In tomorrow’s important healing ceremony, we will share how the Portal is taking an exciting new “pivot” as the stage of healing is now unfolding for current members.

We will be sharing crucial messages from both Source and Jeshua on this next phase of our journey to enlightenment.

We also have many important announcements, such as video 1 of the NEW Ascension Teachings is now available for current members. 

We will be releasing video 1 for non-Portal members in January.

We will also discuss the important topic of communication, how to deal with relationships ending, energy murder, and learning optimum communication skills when we’ve have many years of hiding due to visibility issues.

Not to be missed!

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 25th November 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Communication we will cover:

    • Announcements– new ascension teachings video 1 now available, major updates on the new Intuitive Life Readings, forecasts related to Global Ascension in 2025, and new ways ETs are negatively interfering with people on the ascension path via Virtual Reality!
    • Follow up on weight loss– we follow up on two more important tools for weight loss discussed last week, including a profound tool from Dr David Hawkins who lost 50 lbs permanently using a technique he recommends
    • Communication – dealing with relationships ends, energy murder and optimum communication after hiding for many years
    • We will cover 15 Member Case Studies
    • Experience a new soothing deep dive meditation called New Horizon
    • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying  

Months ago I had a Divine Feminine &  Masculine Healing Session with Christine in June showing my Divine Feminine was a little lower than the Masculine (86% vs 91%). She recommended I cultivate more female friendships and amazingly right away I met a couple of women who we connected on so many levels ! These friendships are wonderful for me because they live only 15-20 minutes away, where most of my other friends live 40-60 minutes away. I’ve lived in the Santa Cruz mountains 5 years now and am finding ways to connect to this community. I have attended a couple string concerts, I made another new friend who works at our new shoe store & lives only 1/2 mile away!  I’ve also reconnected with friends who live in Silcon Valley. I felt so supported on 11/13  spending time w/ 2 different friends and that evening with my daughter, having female energy surround me as it was my mom’s birthday~ who died 4/2019. I am happy I really took care of myself in this way, particularly on that day. Today I’m headed to a women’s retreat here in the mountains~ excited to meet some local women & have some playful & creative experiences together! From the Soul Art classes my intention was to lovingly connect to myself in playful and creative ways……this theme continues! I hope this brings some encouragement to you~ now it’s time to meditate! 


Hello, Ascension family, I had a revelation this morning during my emotional vipassana meditation. I have been working on feeling and dealing with frustration in my body. It appears that there is a lot of it! As I was focusing on frustration, a thought snuck in, “Why don’t I just arrange my life, so I never have to feel any frustration!” Then I thought wow, that’s an idea I’ve been having probably my whole life…..”when everything outside of me is OK then I can be OK inside”. Yeah I’m also aware of the idea that this is “an inside job” and that nothing outside of me will change until the inside of me changes. And this Emotional vipassana work has really proven that to me. I’m also very aware of the idea that it is so much simpler to just focus on changing me rather than everything else outside of me. I see that this is a culmination of my life‘s work, and that anything worth having has not just fallen into my lap. It’s taken my focus and energy to make real change. And I need to constantly remind myself that I am not doing this alone, I have Source, my Sourceteam, and all of you! “ Simple not easy, but well worth it!



I realized that the three major emotions that I have been working with in my emotional vipassana, doubt, uncertainty and frustration are all linked. My constant doubt, and uncertainty that I experienced in childhood created the frustration that has continued throughout my entire lifetime. I saw myself as a child, and made the connection that my trauma from that time in my life has been cleared. Now I’m an adult and I need to work with these emotions as an adult. Realizing that these emotions no longer serve me, and now I do have Authority over myself.  I don’t need that constant monologue and judgment from my doubt and uncertainty and frustration. I can trust and be confident and know that I am one with the infinite creative power of the universe. I know that this has frightened me, yet, now, I truly am ready to  Accept and remember this fact. I am motivated by my divine ability to know who I am, I learned that here in the portal. So thank you to Niki, and everyone who has supported all of us in knowing this Truth. Now, I commit  to integrate this knowing into the fabric of my being. By doing, so, I am changing myself/the world.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!