Once again, the number of testimonials from people’s experience in the Portal continues to expand, we invite you to read about what is happening to people below.

In this week’s NEW Saturday Healing circle and on the 30th April 2022 Niki will discuss:

  • How the first Portal members are due to have all 12 strands of their DNA activated (reaching CC level 1597) from May 1st, and what to expect
  • Why it is important to take time out and celebrate this accomplishment both for personal reasons and because of the impact on humanity
  • What the activation of the 12 strands of DNA is preparing members for in this lifetime: radical freedom
  • More understanding about how to integration with the I AM and the ability to communicate with Source
  • Why it is impossible for Source to betray or abandon us, based on understanding laws of physics and frequency
  • How what we are doing in the Portal for ascension contrasts with other contemplative traditions and methodologies of reaching states of Enlightenment according to Ken Wilber
  • Beautiful new group meditation called Freedom
  • Niki will continue to response to questions submitted for the last Live Q and A session
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying

I’ve had some notable improvements in the last little while that I thought I would share:

1. No longer have heartburn when I eat starchy or sugary foods.

2. A lifelong super sensitive blood sugar response seems to have disappeared – for my whole life I can’t eat simple carbs or sugar or fruit, or drink caffeinated tea etc., without eating protein with it or after it, otherwise I would have a massive blood sugar low within a few hours.  In the last 6 weeks, it doesn’t matter if I eat, or when I eat, or what I eat, I haven’t had any low blood sugar episodes!  Amazing!

3.  Allergy seems to have disappeared.  I have a lifelong serious allergy for which I carry an epipen.  On occasion I have ingested the substance by accident and it is very painful and scary.  This happened a couple of weekends ago, and as I was chewing my second one I suddenly thought “check this’ and I did, and it had the substance.  I had eaten 2 of them, which would normally be a problem for a slip like that.  NO symptoms.  No pain, no reactions.  

4. Sleeping has been marvelous. I used to have problems staying asleep, would wake up several times a night and not be able to get back to sleep.  I have slept for the last 3 weeks mostly all through the night, feeling rested when I wake up, and if I do wake up I easily fall back to sleep.  I’m grateful.

5. My personal emotional boundaries where my son is concerned have been A-1!  Instead of ruminating and worrying about what is happening with him and trying to insert myself to help him make decisions or think things through (he’s 21), or have big emotional responses to what he is doing I’m really ok with it!  I’m in support of him pursuing his dreams, I understand that its his life journey

6. My personal boundaries with my spouse have strengthened in a really good way – in a constructive way that is not conflict producing but actually harmony producing !  Its really amazing and wonderful how (seemingly) small a thing this change is, but in 2 weeks it has produced great results.  

7. My business boundaries/self worth have strengthened – I have my own business and I have the old “customer is always right’ philosophy, which sometimes make me feel pressured about trying to get work done faster (cheaper) than the actual scope should be.  Well again, in the last 3 weeks, I have heard myself calmly, friendly, nicely saying ‘no, its going to take (x) hours, and I can’t do it for less – I don’t work for free’  its just flowing and happening and it comes out and everyone is responding wonderfully.  

8.  An idea for a book that I have been wanting to develop and ‘gel’ that has been percolating but I could never get settled or inspired about suddenly just came together perfectly and with great detail and inspiration during 3 consecutive meditations over 2 days. 

All in all, I’m feeling pretty great, rested, happy, and hopeful (but not anxious or impatient) about some other healing (sinus’, loss of taste and smell returning). I’m so grateful and amazed at these things, and wanted to share my happy observations.


See you all soon!