Stunning discoveries from our pendulum testing continue this week!

This week we will share a further update related to the Gobekli Tepe archaeological site in Turkey, amazing information about the function of the ancient mounds found in the US and UK…and incredible insight into architecture all over the world which is in fact Atlantean…in plain sight!

We are looking forward to sharing parts of these amazing new discoveries in the New Ascension Teachings which are now coming very soon!

*Reminder: clocks changed in the US* – for people outside the USA where clocks did not change yet, the Saturday Zoom call, Healing Ceremony and pendulum group will start one hour earlier than usual.

This week we also discuss Dr Rick Strassman’s research work on DMT, and information about the safety of psychedelics and where they originated from.

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Healing Ceremony March 16th 2024

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Atlantis we will cover:

    • Announcements – update on what to expect when reaching 100% completion of activation and integration with the 24th strand of DNA
    • Atlantis  – stunning architecture built during the times of Atlantis hidden in plain sight due to miss-dating.
    • The Function of the Mounds – amazing information from the Randall Carlson podcast on the function of mysterious ancient mounds found across the USA and UK and how this provides confirmation of corresponding data we tested last week on many ancient sound healing centers
    • DMT and psychedelics – where they originated from, safety and the work of Dr Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule
    • Experience a deeply healing and mystical meditation called Indian Flute
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying   


My heartfelt gratitude for the groundbreaking Healing Ceremony of 9 March 2024. I also enjoyed the beautiful balance that the HC exuded: both your person and your wonderful assistance in our “waking up” (by means of teaching us on an intellectual level) and “growing up” (your guidance stewarding us towards healing on all levels) processes.  I very much appreciate the way you translate the information that you receive from Source and your care for the Portal.


I am completely blown away days later after meeting my partners higher self which i mentioned in prev post … Since joining portal ,  I have had experiences with seeing energy and other realm activity, communication with beings. But this experience was just such a privilege ,i am still integrating how just completey life changing this was. The soul was beside my bed in illuminated white light human looks, immediately I knew it was my partners soul  … The transaction was all i can describe as an energetic transmission,the soul did not talk,we were communicated telepathically the communication was in the energy transmission  itself , it was not like human structured conversation. The joy, love and light the soul was  embodied, was not any range, feeling or intensity i could comprehend i  3D, limitless and completely boundless of the purest love. i was given a message to not sweat anything, a huge loving reassurance just simply to shrug the problems we create off and to unburden ourselves. It make me think of Jeshua said ” My Burden is light ” The other part of message was the soul showing me energetically what is to be free of the ego…. A glimpse into this was a completely mind blowing gift ,  a  incredible life time experience, I feel so privileged to witness , to be able to observe this has enabled me to anchor this memory internally, since that night i keep returning to this feeling i was able to experience through the souls message, which is now a  stored experience in my body, i cry everytime i sit and recall the experience with gratitude to have a demonstration of this is truly a gift.


P.S. By the way, I am now down 19.3 kg!! Friggen MIRACLE!!  I had to find my own way to do it though, the counting calories was making me food obsessed and miserable.  But I would absolutely not have been able to loose this much weight if it weren’t for this Ascension work!!  Thank you so much for being our Ascension guide and making this work available to all of us!!  I couldn’t even start a diet 3 months ago, I was that fatigued of “dieting”!  Now I’ve almost lost 20kg!! TWENTY KG!!! 


Hope to see you all on Saturday!