Happy Spring (or Autumn) Equinox to all!

As a reminder, no Healing Ceremony tomorrow, but the Saturday Zoom call and pendulum testing groups will go ahead as usual this weekend.

So this short break (if slightly late!) is in recognition of the Spring Equinox which started on the 20th March in the Northern Hemisphere.

On this date in the sun crossed the equator’s path and became positioned exactly above the equator between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

From this day forward, the days become longer than the nights and Spring has officially begun in the Northern Hemisphere.

In the Southern Hemisphere the 20th of March was the Autumn Equinox.

The Hermetic Texts based on the work of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools tell us the entire universe is based on cycles of time. It is good to notice the seasonal planetary cycle changes if that applies to your geographical region and celebrate them.

So, in recognition of this, we have two gorgeous new meditations for Portal members uploaded into the Nature category in the Portal Meditations module.

One is called Pure Rain – no thunder, birds, or music…just rain, 10 hours of it as quite a few people requested this.

The second is a stunning nature-based meditation of the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean accompanied by an orchestral musical score called Guardians of Atlantis. Not to be missed!

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you all next week!

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here..



What Members Are Saying   

Thank you Niki on the New Ascension Teachings – great job! That’s quite the marathon, and all vital information – congratulations on pulling that together in a really coherent and informative session. This series is really giving people a brilliant flavour of what to expect if they wish to join the portal, and also a lot of value to take away if they decide this isn’t the path for them.


Excellent New Ascension teachings video! You talk about the dark’s strategy to draw in those of us on Earth that are most likely to be drawn to spiritual work by infiltrating groups like the New Age movement and then tagging them or entities attaching to them. I am very grateful that my path of atheism kept me away from these groups until the last moment just before I the Ascension Portal. Right when I realized the light was real, I started having very disturbing thoughts pop into my head. I really thought I was going crazy, so when I saw your grand protection command, I knew I was in the right place and needed to follow the Portal’s wisdom/guidance to help me stop whatever dark things were happening to meI think if I had awaken sooner I would have definitely been drawn into infiltrated groups. Thank you Source and Source team for waking me up at just the right time!


Hope to see you all on Saturday!