In this important upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 28th January 2023 Niki will cover:

  • The placebo and nocebo Effects on health – what these are, how many people in the Portal are being impacted by them and what it will take to clear them 
  • Building wisdom in understanding our health  – how “awakening” and feeling more due to ascension can make us feel like we are getting worse, when in fact we are physically healing 
  • Updates on ascension side effects and grounding – understanding additional healing that will be available via the Portal Meditations when Niki completes with the 18th and 22nd dimensions, updates on grounding
  • Setting intentions on health – do we wait until we have cleared all resistance and limiting beliefs before setting intentions, are they worth it?
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience the new Flute and Nature meditation using nature sounds to support your ascension
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


A big “Thank You” to Christine for an amazing and inspiring session and her timely and most helpful printers report ( in 2 business days as they say). Having a concise summary of findings and clear source commands has allowed me to jumpstart into allowing and feeling the “oneness”  and growing in my worthiness of “being god also”. The divine pendulum testing command for me to clear all doubt and bias before my practice with this “talking to God” tool, has clarified and increased my passion to spend time with that amazing ascension tool that I had temporarily set aside. One last share is how much I am being nourished but Niki’s short Guided Meditation on Manifestation. If you haven’t been guided by it lately – check it out again – our heart has all the answers. Thank you to all our leaders and fellow ascenders for allowing me to share this journey with you and know that I feel your support every hour of every day.


I wanted to write in the forum and put down some of my experiences over the past year. I remember last year when Niki did the year end live meditation and talked about how we had all grown so much and that there was 1/3 of the portal which was not the same person at all. Another third of the portal were getting there but quite hadn’t quite got there yet. And the last third we’re on their way. I was in the second third section. I was definitely still the same person I was when I joined the portal in July. It helped so much to get Niki’s reassurance and promise that I was on my way and that soon I wouldn’t be the same person. Well, a year has passed and I can tell you without reservation that I am amazed, shocked and awed at how much of a different person I am. On the surface in my personal life not much has changed. I still have many issues, abundance, love, creative blocks. But the underlying structure of these blocks is being eroded and washed away. These blocks are disappearing. I was the one that was too afraid to take action, I was the one that was too ashamed, too full of fear, too full of anger and rage, too full of pain, too full of trauma. So I can definitely tell you as the New Year rolls in, I’m definitely not the same person. Not even close. If you had told me all these things would happen now probably wouldn’t have believed you! Because they would’ve seemed impossible.  And I can see it happening with everybody I hear everybody I talk to. They are not the same person. And it’s fun in the morning when I see my meditation group and we all smile at each other and we know deep down inside that there’s a connection that can never be broken, that will be compatriots and friends forever. There’s nothing that can tear us apart. The same goes for the pendulum group that seems to have this amazing commitment to pendulum testing and showing up and my heart just opens up when I see them and they’re there and they work so hard! They work hard! Well if this past year is any indication of the changes to come in 2023, the next year is gonna be amazing!


I offer my experience to this thread so that others in the Portal may choose to take advantage of reading the Sophia Codes if they’re inclined without concern for uncomfortable or unpleasant affects as I did not experience any. I started with I grounding, then set my intention. I read aloud the first Sophia code and was amazed at how personally connected I felt to my process. It was kind of a surprise! The next day I began the codes again with a real anticipation of, “What’s next??”  What I was so amazed about was the deep sense of remembering and knowing that I Am All That!  I found myself hearing the words, “it is done, it is done, it is done” throughout my day.  I felt as though I was falling in Love…I have had the most bountiful energy, and have been able to see and find peace amidst some chronic, personally  challenging situations. I have held on to this lovely bliss without effort. I awoke during the first or second night of reading the codes aloud and I received some clarity and guidance around three or four personal relationship circumstances. All I can share is that this experience was just beautiful! Thank you Niki!!! I am deeply grateful.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!