ln this week’s Sunday Healing Circle for Ascension Portal members we are going to cover the crucial topic of reaching physical health mastery through ascension work.

This will include:

  • What we mean by “allowing” health freedom
  • Whether you should be taking any supplements or using additional physical support for healing during ascension
  • What it takes to reach Merkabah level 29 – the “Physical Mastery” level and what to expect health-wise
  • Whether other types of emotional healing techniques are recommended outside commands
  • Expected timescales involved with reaching key Merkabah levels and optimum health
  • Types of ailment in the 5% category that need a Merkabah higher than level 29 to heal
  • How there will be no detox symptoms, only physical healing symptoms and what to expect
  • What happens when you feel everything more including sensitivities during ascension
  • Why the 1 year Intensive Group is now going to be a 6 Month Intensive Group – ascension is accelerating!
  • And more!

Not to be missed! If you are not a member of the Ascension Portal – learn more here.

What People Are Saying


My health has improved dramatically. Prior to beginning ascension, I was 25 lbs overweight, having hot flashes, sleep issues, hormone imbalance issues and had a number of food intolerances and blood sugar issues. All of this has resolved, though I still have about 15 lbs to lose. I can say I really have changed nothing in my diet and exercise routine, but have lost 10 lbs easily. I’m honestly in shock by this. My skin looks younger – I have a glow. Moles and wrinkles are disappearing. My back pain issues are almost completely resolved. My eyesight is improving. I can eat any food I want without a reaction, though I am trying to be vegan as much as possible. I have a lot more energy and sleep really really well.

Wendy Myers 

CEO Myers Detox, Functional Health and Energy practitioner

Having worked with Niki in her 1 Year Intensive Group, I can honestly say that Niki is a master at work, and I am honored to have been mentored by her. Under Niki’s expert guidance I have learned a system of analysis that consistently and repeatedly outperforms standard protocols. This has been a huge milestone for me and the way I work as a functional health and energy practitioner. The biggest impact has been the unfolding of my medical intuition skills, and energetic testing abilities.  The results with clients have been nothing short of miraculous. Coupled with her meditations, and scientific background, Niki truly is the trainer of trainers.  Much gratitude to you Niki 🙏🏽

Andrea Grandson Functional Health Practitioner, Medical Empath and Nutritional Therapist