Many Portal members have health symptoms because they have limiting beliefs about their financial security.

All the worry and insecurity creates changes in neural pathways in the brain leading to physical imbalances.

For these Members and many others, limiting mental beliefs about abundance is also creating lack of money, suffering and self deprivation.

So this is a crucial Healing Ceremony!

Join us tomorrow to learn the 5 Requirement for Abundance. How to create good fortune, and how to surrender the ego and magnetize income through following the heart, and much more.

In this life changing HC we will focus specifically on the brand new 5 Steps to Releasing Limiting Financial Beliefs 

In addition we are releasing a new guided Meditation called Emotional Vipassana which guides you through the 11 Step Emotional Surrender Process and how to use this to release low frequency emotions causing lack of abundance.

Not to be missed!

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 26th August 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Abundance Update  we will cover:

    • The 5 Requirements for Financial Abundance – a summary of the most importance factors affecting our wealth status
    • The 5 Step Process to Releasing Limiting Financial Beliefs – learn the powerful process for releasing worldly limiting beliefs related to abundance – life changing information!
    • Case Studies – we will aim to cover 8 to 10 case studies by members submitted to the Members Forum
    • Experience the new Guided Meditation on the 11 Steps to Emotional Surrender Process  called Emotional Vipassana
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!


If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying About The Loving Kindness Meditation


This morning during the Loving Kindness meditation my mind became so still. My heart became one with Gaia and my energy field mirrored hers. There was a profound sense of love and simplicity that enveloped me. All life made sense. This meditation was immediately followed by the Gabriel Codes, which went right into my heart. There was such harmony, love, and acceptance in my field. Everything was so still and in the present moment like I have not previously experienced. Love and simplicity was all there was.
I have also felt more purpose since the LK meditation. I have just been plodding on with everything and trying to focus on my ascension as my Source Team said ‘ascension is the only thing that matters’. I have had glimmers of positivity when I’ve received messages from my Source Team and then everything has gone back to being a hard slog. However, I got an unexpected message from my Source Team a couple of days ago which gave me hope, and it was ‘You’re going to be pain free’. It was repeated over and over and I couldn’t quite believe it. My Source Team were saying ‘Trust us’ so I honestly believe that this is what is going to happen for me. I think they might have come in with this message because I had been thinking that perhaps I had chosen a lifetime of pain for my soul growth. I have no idea how long I will be suffering with the pain but at least I have some hope now.
For me, this meditation has been sort of a gradual revelation. The first time I just slept the whole time, then I would fall asleep halfway through until I could eventually stay awake after a few times. The first time sending Loving Kindness to people who had hurt me I did cry a lot and the same happened when sending Loving Kindness to beings that hurt children but after a few times doing it, it just got softer and lighter. But then I began to realize that the most challenging part for me was sending Loving Kindness to myself, it still makes me cry every single time and I had no idea how much I still feel unworthy and unlovable, or the amount of self-loathing that I still carry. I never saw myself as a kind person, I was always a little rough around the edges, tough and raw, and now as I experience this while hearing Niki in the meditation saying “Your loving-kindness cannot either be loving nor kind if it does not include yourself” I understand why, how could I be kind if I don’t feel deserving of kindness? I don’t yet fully understand where all this sadness and guilt and such profound grief that I feel come from, but for now, I am just allowing it to flow through me as I meditate, exhaling slowly and intending for it to tear down the walls around my heart…So thank you Source, thank you all you kindred spirits for holding this space. Holding you all in gratitude and love!
The first HC with the LC meditation I fell asleep for two hours. Now I can get through it all but sending LC to people who harm children makes me feel nauseous. In my mind I imagine sending LC to them in jail and that helps. It is definitely a beautiful expansive energy and I am interested to see how it progresses over time.
The morning before the introduction of the LK meditation, I felt profound love in my heart, like my heart chakra was opening while doing two meditations prior to the Healing Ceremony.  It was amazing because I felt it for the full hour of meditation, rather than just short glimpses of it.  Then when I did LK meditation for the first time I felt it again but not throughout and I know I drifted off.  I almost wanted to chase that feeling  again as I felt so much love in my heart.  As I continued to do the LK meditation, I was disappointed in myself at drifting off but as Niki said, it is very high frequency, so all in good time.  As the days pass I am able to be more present and send out loving kindness to more and more groups.  This morning when I did the LK meditation, it was the first time that I believe I stayed awake throughout all of it, and I did have some tears giving myself love.  When sending love to the last two groups of people that have caused much harm, I felt I was holding back a little love, so not quite there yet but it is improving.  I am surprised that during other meditations, incidences are coming up for me where others hurt me and then realizing where I might have hurt others as well.  I would kind of get carried away for a bit before realizing I am out of the witness state, and then I would bring myself back to witnessing.  I am so appreciative of this meditation as I feel it is helping me make a difference in the world, and helping me to heal.  Thank you so much, Niki, for releasing it to us.  

Hope to see you all on Saturday!