In this important healing circle  on the 17th September 2022 Niki will cover:

  • Explanation of the state of consciousness resulting from Dhyana Aman – which in Sanskrit means meditation on peace in order to access “no mind”
  • She will discuss how to access these states of “no mind,” why they are beneficial and how to avoid thinking you are “doing it wrong” or concerned you that you are feeling nothing during meditation
  • Participants will then experience the new weekly 30 minute meditation called Dhyana Aman (No Mind)
  • Niki will be taking an extended period of time this Saturday  to catch up on questions posted on the Member’s Forum and prioritizing those questions that are related to meditation practice
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

A while back you sent me randomly out of nowhere, The Self Love meditation. At the time I listened to it, we had just started having our haircut again after covid lockdowns. I listened to it before I went in for my appointment and cried my eyes out. I knew my childhood had been beyond hard (my parents were loving, just in a bad place), living out my lonely life at home and at school. No friends and only family who lived many miles away. Thanks to you and the portal  I have found a voice, boundaries, a light which I FEEL shining from me towards other people, a sense of rationale when things go wrong, as they do, and a huge trust in Source sorting out the things in life which are important. I have a way to go with some physical issues,  but my life isn’t being controlled by head pain. I can book things up now without worrying that I would have to cancel all the time. I am really starting to fully understand and get to grips with where we are and what it means to us and our health journey. Something made me stay close by you last year and I’m grateful to that but mostly I’m grateful to you and all the energy, dedication, research, and mostly humour (life is rich with a great sense of humour!!) that you have shown to us. Thank you Niki. I couldn’t join the zoom call on Saturday but I wanted to stand up and be counted with my gratitude in my hands – I’m not that overlooked child anymore and it’s my turn to say – BIG LOVE TO YOU 


Thank you so much for the new Tibetan Chakra Healing Meditation – it was an amazing experience. When you started to tell us about this meditation I seemed to be saying the same words in my mind at the same time as you – as though we were connected. The instant the meditation started a huge wave of beautiful energy enveloped me in its healing powers and I felt totally relaxed in a blissful peace. I expected the chakra healing to work through the chakras in order from root to crown but this was not the case. I felt healing at the base, then crown, my arms and skin, my torso then legs and lastly underneath my feet. The energy was so beautiful, strong, powerful and colourful that I totally relaxed in its presence. No monkey mind, just awe at the wisdom of this energy and the healing I knew was happening. This has to be the most powerful meditation yet. I now feel so cleansed, alive and feel 10 years younger 


I can’t get this experience out of my mind, it was so magical for me, that I thought I would share with all you beautiful people in the portal.  I put my favorite meditation, Sound Bowls, on loop and OMG I felt the difference immediately – so relaxed and focused. I had an extraordinary liminal dream while listening to and following the music of the sound bowls. I have never experienced anything like that before. I lifted gently off the floor of a huge, high-ceilinged house and flew around the rooms in synch to the music of the meditation – even managing to maneuver around a huge ceiling fan.  It was like I was dancing to and through the vibrations coming from the bowls.  At the end of the meditation, I gently floated back down and my head came to rest in my daughter’s lap (she was sitting on the floor). I was fully aware I was meditating and flying in a dream at the same time. It was amazing! 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!