In this week’s Healing circle on the 13th August 2022 Niki will cover:

  • The importance of being the Standard and embodying high frequency in order to inspire healing in others
  • Introduction to the NLP Stop Process or Technique, to transform and release negative beliefs
  • How good intentions to “send healing to others” can sometimes be a source of entrapment for ourselves and others, the importance of compassion rather than “sympathy”
  • What the “pain-body” really is, learning to find nourishment from within as the source of inner peace, joy, love and connection, is there a difference between “ascension” and “enlightenment”?
  • Niki will spend over an one hour  answering questions posted to the Q and A – thread in the Member’s Forum in the Portal.
  • Experience the profound 30 minute meditation called Deep Dive
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

Before I started listening to the Saturday Healing Circle with my sister, I thought my life was encrypted and I would never know the password. Niki has given me the answers for which I was always searching for 71 years: who we are, where we came from, why we are here, etc.. I had never felt “connected” to my parents, schoolmates, friends, even my siblings to a degree, but now I felt a strong connection with others in the Portal. The history of the world that Niki delivered was the defining moment for me, and I decided to join the portal at 72. I have had a few positive health benefits, including mental clarity and affirmation that what I was doing was the right thing- this is where I needed to be..


35 years ago, in August 1987, Timothy Wyllie and I organized the Harmonic Convergence meditations in Central Park. Several hundred people attended, long before the internet, drawn by word of mouth. Timothy was my partner at the time. We conducted dawn meditations in my apartment overlooking Central Park for a month after that. I was no stranger to spiritual matters, having worked in consciousness for a dozen years prior to that, giving workshops and conducting weekend retreats in the country. I mention my history not to toot my own horn but to share that I’m not a “newbie” to this work. What I’ve been doing since I became a member of the Ascension Portal at the beginning of this year far surpasses anything I’ve done 47 years previously. The transformations I’m experiencing are remarkable: releasing old conditioning, quickly recognizing and moving out of ego states, remaining loving and compassionate with people who used to make me nuts. I attribute these amazing examples of growth and healing to the incredible power of our group and most especially, to Niki’s dedication and devotion. By doing the work on herself Niki has created a morphic field that uplifts and benefits all of us, not just me. Although she hints at the toll this work takes from her, she never discloses the full story or indulges in a pity party. She shares herself and her process whole-heartedly; she is authentic and she is a treasure. My gratitude and appreciation are boundless. Thanks and blessings to all.


i had such a powerful experience in the ‘deep dive’ meditation and wanted to share some of it with you all.  Tonight at the start of the meditation I felt almost immediately an overwhelming sense of love. A telepathic message told me to breathe deeply, and I took a few deep, long breaths. I thought about how I hadn’t been having such powerful experiences and asked my Source team why it had stopped and how I could start having them again. Then I sensed a sort of swooping presence like it flew down in front of me, and I felt very afraid and jumped. The voice explained that my fear kept them from revealing themselves more, which was why the deep breaths were needed, so I tried to take deep breaths every time the fear came up, and to trust that our source teams are clear, the voice told me that the same barriers that I use to keep other people at a distance also keep my source team at a distance, and the more that I am able to open up to people, the more they could get close to me, that my healing is working on both of these levels. The abuse from my childhood led me to shut out people and also spiritually, but the healing is also working in both areas. I understand from this even more my healing from childhood trauma is also so entwined with spiritual healing. I find that I am becoming more comfortable with letting people get to know me, so I can see that side of my healing taking place little by little. It makes sense to me that this will impact my ability to open up more to Source and my source team also. I’d love to hear anyone else’s experiences today!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!