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The idea that the powers that be could create a “fake alien invasion” was something I addressed in a healing ceremony all the way back in the Summer of 2021 when we launched the Ascension Portal.

Now, like so many so-called “conspiracy theories,” this concept is being discussed in mainstream TV and pop culture circles less than 2 years later. So for example, Harvard and MIT-trained physicist Eric Weinstein discussed it as a possibility on the infamous Joe Rogan podcast a few weeks ago, and Russell Brand did the same on a recent appearance on the Bill Maher show.

In a recent healing ceremony, I mentioned that a consolidation of power on the planet into the hands of non-democratic authoritarian forces has increased from 30% in 2011, to approximately 60% in 2023 through corporations, big tech censorship and more. We’ve tested this trend is set to continue for another year bringing the control to 70%, where it will stabilize for another 5 years.

Viral pandemics, the threat of terrorism, climate change and war have all been used to scare the population into a further reduction of freedom and liberty. This is why a fake alien invasion is no longer such a crazy idea to those who are awake and aware. It could explain the reasons and purpose for the US government focusing on and validating so many UFO sightings recently. This trend started with the 2017 breakthrough article in the New York Times where the Pentagon admitted taking UFOs seriously and studying them in a specialized unit for over a decade.

We’ve tested that about 30% of the US population are awake and aware. This means they realize their government is fundamentally corrupt and not working in their best interests. Notably Simon Parkes confirmed in a January talk to his Connecting Consciousness followers that he intuited it’s more like 25% – we test this is true in the UK. Of the awake and aware group – how many realize there is an ET interdimensional interference happening into human affairs causing all this consolidation of authoritarian power? We test currently just less than 10% realize it – but awakening to this reality is what is coming next.

Will there be a fake ET invasion? Or is the focus on UFOs part of a strategy for an ET race to present itself to the world as our savior – to help us from all these threats that humans are obviously not capable of dealing with alone? Will official disclosure about ET contact, one way or the other, be coming in the next 10 years? How should we handle it? Can we stop it – should we stop it? What is the impact of members of the Ascension Portal ascending in this lifetime on this future outcome? This is the topic we discuss in this week’s Healing Ceremony.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 11th March 2023



As well as starting the new Zoom call “Hot Seat” format this Saturday, Niki is going to spend 1 hour answering case studies submitted by members in all Healing Ceremonies going forward. She will spend 30 minutes discussing the theme of the week:

  • Disclosure – Testing with Source on when official disclosure is likely to occur. Will the negative ET agenda on Earth succeed?
  • Dealing with the dark – how do we best handle the truth about how advanced negative ET races are interfering in human affairs? With fear, rage and anger? How do we stay out of feeling powerless and overwhelmed by facing this reality? What is the best approach and what is our role in this as “ascenders” in this lifetime? 
  • Natural disaster, accident or an attack? Niki will cover what testing showed regarding the recent earthquake in Turkey, Ohio train crash and food processing fires in the US.
  • Predictions for 2023 – what to expect the negative ETs might do this coming hear to March 2024
  • Niki will spend 1 hour answering Portal Member Case Studies posted in the member’s Forum thread here.
  • Experience the beautiful new Liquid Sunlight Meditation
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying



I just had another little win today: I’ve mentioned in the group that I’ve been asking Source that I manifest real friends. I have acquaintances where I live but for 9 years, have not made a real friend. Since joining the group I’ve made this request a priority. I’ve always made friends easily but I was virtually housebound shortly after moving here so it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been to Art groups, since that’s one of my hobbies, but that hasn’t seemed to have brought a real connection, even though I enjoy the company. So, since the intentions group began, things have begun to change in several ways that will lead to more contact with people over the next few months but today was fun. I had been working so hard at home that I was in danger of overdoing things so suggested to hubby that we go to Costa for a half an hour before they closed for the day. It was a spur of the moment decision – no doubt arranged by Source team. I went over to a sofa whilst hubby ordered the drinks. I smiled at a lady who was sitting behind the sofa and, instead of sitting down, I knelt on it to have a chat with her. She said she was hot because she had just been for a healing session with gongs and singing bowls … and that was it. We got on so well that I didn’t want to leave. Just because someone shares the same interests doesn’t mean that you ‘click’ but we certainly did and this is so great for me. I felt a joy in liking / sharing / laughter that I’ve really been missing locally (except with my lovely hubby). Thank you Source and Source team.


Regarding the “Return to Source” meditation . I adore this one. Those boys are like angels. Their songs go through my head all day … It’s like the songs widen your consciousness until you are in the presence of Source itself and you FEEL the love and joy and total awesomeness of that. Sometimes I cry through the whole thing! I also really like the Men’s Chanting one. It’s so beautiful I listen to every note and really hear it on a different level. Thank you for providing such substance for us to meditate to.


I know I’ve discovered things about myself over the last year that have been revelatory to me and so worthwhile. I feel it’s no wonder I didn’t heal back at the time of the Manifesting from the heart meditation. These discoveries (through the meditations) have led me to truly know I am safe in my heart, with my soul. When the pain and following emotional distress gets bad I now turn to my heart as a place of safety to get through this. I could barely open my heart back when we doing the Manifesting from the Heart meditation; but I guess it did give hope. This is a big deal for me, even though it’s only a small step on a long healing journey. I guess I’m trying to say, even if we’re not where we thought we’d be by now; we’re where we’re supposed to be on this Ascension journey.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!