This week we turn back to the Portal’s Ascension progress and highlight what is happening, or what is to come, for many members as more and more light enters our energy field.

At times it can feel like Icarus who flew too close to the Sun.

Expect any unharmonious emotions or beliefs to intensify under the light before they release – we give clear guidance on what is happening and how to successfully navigate this important but temporary phase of Ascension.

 We also introduce a new one to one session for members, an Ascension Progress Assessment designed to trouble shoot issues members might be having, establish if there are any blocks or commitment issues related to your Ascension and completing with the 18th and 19th DNA strands.

Due to the flood of astonishing data that is set to continue many months uncovering more and more of the corruption affecting the world at this time, we’ve been guided to “chronicle” this effective “fall of the Cabal,” and so we will do a regular weekly 5-10 minute commentary on the events of the week so we can all keep abreast and aware of these auspicious events.

In this week’s healing ceremony will follow up from last weeks important topic, and expand on one other area of catastrophe affecting our children: the use of medical drugs and even surgery happening without any evidence based studies confirming the long term safety or benefits.

Lastly we will share a full Portal Index progress update.

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 15th July 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Ascension Progress  we will cover:

    • Ascension Progress – dealing with the side effects of ascension, once you fly closer to the sun (Source) unharmonious emotions and beliefs will become intensified temporarily before they transmute – how to best handle this process successfully
    • Ascension Progress Assessments – we introduce the new one to one sessions available to personally assess your ascension progress, any blockages or commitment issues
    • A weekly 5-10 minute News Commentary  – a follow up from last week’s topic including reviews of the movie Sound of Freedom, major events from the week
    • Shining the light on Children’s Mental Health – the other part of the catastrophe happening to our children – the prescription of drugs, and now surgery with no evidence based medicine to confirm the safety or long term benefits
    • Experience the new listening meditation called the Auspicious Flute
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying

I feel led and guided to share the experience that I had in this mornings meditation with all of you. After yesterdays HC and in keeping with the topic of commitment, I decided to sort of “up the game” as far as my commitment to my Ascension and increase that commitment from 100% committed to 110% committed. (something my dad always used to say) Anyway, I cued up the Wonder meditation and did it for 1 hour. Just before I started I had asked Source (BTW, be careful what you ask for) to give me everything that you got, bring it on as I was completely ready and willing to clear it all up as to whatever it was that I may have not dealt with completely. Within a few short minutes I was seeing baby pictures of my youngest son in his little walker smiling and laughing as he often did.  In doing an Akashic Reading for me informed that I had a karmic contract with with him which I completely identified with.  After the slide was over I was completely overcome with the most intense grief and emotion ( happening again) and a feeling of loss of my son. It was as though he was gone and really, like attending a funeral. I was absolutely paralyzed with grief. Immediately Source said to me “It’s time to let go” I responded with “right now?” “Unequivocally” was the next thing I heard. Words cannot explain the sorrow, grief and absolute emotional release that came over me you guys. I asked for it and I GOT IT.  There has been a lot of rescuing and some enabling that I have displayed towards him and many of you will understand this if you have kids. All that you want for them is too be happy. All that is true however, but not at our expense or at least mine. All that to say, I finally learned that the time is now and there is NO escaping this, the time is now to clear the wreckage from the past so that I / we can be free and to commit 110% to OUR Ascension. Was this experience uncomfortable? OH yeah It was as “uncomfortable as S&#@.”  Was it necessary…Without a doubt !

Hope to see you all on Saturday!