In this week’s pre-recorded Healing circle on the 30th July 2022 Niki will  cover:

  • Exciting details on why the Ascension Portal team pre-recorded today’s session 
  • Link to Part I of the documentary on James Gilliland who runs the ECETI ranch (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) in Washington State USA – one of the world’s leading UFO spotting locations
  • Updates on the “700” documentary on the Ascension Portal
  • Niki spends one hour twenty minutes answering questions posted to the Q and A – thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience the beautiful meditation called Reiki Chants

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What People Are Saying

 I just felt inspired to communicate on my experience so far. I think I’m just starting to turn a corner with my physical issues which is great news for me.  l’ve recognised changes emotionally for quite a while – much more self assured and balanced – not so triggered by other people (either those I spend a lot of time with or those I have to communicate with on a day to day basis). So much calmer, and I have a real sense of who I am and what I’m about. Having said that, my boundaries are also strengthening and I’m being very clear about what I feel is acceptable to me and what isn’t! I’m now starting to realise how liberating that is because those around me also now understand that just because I am speaking my mind, it’s all ok and there is no animosity about it. I’ve noticed also that I am seeking out those people who might need a word of cheer or a helping hand – not to rescue them or people please, but those who I feel might have a need. It feels like now I have had time to process all that Niki has covered on our weekly HC and notice that my actions and feelings are coming from the right place. It’s weird but I kind of feel I have a light around me to share. Before the weekly HC and ascension work, my life was totally dominated and ruled by head pain. I could never plan anything because I was unsure of what excruciating pain would arrive in the morning – to the point I gave up work also. I have JUST noticed that I am starting to live a little and make plans without any thought of head pain so I am over the moon with that. I didn’t even notice my cc1597 – but I think I am NOW!!  But so far I am feeling today, very grateful for all of my portal family and Niki being strong enough to guide us all this far. 


Hi all. I wanted to share that my intuition has been so heightened lately. I seem to “know” what’s going to happen before it does. I also notice a huge difference in how I feel and react to things. My anxiety seems to have disappeared. I have such calm on the inside. Even when I’ve been through some very rough patches and even things like thinking I wasn’t going to be able to find a place to live with the crazy market or finding out that my father had cancer last week. I was concerned of course, but didn’t “feel” it in my body as I usually do. I just moved forward and had a calm sense that everything would work out. It did with my housing. An opportunity  “came to me”, with 3 weeks to go to have to leave where I was. With tons of people on waiting lists for homes, it was actually a place I walked by every day listening to the meditations and thought “I’d like to live there”. That exact unit owner contacted me and offered a “below market rate” with an immediate move in. This is absolutely unheard of if you know anything about South Florida right now. Lastly, I was having a conversation with my husband in a restaurant the other day and he asked something out loud and I answered. Then I “heard” him ask something else and I answered that question. I looked over at him and his jaw was hanging open. I asked what was wrong and he said, I was thinking the question you just answered but hadn’t asked it out loud!!!! Pretty cool!!! Sorry for this being so long but I wanted to share because I am not someone who has had any “experiences” during meditations. I cannot quiet my mind. I don’t leave my body. But…I look at the amazing things I have had happen to me and I know I am changing and things are changing in my life. It’s actually not an easy time right now for me in many ways and yet things “seem” easier and I know deep inside they will work out. It’s incredibly comforting. I hope this may resonate with others if you are in these same positions. Hang in there! Change is really coming!


Niki, I no longer even recall how I found your Healing Circle and the Ascension Portal just over a year ago, and I am so grateful that I did! After fracturing my left wrist in 2018, I broke both of my legs in March 2019, and my left femur still has not fully healed. Until spring of 2021, I had no energy at all until I began using red light therapy and joined your Healing Circle.  I immediately noticed a reduction of the constant pain in my left knee (the site of the most severe fracture).  That has slowly improved over the past year, and still is not fully healed, but my energy has increased dramatically during that time!  For that, I am particularly grateful! The biggest change I have noticed in me during the past year is a decrease in my (internal) emotional reactivity.  I now rarely feel any reactivity to things that might have been quite upsetting in the past, and when I do, it is usually only a slight ripple that dissipates quickly. Recently, I have noticed that my intuition with my clients has been especially keen and accurate, and one client spontaneously observed that I appear to be aging in reverse!  Others have told me how calm they feel in my presence. Several acutely suicidal new clients stopped feeling suicidal right away, and became much more functional within only a week or two. My monkey-mind during meditations has calmed down significantly, and the ½ hour meditations now seem quite a bit shorter. Blessings of gratitude for the work you do, Niki, and blessings of success to us all!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!