In last week’s healing ceremony, I shared that reaching 60% integration with the 18th strand caused 20% of all my resistance to clear and more is to come! Resistance is the name given to all our limiting beliefs, doubts, distrust and lack of acceptance of reality and this present moment. It felt like being put on antidepressants – without the side effects. Months of sleep issues, daily stress and insomnia cleared away. Energy, clarity and passion all increased. It’s the level of change that many Portal members went through in their initial stages of DNA integration and the type of change we’ve all be patiently waiting for again while we’ve been plodding through integrating DNA strands 13-17.

Changes have been more subtle as we’ve moved through these levels, and for some it felt like a plateau, which is very common on the spiritual awakening path, but in truth, the Portal has changed, we can all tell. The energy in the members Forum is lighter. Even though many still have issues to clear, there is very little energy stealing.

So now is the time to send out a clarion call to all Portal members – even if you’ve missed Healing Ceremonies or have not been able to meditate optimally, this wont affect your DNA integration levels. Just being a paid up member causes the DNA to integrate automatically, so you have not fallen behind – BUT completing integration with the 18th strand is not automatic – we’ll have work to do, so now is the time to fully engage!

Completion with the 18th strand will be cause for a group celebration for each Portal member who reaches it.  To “graduate” from this level, we need to clear all developmental and past life trauma, clear our record of Akashic liabilities (karma), then we’ll be doing the new upcoming guided meditation called the Loving Kindness Meditation. We’ll finally be forgiving and sending love and kindness to ourselves, everyone else, the planets and even the universe. These are the requirements for completing with the 18th strand. There’s a “barrier to entry” because only those with the highest frequency can be permitted to enter into 5th dimensional consciousness. Completing with the 18th strand means we are on the threshold.

If you’re feeling stuck, demotivated or distrusting, or anything else – submit your case study – we’ll address in at the Healing Ceremony. See if you qualify to be on a Zoom call Hot seat for 50 minutes of free live coaching from the whole coaching team. Listen to the Healing Ceremonies as we’ll be sharing everything you need to know to complete with the 18th strand. This is the most important and exciting year for the Portal so far.

We’ve also rebooted the Friendship group meetings. These are are group of friends, many who are professional healers and practitioners who are also Portal members who began the DNA integrations about 3-4 months before the Portal. They are going to be sharing their experiences with the wider Portal as they reach the 18th strand.

I hope to see you all tomorrow! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 25th March 2023

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called The Mystery of Life we will cover:

  • Themes arising in the portal: over-spiritualizing – addressing the tendency to assign everything that is happening to us as coming from higher dimensions (entities, our soul, karma etc) when in fact it’s our own psycho-emotional issues which we can end up by-passing.
  • Second theme: avoidance – understanding that our goal is not to avoid all stress for now. Avoidance can end up being an emotional defense mechanism that causes us to stay limited and stuck in our comfort zone. If we try to avoid all stress, we also avoid all GROWTH
  • The most amazing interview  – Niki will share details on the most amazing interview she has seen in years with the author Dr Desmet of The Psychology of Totalitarianism – a book which stunningly tests as 98% TRUTH
  • Dr Mattias Desmet shares how rational thinking leads to a dead end and the hope for humanity lies in once again embracing The Mystery of Life
  • Niki will spend 1 hour answering Portal Member Case Studies posted in the member’s Forum thread here.
  • Experience the ambient treasure of a new meditation called Opening with a new musical composer
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying

Hi everyone. I just wanted to post an update. I had my gratitude and beliefs session with Christine last month, which was great and she confirmed I was a one laner, but I’m not now. I’m activated to 14th and integrated to 13th. I’ve been sick for about 15 years starting very mildly and very slowly progressing. I hit my worst about 3 years ago and I would spend up to 4 hours a day completely paralysed, unable to speak or move at all and in constant incredible pain. I would have to crawl on my hands and knees, when I could, to get to the bathroom because I couldn’t stand up. Of course this would go up and down, sometimes I was better. Now these things are totally in the past. Any pain I get is mild and transient, most of the time I have no pain. I don’t need sleep during the day mostly now. I am even starting to think about how I can work towards earning an income again- slowly and not straight away, but the thoughts are there. I realise my CFS was not as severe as some peoples here, some have much more complex illness and more challenging personal histories than myself. Still, I find it incredible to have come such a long way in a relatively short time. A testament to the work we are doing, I’m sure. Incredibly grateful to Niki and everyone for being on this journey together.


As a follow up on my intention setting towards complete physical healing, I had further proof that things are moving along nicely. Thursday I felt great and took my Doberman, for a 75’ hike up a local mountain. It was beautiful out and the sun was so energizing. After coming home and having lunch, I set out in the back yard to dig under my vegetable garden; I plant fall rye after growing season and then turn it under so the decomposition returns nutrients and nourishes the soil for a new growing season. Last year I had hubby do the turning under as I didn’t have the energy to do so, but not this year. I spent about 3.5 hours (interspersed with breaks and lots of water) and got the job done all by myself! That’s after my 75’ hike up and down a local mountain!! I have battled low energy for years, often burning myself out because I wanted to do stuff, or participate, or not miss out. And on top of it all, I’m now on the way to getting my prednisone down. Even better is since I’ve been doing an evening yoga and stretching routine I have not experienced any muscle soreness from the physical exertion! Yahoo!! Keep it coming


This weekend I’ve made GREAT progress organizing & purging my home!! I filled many bags with items to give to friends & to donate, as well as some recycling & trash too. When I went through a couple bookcases it was so EASY to decide what to let go of! Feels very freeing!! I repurposed several things to make our home feel more more functional along with some creative flare!  This is exciting!! I’ve been stuck for about 4 yrs, which is when we moved to this mountain home in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, CA. Now I feel ready to take action to create the space I’ve imagined! I’m sure the end result will be even better than I hoped for! This is yet another WIN for me collaborating w/ Source with setting intentions!


Since I’ve started here I’m no longer allergic to everything on planet earth. My migraines have gone from 3-5 per week to 1 or 2 per month. Recently my eye sight has improved ( literally has not happened ever in 50 years).

Hope to see you all on Saturday!