In this important upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 4th February 2023 Niki will cover:

  • The difference between organic psychic ability and being a “gifted” psychic – how one can be a pitfall and the other requires real emotional and spiritual growth
  • Why it can be damaging to forgive too soon  – reasons it can reinforce defense mechanisms, empower abusers and hold up our spiritual and emotional growth
  • The reasons the majority of the Portal are not yet ready to forgive – understanding the need to own and marinade in unresolve emotions 
  • The importance of psychic armor – being aware that just because we have embodied forgiveness and compassion, does not mean everyone we deal with is the same
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience the new beautifully soothing Inner Sanctum meditation  to support your ascension
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


I LOVED this meditation!  I was able to be in a state of ‘no mind’ for a lot of it….and during that time I didn’t have any ‘visions’ but I did see a LOT of moving colors which kept my attention but with no thoughts.  I have read in the forum for months of various people noting this kind of experience, but it has never happened for me – now I understand! The other thing that happened that was really cool – when the pouring water sound came in, I had an overwhelming sense of cool, refreshing soul relief, and I had the thought /feeling that ‘my heart is being washed/cleansed’, and strange – I felt a physical cool sensation where my heart is in my chest.  It was so beautiful it brought tears.   Amazing.  This is one of my daily selections now.  (with Gratitude, Return to Source, Divine Masculine II….my absolute favorites).  


Just thought I would share a little of what has happened over the past couple of weeks…(life in general the past few months has been busy outside the portal, and in Ascension terms has been constant spirals between brief glimpses of joy and quite a bit of sludge!) So, back to this healing event: about two weeks ago, I suddenly started to get enormous pain in my left hip. I was unable to sit cross-legged (never happened to me before – cross-legs is normally my most comfortable, natural position). Nothing specific seemed to have caused this, so I tried working it through with yoga – no change – and eventually began to wonder if it was trapped emotion. A couple of days later, I started to feel really down – somewhere beyond depressed – like I simply didn’t wish to exist on planet earth any more. (Don’t worry – no temptation to act upon this feeling!) This seemed to reach some kind of climax yesterday – I have been finding relief for 2 hours each day in meditation, but yesterday morning (Friday), I couldn’t even get relief there. Then, I had this really weird experience later in the day: I was suddenly absolutely frozen throughout my entire body – teeth chattering, muscles tensed with cold. I was at home at the time, and my thermostat said the room temperature was 22 degrees celsius…I really shouldn’t have been feeling cold in that temperature! I had to layer up with clothes and then had a hot bath which finally got me warm again. This morning (Saturday), I just felt numb. I settled down to meditate and, a few minutes in, started to have an intense physical release. First I managed to breathe into the pain in my hips and feel it dissolve (finally!), then a really intense pain in my throat, which brought on just tears at first, then a huge, uncontrollable shaking in my upper torso, which went on for 90minutes without break. It (might) sound horrible, but was actually such a relief to experience. I didn’t get any insight into what I was releasing – all I could do was experience the bodily sensation. But afterwards, the hip pain had resolved, the despair had lifted and I’ve felt so much lighter and better today. Then came the HC and Divine Feminine meditation just now…another 30 minutes of the same intense physical release, so I wasn’t fully aware of the music, except as a huge feeling of love and support, and such a relief to let things go. I’ve just felt the need to stretch out my hips…the pain has gone, and I can sit cross-legged again (yay!)…I still have a little tension in the upper back, and I’m feeling so tired now. But it feels like a huge shift…I can’t for sure say what, but I’m very grateful to have let go of whatever that was. Big love to everyone and big thanks to Niki for continuing to share all this amazing information and beautiful meditations!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!