands and listening to the meditations 24/7 but with Niki guidance, I was able to prioritise my days and get organised.  I started doing daily commands, morning, noon and night with my continuous mediations and immediately started noticing big changes in myself and how I was showing up in the world…I started to see things differently and became very aware and clear of my life’s purpose. Prior to joining Niki’s intensive program, I didn’t know how to live, love, accept or value myself.  As a result of going through her intensive training, I am now able to create healthy boundaries, something that was always missing from my childhood right into adulthood…thankfully that is now a thing of the past. During Niki’s intensive group we were asked to write a future vision of the life we wanted to create for ourselves.  At first, I was resistant and could only visiualise a very small safe and comfortable vision…which would result in no real growth at all.  However Niki helped pushed me out of my comfort zone and now happy to say that I have achieved tangible in results my career, improvement my personal relationships and after procrastinating for more than 30 years, I finally have the clarity, wisdom and mindset to write my very first book. Niki’s mastery at teaching me how to get the truth from myself, using my pendulum, is absolute genius!  Today I walk in the knowledge, that every decision I need to take is divinely guided and I am able to get the right answers, at the right time! I thank you for the opportunity of joining your intensive group and the transformation you helped me achieve along the way.  It was certainly a lot of hard work, but most definitely worth it!Here’s to your next 500!


Angela Hammond

Business Development Specialist, Writer & Motivational Speaker

Remarkable Personal Freedom, Transformation & Spiritual Growth

As part of Niki’s first Ascension Group during the past year, so much has transformed for me personally – with the most obvious being incredible healing of past generational traumas, and newfound unexpected levels of spiritual growth & personal empowerment. Both my husband and I are part of this group, and I’ve had the privilege not only to observe my own transformation, but that of my husband – and the whole group!  Personally, I have cleared incredible amounts of old traumas.  When I re-read old journal entries, there is no sting anymore. Yawn. It’s boring to read. I’m free.  Not to say I didn’t avoid bumpy travels navigating through clearing things out as they surfaced, or that there isn’t more to clear; yet it’s fast moving now, and there’s a beautiful freedom when huge chunks of old programming just drop away and you know you are well on your way.  On a healing journey in great earnest the past 5+ years, I’ve always wondered when I’d get to that tipping point where life would flow easier with the momentum of transformational changes. Unequivocally, the “tipping point” on my journey of healing and transformation proved to be this Intensive Ascension Group led by Niki. Personal & spiritual discernment has expanded beyond my expectations, and my heart is filled with immense gratitude.  So many unbelievable synchronicities and connections have occurred, and I’m sensing such a wealth of support “behind the scenes.”  I could write a novel about it all, as I’m sure everyone in the initial group could as well, but today, I keep it to one paragraph.  Any amount of commitment put into this Ascension group will most certainly return a 1000-fold and more!!! Thank you Niki! 

Christine Deppe

Consumer Insights Business Consultant; Personal Development Writer & Coach

 I could write an entire book on my experience in the ascension portal under Niki’s expert guidance so if two words would suffice those words are phenomenal and gratitude. I have been ill with auto-immune disease since i was 3 years old and i will be 65 next month. In fact until I began to get well on this programme I had no idea what it felt like to be truly well. Every day my boundaries of wellness change and every day i think i have reached optimal health, then I achieve more the next day. 

Four and a half years ago I had a near death experience with mould induced pneumonia and mast cell activation. I was given 5 days to live. I didn’t want to live in honesty. My father’s health was declining rapidly at the time and he was my rock, the only person left who gave me unconditional love. I just wanted to wait for him in spirit but the universe had other ideas. I had a massive spiritual awakening at this point. I was very psychic as a child but had lost my connection due to certain life choices.  

I have been on Niki’s programme for twelve months. I resisted every part of it if im honest, told myself a hundred stories to justify the why. I had no idea what ascension was but i knew the body held the score and these emotions that were trapped in my energy field needed shifting. I also knew spiritually I was waking up to something bigger. 

I reached creator level 70 this week and I’m a totally different being. I have so far had spontaneous healing of severe periodontal disease of 43 years. My dentist was flabbergasted. I also learned I had agreed to clear 12 generations of female ancestral trauma in this lifetime but to do that would have put me in an asylum. So i also agreed with Source to experiencing birth trauma, sustaining lack of oxygen to the amygdala. This meant I couldn’t understand most of my emotions or the emotions of others. This too has spontaneously healed. I couldn’t look a person in the eyes because I am so empathic I could see their traumatised soul and that exhausted me too, so my body was indeed holding the score for me and everyone else.

This week I realised that my body was making ATP (energy)again. I had subconsciously over booked myself after 4 years of being afraid of taking on too much and getting sick again. I loved every minute. It was like old times only this time I wasn’t driving myself stupid to hide from the truth. I have learned so much about myself during this process that I mentioned to Niki I felt Id completed an MSc in emotional intelligence in 12 months, to which Source replied it’s a PhD!! 

I wake every morning in gratitude for this amazing journey of growth and development that has trumped any other therapy I have tried. I am eternally grateful to have my connection to Source back and I will not negate on time needed to harness and strengthen that. I am so grateful to Niki who had the foresight / insight to bring all of this learning into one package to truly change lives. 

If you are hesitating and my words resonate all I would say is that’s your chimp (doubting monkey mind!). Tell him lovingly you don’t need his help today and jump in with both feet. Inside this Portal you will find your true family. 

Anne Pemberton

Functional Health Practitioner, Registered Nurse

 Niki has been a huge catalyst in my spiritual awakening. In September 2021, I joined Niki’s Ascension group. What an incredible and life changing journey has been so far! The spiritual path I embarked on has been pivotal on my healing journey. Physically it helped me heal my thyroid autoimmunity and leaky gut. I no longer have food sensitivities and can enjoy having the foods I had to avoid for more than ten years. Emotionally, I’m no longer in a constant fight or flight sympathetic nervous system. I have come to a new level of compassion, love, joy and serenity as never before. Spiritually, I have come to trust in the Divine Creator and have been experiencing profound shifts in self awareness and personal empowerment. 

Niki’s mastery at mentoring me on how to use divine pendulum testing and to develop my medical intuitive skills, have truly been remarkable and taken my functional health practice to the next level. As a result of going through Niki’s training on writing a “Vision Statement” , I started to become aware and very clear of my life’s purpose. Since then, so much has transformed for me personally and spiritually. For instance, I moved across the world to Dubai with my family a few months ago. I am more peaceful, empowered, and balanced. I I know wholeheartedly that every single decision I need to take is divinely guided and I’m always at the right place at the right time. 

 Thanks to Source and Niki, I have a life beyond my wildest dreams now. If you are looking for a miraculous and meaningful life as well (with some bumpy roads along the way, which is part of the journey), I highly recommend joining Niki’s Ascension portal and experience it for yourself. 

Niki, you have given me invaluable gifts that will carry me through life. I’m forever grateful to you!! 

Nira ter Veld

Functional Health Coach and Medical Intuitive

I have been a student of Niki’s first Ascension Group. All what I can say my health, emotional life and my progress in my career as a yoga therapist changed completely and improved so much. Niki’s meditations they transformed me to my best. I could not be without them anymore! I am very grateful and thankful for participating in Niki’s Ascension Group. I had all kind of issues with my health. I had thyroid cancer in my thirties and a full thyroidectomy. Now in my 50s I had to deal with intense hormone imbalances, digestive problems and food intolerances. Now I can manage my thyroid easily, and I recovered totally from all other health issues. My female hormones are in complete balance I can eat everything I like again. My energy level and stamina is very high, even after a long working day.

Emotionally I was very depressed and angry, due to an abusive relationship. I was living for 7 years with a narcissist, he manipulated me mentally daily. Until I found out that he cheated on me. That was a blessing so I could move on with my life and find myself again. With the ascension work, I finally recovered, feeling joyful, blissful, satisfied, completed, relaxed, energized and beautiful again.

Also I am so grateful to Niki, she inspired me to become recognized all over the world in my career as a yoga therapist. Teaching group classes over Zoom. My dream came true, now that gives me the courage to create an online business. Designing a website with customized programs online. I am looking forward to being invited all over the world to present my style of yoga therapy for different conferences and health retreats. My daily devotion and commitment to Niki’s program gave me the opportunity to find to love myself again. I so respect and love Niki’s tremendous knowledge, compassion, kindness, understanding and amazing intuition skills. I highly recommend to participate in her programs.


Doris Puehringer

Internationally Renowned Yoga Therapist

Having worked with Niki in her Ascension Group, I can honestly say that Niki is a master at work, and I am honored to have been mentored by her. Under Niki’s expert guidance I have learned a system of analysis that consistently and repeatedly outperforms standard protocols. This has been a huge milestone for me and the way I work as a functional health and energy practitioner. The biggest impact has been the unfolding of my medical intuition skills, and energetic testing abilities.  The results with clients have been nothing short of miraculous. Coupled with her meditations, and scientific background, Niki truly is the trainer of trainers.  Much gratitude to you Niki 

Andrea Grandson

Functional Health Practitioner, Medical Empath and Nutritional Therapist

Meditation Testimonials

The most powerful meditation I’ve ever done. Amazing healing energies came through.   I feel like I’ve released in the first sitting some of the reasons I got breast cancer.   Namaste


I have been listening to the Self-Love Meditation over and over again for the past week. It definitely touches me to the core of my being. I have begun to realize how much I don’t love myself due to lots of trauma early on in my life. However, with this meditation, I have seen that it is possible to live in the present moment and be released from the negative feelings & emotions of my past. It is possible to really love my self from my soul. I can now release the disconnection feelings I previously held onto. This has paved the way for me to have an openness with my therapist as never before. I am now working through issues where previously I was stuck in shame & guilt to the point that I was unable to have a meaningful dialogue with her. Now things are coming to the surface where I can face my deepest fears & be released from them. Thanks so much for making this available to me!


“What a blessing you are to me! This meditation is helping me to release deep seated emotional pain from utero on. To be trapped in sorrow for so many years and not have the tools to heal is truly crucifying. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts with those like myself longing to become whole and complete. God’s blessings on you and yours!”

Linda M

Niki thank you so much for the self love meditation.

I've always felt I’ve lived my life ‘on the outside looking in’ at others and their groups!! Having had a childhood where I was very tearful and hated being left at school, understandably, I had no friends. Listening to your beautiful beautiful meditation, it was a complete eye opener to me that it wasn’t my fault I had been like that. I naturally turned it all around when I arrived at secondary school but oh my goodness, what a first 11 years!! Thank you Niki. I find all this Emotional experience analysis so much more exciting and interesting that nutritional therapy. Very kind regards.

Warmest Wishes Christine

“I just wish to tell you that your meditation exercise is very extraordinarily unique.  I had tried other meditation exercises, but I am not sure what is the special ingredient/s or recipes which made your meditation so special, that I find my brain longs to go back to that parasympathetic state when I listen to your meditations.  As a result, suddenly I have self-awareness that my brain has always been in a state of fight, flee and freeze, so I need to retrain my neural connections to be calm, grounded and mindful of who I am, by constantly visualise and re-direct my brain to that calm and restful state when I listen to your meditations.I just wish to say thank you to you Niki for so generously sharing your meditations to help people to grow out of their traumatic neural states.“


“And especially, I want to say thank you for your meditation. I’ve long appreciated how useful (essential?) meditation is in healing, but I have struggled so much with it. So, I haven’t ever given up on the idea of using meditation, and I thought I would try yours just to see how it went. Anyway, I’ve now been using your meditation every day for the past 10 days and I love it. Finally, it’s something I can actually sit through, and I can feel things shifting. I’m so grateful.”

Katie D

Bonjour Niki,

Thanks again for the opportunity to tap in to the field of self worth and inner peace through your meditation sessions. I’m beginning to understand the word ‘serenity’ now. Bless you.

Neil W

Thank you Niki and team for these most gracious and wondrous gifts. These offerings are invaluable.Continue the wonderful healing work that you do. Namaste.

Celia S

Excellent, I love- love- love this meditation!!!

Thank you so much – Dee

A WORLD of sincere heartfelt thanks! I LOVE your Self-Love meditation. Your gifts here are very special and truly appreciated MORE than you will ever know! I’ve already experienced a lot of benefit from it.  BLESSINGS to you for the fine & exceptional work you are doing and contributing to the healing of the planet.

Tricia H

I love both of these so much!!!!

Thank you 

Donna P

Niki, I absolutely love you and your information and material you cover and especially I have found your speaking voice to be so helpful in my adapting to guided meditation Thank you so much for being you 

Rob H

Thank you so much Niki. They are fantastic meditations and I did not want to be without them, so double gratitude.  Kind wishes Veronica 

Hello Niki,

Thank you for the gifts of you meditations. I love them

Denise V

Beautifully done and served as a welcome release.

Amy S

Dear Niki,

Right now I am so full of gratitude for the beautiful words and perfectly gentle angelic music of your meditation. My body had quite a visceral response from deep within my physical self..and it was so healing. Tears gently flowed out and upward.  Instinctively I curled up with one hand on my shoulder and my other arm around my torso. Your gentle voice guided me to go very deep…lots of connections to this lifetime healed profoundly when my tiny child knew for certain I did nothing wrong.

More healing will come each day.

I AM eternally greatful!

Debbie K

I have had the opportunity now to do both of your meditations for the last few days! Thanks again for giving them to folks like me!! I sincerely found them to be the best that I have encountered thus far in my journey. Hope to work more with you at the next offering of your class.

All the best,

Michael T

Thank you for the meditations.

I listen for short intervals,  then pause in silence to absorb and reflect.

I like that the voice is quieter than the music.

David K

Very soothing. I feel better about myself.


Amazing meditation!

Gela R

This is a powerful meditation that deeply resonates with my state of being. It feels good to be re-connecting with my Soul / divine self. I can feel the healing power and will continue to listen Thank you.


These Meditations are wonderful thank you

Sophia A

Hi Niki,

This meditation is powerful, I often feel sadness and cry when I’m listening…

Thanks a lot

Patrizia V

The self love meditation already helped me! With Realising That I do have an active inner critic!!! I always said to my OHC practitioner, Gemma, that I can’t hear my inner critic so the STOP process is not relevant For me and always used EFT for emotions but now I can see that when I’m upset by people -(the words used or actions then get translated) and my inner critic uses this and keep upsetting me!  and no matter how much EFT I have done it hasn’t cleared in a year. Now I know why!!

THANK YOU for your meditation for this realisation!!

All the best,


Niki–I am so grateful for the valuable information and guided meditations you have gifted us.  Thank you, thank you.  Many blessings to you and all you hold dear.


You are the best!  So many thanks for the enormous contribution you have made to my life. I so appreciate your wisdom, your heart and soul, and your voice and guided  meditations that are the first that have ever resonated with me…..and I needed them dearly.  I will try to listen to the two you have offered here,  every day for several months.  Will you put new ones on your website as you create them?  I will keep checking…..

Thanks for your response.


Abbie C

Loved your meditations and am doing the self love one daily already this last week…it brought out a huge emotional release which let me know how powerful they are. Now I believe I am experiencing physical detox symptoms that you describe in your last video..??

Denise S


And thanks a lot for meditations. I’ve been into meditation for many years and your meditations really surprised me with their depth and effectiveness.

Thank you so much. And I’m really amazed how timely your info reached me.

warm regards,

Arifa J

thank you for being a beacon of hope for everyone who is searching for their second chance at optimal health and wellness.  I truly appreciate your passion and commitment. With gratitude,


I have been following your work for quite a while now and am learning so much

and am very moved indeed.

Michael T

A few months ago I downloaded the selfcare meditation, listen to it very evening for a month and half and stopped. After the second masterclass I start listening again. Just this week one morning I had the feeling , I am safe. I never before realize that I was always feeling unsafe, I like to keep people at an arm’s lenght distance.

Just this week I realize what was the underlying reason.

At age 14/15 there some inappropriate touching by some one close to me. I trusted him.

It changed my whole world and thinking.

You can’t imaging how wonderfull I feel. But thank very much., I have no idea how sound works but it helped me

Kindest regards

Irene T

I particularly appreciate the meditations,  as an old sound technician (“professional damage”) with sound quality control experience, that your voice is superb, the music beautiful, the brain entrainment beats great. Very best wishes and kind regards,


Your two meditations are amazing, I do both every day and I am putting everything I have learned so far into practice.  I watch all your webinars and take copious notes.  The info has helped me a lot and I very much look forward to learning more.  Thank you once again, your hard work and passion on behalf of helping others is very much appreciated.  The light in me sees the light in you.  


Thanks for this.  I feel safer stronger wiser lighter and more protected.

I found it very insightful and healing and look forward to listening to it again and again.


I cried hard throughout the second half of this meditation. Felt overwhelmed at how hard I’d pushed myself for 52 years. And how ill I’ve become. I hope I can continue to listen to this every day and hopefully learn to love myself.

Thanks Very much for this.


I am a yoga and meditation teacher and have a history of developmental trauma and recent events have amped up the fatigue, body aches and low mood. I did this meditation for the first time today and it was a beautiful, anchoring tool. Thank you. I felt refreshed and re-connected back to myself more than I have in a long time.


“I am nearly 80 and have been searching for the road home for many years.  This recording has brought me hope and touched me deeply. Thank you.“


“Good morning Nikki, Thank you for your self love download and for how to deal with Emotional detox, I have listened to self love 6 times and this morning it left me in tears and needing a hug (which are not allowed right now – covid).“


“Just wanted to say deep gratitude for self love meditation. Already helped me a lot.  Just coming out of horrendous terrifying episode of complex trauma due to deep abuse all my childhood from birth onwards in all ways.  Feel a difference after listening to it only twice.“


I slept so well after listening to this meditation before bed! You have such a lovely voice Niki


Really enjoyed this meditation and will listen every day.  Brought to mind past experiences which I think have affected my whole life and I am  now 68 and struggling with cfs/fibromyalgia……

Look forward to further information and help.


Just wanted to say deep gratitude for self love meditation. Already helped me a lot.  Just coming out of horrendous terrifying episode of complex trauma due to deep abuse all my childhood from birth onwards in all ways.  Feel a difference after listening to it only twice


Good morning Nikki, Thank you for your self love download and for how to deal with Emotional detox, I have listened to self love 6 times and this morning it left me in tears and needing a hug (which are not allowed right now -covid).

I love the meditation. It draws me to it effortlessly. Thank you Nikki. You are 


So, this is what I experienced:

Strong activation of my heart chakra – I feel a huge amount of pressure in the chakra area.  Then, I had this weird sensation of tingling that started in my toes and went right up through my body.  That was followed by really strong pains in my heart (like I was trying to release something) and then tears.  Woke up in the middle of the night with massive itching (always a sign for me of detoxification) and had to take 2 lots of liver supplements to take it down.  Was awake most of the night.  When I woke up this morning, I was exhausted and felt like I had been on the drink all night.  Needed coffee all morning just to keep me going.  And then it came to me what I had released…………….guilt and shame.  Clearly a lot of it!!

Jan C

I’ve started doing your meditations twice a day as you suggested….and yes the effects do seem cumulative even in that short time.

Came out in spots on my face yesterday (and I rarely get spots), their location of which appears to correlate with the detox organs on the facial reflexology map. Last night’s self-love meditation was super-powerful and activated first my heart chakra, then my throat chakra then my solar plexus and sacral chakras.  And then all I could taste was salt again.  Today, there is some stuck energy in my throat and chest – feels like something that I need to get off my chest.  On my run this morning, it was clear to me that I was releasing rejection fears.  That was the first day that I did them both.

At this rate, I should be fully healed by the end of the month, haha!

Jan C

I was doing the Field Grounding Meditation today, my mother popped in to speak (that’s a first).  I had to tell her to wait until I’d finished the meditation before I would speak to her.  Is that what it’s going to be like?

About 2 weeks before Christmas, my family and I were at a “St Nick Fun Run”.

This is where we as a community all gathered at a local school to run a race (No racing for me. I walked a short bit ;)!, and raise money for children who need tuition assistance for school.

While we were all standing around waiting for the “race” to begin, I was talking to several people. As I was listening to the conversation—- out of nowhere— I instantly felt connected to everything and everyone. It was as if people were talking, but I didn’t hear all the details of their words. I just felt great LOVE for everyone and everything- and that we were all connected. I felt compelled to pray over everyone there and send out blessings.  All my senses were heightened as I felt a high vibration of sorts, and time stood still in this very spiritual moment.

And then, after a few seconds, it was over. It was very quick. And then I was simply back to talking to everyone and meeting families and their children.

Maybe this is the “soul connection“ Niki talks about in her meditations?


Thank you so much for sending me this precious meditation link to me. I did my meditation today with your calming and gentle and truly loved it. It came on a day, I felt sad when I woke up as it was raining and gloomy, and I had to put jacket again on after a nice long summer!

I love the variety of music you chose! I specially enjoyed very much when you were talking about gratitude and healing different parts of our body. I just couldn’t stop my tears coming down, don’t know why!!


I love the meditation!


Also after and during the field clearance meditation I had a dry cough like I had something to get out of me, at the same time felt pains in my abdomen like I needed to birth something or push something out of me. I don’t think it’s out yet, but it’s been loosened….


Thank you Niki 

I truly believe in what you are saying as last March, I felt an overwhelming amount of love flow through my body as I was Meditating and I felt I had let go of something and my Body is getting stronger as the days go by 

I now use your Guided Meditation everyday to further my Healing. I am grateful and indebted to you for your guided Meditation 


Very powerful meditation. I appreciate the extra 10 min of just music


Excellent, I love- love- love this meditation!!!

Thank you so much – Dee

I have been following your work for quite a while now and am learning so much

and am very moved indeed.

Michael T

“Really enjoyed this meditation and will listen every day.  Brought to mind past experiences which I think have affected my whole life and I am  now 68 and struggling with cfs/fibromyalgia……Look forward to further information and help..“


I have discovered that my whole life has been devoted to removing the blocks to the truth of mySelf.  Thank you for your good work and the meditation as it is supporting me, past, present, future through this time of uncertainty.  I am safe.  I am Beloved.  I am Blessed.  I am Whole.  May all beings realize likewise in this time of transcendence.


I just wish to say thank you to you Niki for so generously sharing your meditations to help people to grow out of their traumatic neural states.


Good morning Nikki, Thank you for your self love download and for how to deal with Emotional detox, I have listened to self love 6 times and this morning it left me in tears and needing a hug.

That was incredible. That was the very first time I felt deeply connected to my soul. I balled my eyes out, it was really powerful. Thank you


What a transcendent meditation. I just finished the meditation and cannot describe the peace that I feel. Every cell in my body felt alive. I have never experienced anything like this. I have been practicing Buddhism for over 10 years and never had an experience like this. My soul connected to every part of my being with this radiant white light. Thank you so much.


I was doing the Field Grounding Meditation today, my mother popped in to speak (that’s a first).  I had to tell her to wait until I’d finished the meditation before I would speak to her.  Is that what it’s going to be like?

I am loving getting in touch with so much depth in my body, mind & soul. This meditation was very deep for me. I feel very heavy (it’s late here in New Zealand) Looking forward to a cleansing sleep.

I can feel a dramatic shift already & I’ve only been working through the first level for three days.

Will be interesting where I end up

Julie S

I’ve been listening to one of your meditations the last few weeks, and have rather surprised myself at how I’ve been drawn to it! I only listened to maybe 30 seconds of it, but it made me feel very peculiar. It felt like it affected my heart rhythm, and I felt really quite unwell for a while afterwards, and had a rough night. I had the same reaction to one of the youtube healing music links when I tried that out recently, so I’m guessing it’s the same sound?

It’s clearly very powerful!! I just wonder if it’s too powerful for me right now? Or if there are certain frequencies that aren’t suited to some people? Or if I should try 30 seconds every now and then, when I can pluck up the courage?! What do you think?


I like all 3 of your meditations. They are powerfull their own way. I choose to do one of them nearly every day.

When I did the Field Clearance one the first few times I felt more pain was going through my body especially my legs. Now I feel that some of my stuck emotions started to release.

I have 2 horses and I sometimes like to just be around them. So I thought I could do the meditations in the field where they are.

I lie down in the field surrounded by trees, just me and my horses (Who are usually eating grass) and nobody else. After few times it seems that they join me in my meditating now. Standing close to me with their heads down looking relaxed.

Your meditations are very powerfull. What it does to my emotions and energy my horses can sense it. It would not surprise me if they were releasing some of their stuck emotions too

Thank you very much for all your work

Kind regards


Beautiful I feel like I’m smiling all over im in gratitude


J’adore la field clearance méditation..je l’ai faite déjà plusieurs x, et cela m’avait fait bcp de bien.

Bon week-end.


Thank you so much for these meditations it’s very interesting I believe this can help a lot of people around the world I love it


 I am a clinical psychologist. I am trained in EFT and Matrix and work with a lot of clients with health conditions. As I mentioned I have been recommending the self love meditation to some of my clients who are open and who I feel might benefit I have had good feedback so far and feel like it helps us traverse the resistance of the conscious mind and gets them back into their bodies and emotions and helps our work together when they can do it regularly. On a strange aside here, I have been doing the self love myself each evening when i go to bed, mostly i fall asleep with it on. I am noticing more frustration, resentment and rage come up during the day which i am mindful of (and try not to intellectualise –my main defense mech). I also had a strange experience sunday morning when having a lie in but i just thought about popping in the field clearing meditation and then i got a strong vibration in my solar plexus, it was like i had a vibrator in there, it was so strong and it gave me a big shock. I took it as a good sign and i am really looking forward to receiving my sonic slider and crystal as i am excited to see what happens there when i do the sound therapy.

Michele S

Thank you. I love the meditation. I cried during the first time. Am feeling very nourished after listening.

Karen Mann

Thanks very much for this meditation, Nicki, it was excellent and very moving.

Linda L

Thank you so very much for this guided meditation.  I was actually in the middle of an AFIB bout and it stopped within the 30 minutes of the meditation.  You are a Godsend…..


I have listened to the Self-love Meditation for the last three nights and love the way it relaxes me and gets me ready for sleep (not to mention the psychological benefits)


Your email was perfectly on time…WOW! Dealing with emotional detox was magnificent. The meditations have been very healing. I have committed daily to get still and absorb the healing. I am very greatful for your guidance and support in this endeavor.  You are indeed a blessing in my life.


Debbie K

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