In this week’s important healing circle Niki will continue to “fill in the details” and expand upon Humanity’s Awakening including:

  • What is the highest CC level humanity as a whole will reach, and what are the timescales?
  • Will humanity automatically integrate with any of the dimensions and clear all karma?
  • What do human souls need to do to support their ascension
  • Remarkable information downloaded from Source about the future of Earth in 13 years
  • The “Fall of Metatron” – is it real or fake? 
  • Progress report on the Spiritual Entrepreneurship Group
  • Beautiful new group meditation called Awakening
  • Ascension portal progress update
  • Update on progress of ascension for humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

Tonight I decided to do another round of the Love meditation for my daily meditation routine. Part way through, I somehow had an overwhelming urge to ask source to “see it” [from my weird Saturday voice experience], and I ended up having a huge samadhi experience haha. Below is my entire experience: Extreme deep tingling in the occipital region of my head, crown chakra and third eye chakras opened (extreme deep and wide tingling), felt calm, very profound samadhi experience. I asked source to “see it” and was given huge waves of visuals and felt fully expanded, I was in my body and outside my body and everything that source is at one time, felt incredibly floaty and high, I didn’t know where I was compared to everything else, felt on the verge of orgasm sexually and was aroused, visions (a pair of female and then male eyes opening, shadowed African American woman in front of me showing me a dandelion puff ball and then waving it to the side, moving/floating in space and seeing stars, huge sea of stars/planets/comets (what source sees/is), flying between canyon walls, light energy around me (Merkabah?).


Fascinating upgrades whilst I’ve been working the past two weeks: A) absolutely no energy drainage after giving healing sessions (like none! I had a cup of tea and carried on with my day! No puffed out feeling, no change in my temp, no ‘taking on their emotions’ etc.) B) ability to heal two people at the same time. Had no idea that was possible. Two very different energies, at very different stages of life / spiritual awareness / healing needs etc. Felt heavy, dense energy to work through down one arm… then much higher vibration ‘fine tuning’ down the other. Was beyond fascinating. I had the tree of life clear as day in my minds eye. That was a real lesson in ‘trust source’. C) energy knot – I’ve always been able to see these bright blue energy line ‘things’… I was giving a healing session and saw a knot over the physical spot where their predominant issues were arising. First I thought ‘EHH what am I supposed to do with that’.. then I thought.. ‘what would you do with a knot – undo it’… so I did (thankfully clients eyes were closed, I probably looked beyond odd!)… I also asked source to guide me on the highest good for the client… anyhow, it was a huge release for the client who cried (in a good… letting it out way) after the session. I can’t explain well enough the change in the energy flow from undoing the knot. I’ve been shown similar things before – in the form of the zip you’d get on jeans or a skirt… also a large wheel with different symbols. The particular blue light is shown in the minds eye… but not in the same way you’d get messages / downloads for a psychic or mediumship reading. I appreciate that might not make a lot of sense.. it’s hard to explain! I last had these experiences in 2019 when I had my first big awakening. But it felt too much for my body to keep up with back then, this time round it feels totally natural! There’s no anxiety, no heart palpitations etc. everything we’ve been working on here in the portal is making such a HUGE difference! It’s a bit mind-blowing.  I am so grateful for the portal.


Sharing a huge breakthrough I has yesterday in meditation regarding being consciously aware of unconscious programming. I asked my source team to guide and how me what I need to shift and heal before mediation and help me release and let go, This lead to a huge aha moment, the only way I can describe is the snipping of a string of beads and the beads falling together in perfect alignment At start of the week I was feeling dread, body dysphoria, self-loathing. I   started the meditation  asking my source team to help me let go of the trauma in my body generating  self-loathing, hatred and shame…  what came next was mind blowing for me,  during meditation a being supporting me made me aware of what exactly I needed  to be consciously aware of-  survival patterns that are still running and I am engaging with… the being  appeared to me in meditation and showed me that self-loathing, hatred and shame are the protective mechanisms I am employing which arose in response to abuse in child hood. My  patterns of over eating,  resistance to exercise,  body dysmorphia have been myself waging war on my body in order to make myself invisible, unattractive and to keep people away. These feelings I was focusing on are actually secondary responses to protect myself & ultimately originated in response to keep perpetrators away….. I have been running these unconscious programmes without even knowing  it throughout adult hood and spent my whole life battling with these issues!!  The being showed me that this was the best resource I had access to at the time as a child and its  now  time to let go and not be afraid to step into my true beauty and potential and let go of making myself small and desirable to people. This was amazing moment for me…In this moment the being also showed me a connection with recent feelings of self-hatred and loathing in relation to my boss who has been acting  sexually inappropriate to me. This needs to be addressed by myself with him in a clear and boundaried way,  however I intuitively know this situation  was come into my awareness as  an angel in disguise and because I have asked my source team to help with me with my healing,  his behaviour has brought these feelings up again of being groomed, I have to say I would have likely never arrived at this point of understanding the mechanism of these debilitating feelings if I had not been exposed to this unwanted energy and attention by him….Source works in wondrous ways despite it feeling at the time that everything it falling down the dark does truly serve the light!! Truly grateful .

Hope to see you all on Sunday!