Soul Reading Report

Your Soul Reading Report Contains The Following Information.

Cost: $77

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  • Is Your Source Team 100% love light and truth?
  • If not what type of entity attachments or issues?
  • DNA strand activation and integration
  • Highest DNA strand that has been 100% integrated
  • ET Soul or Human Soul? If Human, 100% or hybrid?
  • If ET soul, stand 24 strands of DNA or  48 Strands of DNA?
  • How many ET souls at birth?
  • Avatar/Fallen Angelic or Non-Angelic?
  • Any soul mergers with other ET species before birth? 
  • Percentage time expressed as this ET?
  • Overall percentage expressed as non-human (ET) soul and expressed as human soul?
  • How many past human lives?
  • Any walk-ins?
  • Any *soul sisters or brothers?
  • Any **soul destiny partners?
  • Any soul extractions?

*Soul Sister or Brother: Means you are sharing a soul with someone else who is alive today.  

**Soul destiny partners: Any entity you have made a contract with to help heal during this lifetime. They can be human, ET, or disincarnate beings. Note this is not related to any romantic partner. See the command below to clear all contracts with Soul destiny partners.

Soul Destiny Partner Command

I command Source that where it is for the highest and greatest good of all involved, to fulfil all my soul contracts, send healing love and light to all soul destiny partners, and I request all soul destiny partners to release me now from all contracts with speed ease and grace, thank you and so it is. I command source to nullify and release me from all contracts now, with any Soul destiny partners where fulfilling the agreed contract is not in the highest and greatest good for all involved. Thank you and so it is.

Please note if you have questions related to your soul reading report; we cannot answer these via email.