In this fun and powerful upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 31stth December 2022 Niki will cover:

  • How to partner with Source to create powerful, safe and effective intentions for outcomes you wish to manifest in 2023
  • How to avoid pitfall of most intention experiments which can result in outcomes failing to manifest due to ignoring resistance, limiting beliefs, karma or unresolved trauma blocking the manifestation
  • Understand how often to do them, and when the best time is to state them out loud or in your mind
  • How to avoid negative karma from creating intentions that override other people’s free will or damage other people
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience the new Intentions Meditation to be used regularly for stating your intentions 
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


Just wanted to share a quick note about the difference I felt when I stopped meditating properly for a few weeks. I put my back out  So, meditation laying down became impossible. Anyhow, during this 2 – 3 week period, my anxiety returned in full force! Heart palpitations, overwhelm, emotional turmoil, negative thought patterns, uncentered, unsafe, insecure in myself – just general crap! As soon as my back was ok again, I began to meditate. WOW. My mind calmed, the physical toll of anxiety slipped away, my disposition changed entirely.. the nagging voice of ‘you’re not enough’ vanished! This is phenomenal for me. I’m such a happy – easy breezy Sagittarius lifting others up, no one ever sees the turmoil underneath. To have the tool as simple as meditation, but as powerful as the portal provides. That’s a pretty special gift. The portal has had such a positive an impact on my life. To feel stability in my emotions is not something I ever thought was achievable. I’ve always been someone who feels the highest of highs, then crashes to the lowest of lows. With no respite in between – the gravitas of that.. it’s the person who has the energy to disappear from this incarnation. Through regular meditation, I now have balance without fear. Who knew that was possible! I have no thoughts of needing to “escape”. From being on the portal a while now, I had honestly forgotten (pre-meditation) that’s where my brain would often jump to. 
Just wanted to share and express some gratitude. It’s easy to forget where we started! We’ve come a LONG way! !


Today while meditating with the Gratitude Meditation, I felt a different kind of connection and peace.  A bit of back story: I am still working to dissolve the Christian teachings that a Saviour will appear and bring peace to us and to the land. Or I secretly hope for a knight in shining armor. It has been a challenging journey because I also hold a sense of fear of abandonment and instability for my safety and an inability to trust others. While coming to a different understanding of life through the portal, I am healing the old wounds and limiting beliefs but, I haven’t quite gotten to the understanding of The Law of One on a deep level. There has been a desire to understand and the crack of willingness keeps widening. Each time I meditate the anxiety of the idea that I am my own Saviour and I am One with Source and we are all connected and One, is dissipating more and more. The possibility of peace and safety is closer to being integrated within my heart.  Today in the quiet depth of my soul, I felt and visualized that we truly are One and I felt the strength and comfort of that truth. It’s not something that I can adequately describe in words… it is a visceral experience, it is a soul experience. It was fleeting yet profoundly and quietly exciting and empowering. I have gratitude for a new and different type of hope for transformation in the coming days, weeks and months.


I offer my experience to this thread so that others in the Portal may choose to take advantage of reading the Sophia Codes if they’re inclined without concern for uncomfortable or unpleasant affects as I did not experience any. I started with I grounding, then set my intention…..I read aloud the first Sophia code and was amazed at how personally connected I felt to my process. It was kind of a surprise! The next day I began the codes again with a real anticipation of, “What’s next??”  What I was so amazed about was the deep sense of remembering and knowing that I Am All That!  I found myself hearing the words, “it is done, it is done, it is done throughout my day.  I felt as though I was falling in Love…I have had the most bountiful energy, and have been able to see and find peace amidst some chronic, personally  challenging situations. I have held on to this lovely bliss without effort. I awoke during the first or second night of reading the codes aloud and I received some clarity and guidance around three or four personal relationship circumstances. All I can share is that this experience was just beautiful! Thank you Niki!!! I am deeply grateful.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!