What People Are Saying

Thank you for everything you do in the Portal and leading the way! Thank you for empowering us all to transform and change our lives for the better in so many ways.

Thank you from all of the animals who have listened to your sound therapy meditations and transformed their lives beyond belief.
Niki it is impossible to articulate how powerful your sound therapy meditations are for both animals and people. I have cared for hundreds of dogs over several years and your sound therapy has made such a tremendous difference since I started using it round the clock Healing Circle 2 October 2020. With the sound therapy even the most anxious, distressed dogs calm down and become manageable

Drax was a terrified trembling growling bundle of nerves when I arrived to housesit with him April 27. Drax spent the first few days cowering, growling and hiding in his owner’s bedroom unless I fed him roast chicken. He was so unfit when I eventually managed to get him into the car to take him for a walk he was panting, puffing and sitting down on strike very often refusing to budge. Now Drax cannot wait for his 90-120 minutes afternoon walk, Drax has lost quite a few kilograms from his roly, poly frame, every day Drax loves walking to the free camp area beside the river to meet campers and their dogs. Drax now goes up to campers asking for pats and he loved playing with Jack the Jack Russell dog and going for a walk with Jack so I organised a second play date for Drax to walk/play with Jack…..you can see in the photo Jack’s owner patting Drax as he wags his tail and enjoys Jack’s company (Drax was very nervous of ALL dogs also to start with). Drax is learning how to be a dog and enjoy dog activities. When he eventually walked out the front gate with me for the first time in 4 weeks (I had to drive him out the gate until them to take him for a walk) Drax was tripping me up all the time so I took him off the lead to reduce my risk of me falling on Drax. Drax was literally under my feet because he was so nervous and shy and cowering with every passing truck and vehicle on the highway…..now he saunters out the gate and alongside the highway like he owns the place. Drax became so confident he started chasing rabbits and I was losing him for extended times as he disappeared into the long grass hunting so I now have to keep him on the lead near the rabbit area for his safety. Drax is an inside dog and was rescued during lockdown and has never been left alone. If I left Drax inside and shut the door (due to the cold weather in Australian winter) he would howl if I walked ten metres to my car to collect one item and was absent for 20 seconds. Now he is starting to relax by the heater in the bedroom whilst I sit shivering in the kitchen with the door shut so he cannot see me and he lasted a miraculous 2 hours unconcerned with me out of sight extending his exposure to being alone therapy time longer than I could previously imagine. Drax used to have many nightmares every night, wake up pacing the floors, waking me up several times a night demanding on going outside into the cold to check every little noise……now he snores through the night……hence why I am awake at 1.20am writing getting my sleep interupted because Drax is sleeping so soundly (he insists he must be in the heated bedroom where he can see me still).

Drax is definitely a before and after Niki sound therapy meditations miracle. Now each time I ask Drax would he like to listen to Niki in the mornings he wags his tail, grins and gets himself comfortable on his bed. Drax has the original 4 sound therapy meditations beside his bed going all day until late in the evening on one of my 2 MP3s. Drax used to bark and growl many times a day at the builder who is restumping the house and started April 27. Drax was baring his teeth and threatening the builder but today he was smiling and wagging his tail and happily receiving pats from the builder.

Mere words on the screen cannot articulate the phenomenal transformation of Drax Niki thanks to him listening day and night to sound therapy on repeat and core ascension playing round the clock.

Dakota is a great Dane Cross, also a very nervous and over excitable rescue. The first day I met Dakota at Easter she ran at me barking non stop full speed, jumped up licked my face and wrapped her paws around my neck……I fell back against the fence with the force of her enthusiastic greeting. I went back to my Motel anxiously awaiting for the owner’s departure and wondering how I was going to drive my car into the yard and manage Dakota in her owner’s absence??? Again Dakota knocked me off my feet with her exuberant greeting and again I stumbled backwards and the fence saving me falling. Dakota’s lady owner said it was too dangerous to walk Dakota because she pulled too much on the lead and a strong male friend would visit twice in the ten days over Easter to walk Dakota. The first day I walked Dakota around the yard a few times on her lead and asked her would she be willing to behave if I took her out of the yard on the lead…..she agreed and wagged her tail and smiled to show me. I made sure I was wearing Core Ascension on one MP3 and the original 4 meditations on the other MP3. Dakota took off like a greyhound out of the race track gates (not doing my rotator cuff shoulder injury or back any favours) so I got her to sit and told her she would be straight back in the yard…..I showed her an image of us marching straight back in the yard telepathically and she got it so she stopped pulling and started sniffing. We walked for 2 hours with Dakota wagging her tail non stop and sniffing everything. Every person we passed in the street commented what a joyful dog she was……I explained Dakota rarely went out because she pulled the lead and everyone said but she is so happy to be out how could the owner not take her walking? Dakota thrived with her 2 hour daily walks and lost so much weight in ten days her collar became loose.

The day Dakota’s owner returned I was still cleaning the house because the owner arrived much earlier than planned. I expected Dakota to bark outside like mad and warn me her owner was back but the owner was actually inside the house with Dakota beside her before I realised the owner had arrived.

The owner asked me “What have you done with Dakota? I do not recognise my own dog after ten days. The owner said Dakota usually jumped on her and knocked her backwards each time she opened the gate however Dakota had just sauntered over to her owner in a relaxed and calm fashion to sniff her. I explained Dakota had been listening to Niki sound therapy around the clock. The owner had only walked Dakota a few times during the past few years she owned her. I asked the owner if she was willing to go for a walk with Dakota and I and she agreed. The owner was literally gobsmacked that Dakota was now a manageable and much calmer dog. The owner said she would be willing to take Dakota for a ten minute sniffing walk each morning before work and after work at night because she could cope with that. The owner became teary with gratitude that Dakota listening to sound therapy had calmed her down so much. The first day I met Dakota I had forgotten to wear the MP3s but when I returned I made sure i was wearing them non stop and that was the difference. I was really anxious after Dakota accidentally bruised and scratched me during our first meeting so the sound therapy was absolutely vital in making a difference to allow me to safely interact with Dakota

Stanley is my Christmas housesit dog. Stanley was an incredibly bored and anxious Boxer dog weighing 35kg who the owners only walked 10-15 minutes a day. Stanley barked day and night at every little thing. If Stanley was in the house and the owner opened the front gate to drive in or out Stanley would go ballistic and bark ferociously. With intensive sound therapy round the clock from January 9th when I finally managed to save enough money to purchase 2 MP3 players one for Core Ascension and the other for the original 4 meditations Stanley began to transform.

If Stanley saw any dog or person from a distance he would immediately jump up and down barking and pulling me off balance dragging heavily on the lead. My entire spine, neck and legs were injured with Stanley cartwheeling around. I started walking Stanley at 5.30am to minimise how many dogs and people we saw.

Nova was like Stanley barking and jumping about madly every time we passed. When sound therapy calmed Stanley down I slowly started to walk him closer to Nova’s fence where she would have a meltdown. Stanley was very calm one day so I walked him right beside Nova’s fence and asked him to sit which he did. Nova went crazy barking and jumping but Stanley was smiled and wagged his tail at her. I told Nova it was safe to be friends and she could say hello. Telepathically I sent her a message showing her how to calmly sit on the other side of the fence next to Stanley and I and Nova stopped barking and happily interacted with Stanley. Coco Nova’s dog mate was barking and hiding behind Nova but when Nova stopped barking so did CoCo and then she sniffed Stanley also. Every morning and night after that Nova and CoCo would sit at their fence looking for Stanley to walk down the road ……no barking.

Everyone walking past Stanley in the street or past his house began to comment what a huge difference there was…..they were all frightened of Stanley but became confident to approach and pat him. People said repeatedly they were relieved Stanley had dramatically reduced his barking. I was safely able to walk Stanley for 45 minutes in the morning and twenty minutes at night when sound therapy calmed him down.

Intense and heartfelt gratitude, love and blessings for you Niki from all the animals and Grace