In this deep and insightful upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 7th January 2023 Niki will cover:

  • A happy update for the Ascension Portal: we are now a proud owner of a physical retreat center, the Skye Lodge in Angel Fire New Mexico!
  • Understanding what impermanence is, and how our consciousness is “fused with permanence” or identified with the physical world only in this dimension
  • The benefits of facing the realty of death and the temporary nature of life while still alive and how the DNA activations are supporting this
  • Source and a soul from the afterlife share what happens after you die, and why there is really nothing to worry about!
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience the new Mystic Sunrise meditation to support your expansion into the non-physical realms of consciousness.
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


Five years of traditional Freudian psychoanalysis, four times a week on the couch; 60 different consciousness raising workshops and trainings, from Dale Carnegie to Zen Buddhism and not one of them produced the results I’ve achieved in the year that I’ve been in the Ascension Portal. Thanks to the work and information Niki shares and the remarkable variety of music for meditation she provides, plus the energy of this wonderful community, I’ve overcome lifelong habits of knee-jerk ego reactions. I’m rarely triggered now, and when I am, I have the awareness and ability to recognize that and not act from an old conditioned behavior. I’m not perfect – every once in a while I still lose it, but I’ve learned not to beat myself up about that. I’m much better at forgiving myself and others and I now treat myself (for the most part!) with the loving acceptance and compassion I give to other individuals. I am deeply grateful for the Ascension Portal and everybody in it. It has made and is making a profound difference and improvement in my life. I know that as each of us expands in consciousness we have a beneficial effect on our beloved planet. I am so grateful for this work and this Ascension school!


The beginning of a new year is a traditional time to set intentions. This year, following Niki’s directions, I composed a list of what I choose to accomplish and today I followed the steps she outlined. As she suggested I picked one for fun – to change the weather. I listened to the gratitude meditation and then I listened to the Intentions meditation she shared with us this past Saturday, and after 10 minutes into it, I declared out loud that I commanded Source to manifest “clear weather for me on my way to and from a restaurant (I had booked,) or better, with speed, grace and ease and to transmute all resistance. limiting beliefs, karma and negative emotions that could be preventing this outcome. Thank you and so it is.” Although the weather report predicted rain and the streets were still wet from earlier when it had rained, when I ventured out, the weather was clear. My rain coat and boots were unnecessary. This “win” encourages me to continue to work on my intentions to heal my body. I’m willing to give it as much time as it takes and I am also up for instantaneous miracles. Thank you, Source, Niki and all my sisters and brothers in the Ascension Portal whose collective energy makes each individual effort much more powerful!



I have to say that I think this meditation has actually saved me. I have listened to it three times today and it moved me to tears each time. As someone who has been really struggling over the past few months, Love Letter From Source has made me feel so loved and comforted, and like I belong and have found my way home. When listening to it, I have meditated with ease and have just felt in a state of bliss. Source always seems to come up with the right thing when it’s most needed. Thank you Source and Niki from the bottom of my heart xxx .

Hope to see you all on Saturday!