Amazing announcements are coming this week about the “magical mystery tour” Source is taking the pendulum testing group on.

This week we examining who the Nephilim described in the Bible and the Book of Enoch really were, and in the coming weeks we will establish the truth behind many megalithic monuments in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Egypt, the UK, US, and more, and we will be looking at the connection between the Cathars of France, the Hopi in the US, the Knights Templar and the link back to…the Guardian Alliance!

We will announce the next video release of the NEW Seven Secrets of Ascension next week. 

In tomorrow’s Healing Ceremony we will be discussing the important topic of balancing the Head versus the Heart

A significant percentage of the Portal is still over-identified with the MIND. This entails not truly having awareness of our emotions which are our authentic truth about any situation, person or event.

We discuss the 6 consequences of being over-identified with the mind, and the 12 Steps to Balancing the Head and the Heart.

We also discuss the important topic of Scapegoating and Gaslighting. These are important areas in family or social systems theory to be aware of because experiencing them leads to Complex PTSD, or adult trauma.

Finally we will walk through the 10 steps to healing the wounds from scapegoating and gaslighting. 

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

Healing Ceremony Saturday 24th February 2024

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Head vs Heart we will cover:

    • Announcements – amazing topics to be tested in the weekly pendulum testing group
    • The 6 Consequence of being over identified with the mind – how it affects our communication, relationships and ability to give and receive support
    • The 12 Steps to Balancing the Heal & Heart how to cultivate more CONNECTION
    • Understanding Scapegoating and Gaslighting – awareness of scapegoating and gaslighting, how they leads to CPTSD, and help to recognise if this happened to you.
    • 10 Steps to Healing the Wounds of Scapegoating and Gaslighting – how to heal these forms of CPTSD
    • Experience a lovely deep dive meditation called Into the Deep
    • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying  

Yesterday’s class was pivotal for me on Responsibility. I am filled with endless gratitude to be part of your Ascension program. I feel I have always felt disempowered until your lecture/sermon!! I cried so hard at times I could not breathe. What a release! I guess the topic brought up my sorrow, sadness, and hurt from 30 years in the NICU-primarily with 4 female physicians. My peer group wasn’t very supportive because I “thought out of the box” always having different perspectives. I see how it all built up and one day exploded in my marriage. (I didn’t want to be married either) I am beginning to have a “self” which I love and appreciate now what was missing. Though I was quite accomplished in my field-I felt empty inside unless I was teaching or working with families. I am so devoted to your Ascension program, that day by day I am trusting I will heal with the guidance of Source. May my resistance of my higher self vanish!  I feel more patient! Much love and light to you and your soul. Many hugs


Thank you for a profound HC today (17th Feb). During the past week, a couple of big things have come up for me, and I’d been asking Source for guidance. I feel like the information you shared tonight around CPTSD is the missing piece that is making sense of the issues currently arising in my life. And I’m very grateful to now have some steps for addressing that. Interestingly, powerlessness didn’t come up on my list of recommended commands (not this time…I spent 20 hours on additional commands for that emotion after my hot seat last year!), but I have had a lot of unworthiness to transmute this time.


Feb 17 HC was very powerful for me as well and one I will likely rewatch over time.  So much helpful useful content for me personally.  I can now see more clearly how I can take more responsibility for my personal weaknesses and that is up lifting.  Niki’s personal shares also made it powerful for me.  We all have had circumstances that brought us to the Portal and hearing Niki’s made it more relatable to me.  Also loved her saying “at that time I would have thought if someone said that to me” (or similar) “Nutjob”. Can relate to that on an ongoing basis.  Thanks!


Hope to see you all on Saturday!