Recently we discussed the fact that no energy healer can balance our chakras for us – only we can do that with a conscious intention and regular practice to heal all our current and past life trauma, and all worldly and existential resistance causing blockages in these sacred energy centers.

Energy healers can certainly assist in this process, but neither they, nor Source nor our Source teams can “rescue” us from our own karma and suffering. The very reason we incarnated on Earth was to allow suffering as the catalyst for personal growth. Any healer promising to “fix it” for you is either unaware, or misguiding you. If they were to rescue you from the responsibility of healing your own trauma and mental imbalances, you would also be robbed of all the soul growth and wisdom you came here to learn and embody.

The same is true for staying clear of all negative entity attachments and nefarious influence directed at humans from the 4th dimension. A person’s mental and emotional well-being as well as their access to truth and peace can be profoundly impacted by, negative entity attachments, Source team infiltrations and interlopers in our telepathic channels.

We revealed last week that some well known respected spiritual teachers and healers appear to believe that just one session, or a few one to one healing sessions with their protocol can ensure your Source team and telepathic channel are 100% cleared permanently. This is simply not the truth, and once again, like balancing our chakras, an external healer, no matter how powerful they appear, cannot permanently prevent you from being under nefarious influence.

Only reaching a personal Love, Light, Truth and Wholeness (LLTW) Score of 98% would make someone totally impervious to nefarious influence. Getting to 98% takes a lot of healing work! Only when you have healed ALL current and past life trauma, and all worldly and existential resistance would someone reach 98% LLTW.

While we are not at this very high frequency level, we must undertake repeated regular steps to clear our Source teams and protect ourselves and our telepathic channel.

We discuss the complacency, even amongst well meaning practitioners and teachers on this topic, the implications and how we can all effectively protect ourselves while we continuing on our healing journeys to reach 98% LLTW.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 3rd June 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Discernment Update we will cover:

    • Discernment update – why it is not possible to clear your Source team or a telepathic channel in one single healing session, what is needed to stay clear while you reach your frequency goal of 98% LLTW
    • Quick fix offers as red flags – how to identify a healer or teacher is possibly infiltrated when they create “amazing” or “dazzling” results in just a few short sessions or claim to “fix” issues in one session, why this is potentially very harmful
    • A review the lay of land – an reassessment of prominent healers and teachers in the spiritual and UFO community, a deeper awareness of how to pendulum test accurately to get a fuller picture of the value of important teachings and messages.
    • Case Studies – we are aiming to address 10 Member case studies submitted in the member’s Forum thread here.
    • Experience the moving, ambient Indian themed meditation called Spirit of Yoga
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying


A little update that I shared in last week’s zoom call which I hope is encouraging, especially for those of you who are struggling. I’ve had some physical improvements. I was a little reluctant to stop taking supplements when Niki shared we no longer needed them, particularly vitamin D as it is so important for immune function (my immune function is less than optimal). I did stop taking it, I am pleased to say that I had my vitamin D levels checked and am doing great! With an optimal reference range of 75-200 nmol/L, mine is 146! I also had my annual eye exam. My eye doctor told me that I had 20/20 vision with my glasses on for the first time ever! What?!!! Not only that, when I was 16, I was moving a car jack in the back of my hatchback and had secured the hatchback with a bungee cord; without realizing it, I somehow released the bungee cord and it sprung back quickly into my left eye before I had any chance to react. I ended up having to be in the hospital for 5 days on my back with my eyes covered (to prevent retina detachment), not even allowed to get up to use the toilet, shower or eat. My vision recovered, but several years later I noticed while doing microscope work that when setting up the microscope I saw different colours with each of my eyes. I don’t do microscope work anymore and if I look through one eye only, I still see different colours, but the area in my eye that was damaged from the accident has almost completely disappeared/healed!!! What?!!! My eye doctor asked what I was doing differently and I simply replied some spiritual work. He said to keep doing whatever that was because it’s working!!  Don’t I know it! I’ll be curious to see what else has changed when I have my next annual eye exam.  We are healing even when it seems like nothing is happening. Yay! 


Hope to see you all on Saturday!