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  • A powerful new 30 minute group healing meditation called Oneness
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What People Are Saying


Wanted to share a major breakthrough today while meditating.  I have been doing meditations consistently through this whole period, as well as additional yoga and Qigong meditations and up until now, I have got nothing, nil, nada, just my own thoughts. Also never had a psychic experience or anything in my whole life and quite frankly, a few years ago I would said this was all a load of rubbish and hogwash and only for weirdos. Today I finally connected with source and was shown a tunnel of light and source asked me if I was ready to move through and connect, turns out I’m not BUT I now know why. My belief that’s been holding me back came through loud and strong, I am actually afraid and scared of Source/God, I mean really really scared. Why? well certainly in this life, I was brought up to be afraid of God, Yep, If I wasn’t a good girl then God would punish me. I was brought up in a strict Welsh church going family, and with both my family and Church community I was taught that if I was naughty or bad I would be punished by God and even worse I would most likely end up going to Hell afterwards. My childhood God was not benevolent, he would punish sinners. This belief is so strong that I think it must have come from many lives, so I think I’ve had some bad ones and been punished, probably in the name of God, and this has left me fearing the very Source that I now know is loving and benevolent, lots of tears here and this is what’s been holding me back and not allowed me to open up and connect to Source. This is such a breakthrough for me, because now I finally know what’s holding me back and I can work on it. The other thing Source told me was to be patient, which I’m not very good at, but I’m sticking with it and hopefully when I see that tunnel again, I’ll be ready to walk through.Some other things came up too like anger for having people teach me that God was vengeful and would punish. Every child I knew in my community was brought up like that, no wonder as a race we’re so far removed from our own consciousness and source, it’s programmed into us to fear it. My parents and their parents would have been brought up this way too. It’s so sad. However, great news is that I’m going to break that cycle and hopefully heal back up the lineage as well. I hope this will help some others of you who have been struggling with beliefs.
Thank you Nikki, and thanks to all my lovely fellow ET’s, together we can change this world. Love to you all


Hi Ascension tribe…it’s been a while since I shared. There was a moment about 7 weeks ago where I suddenly felt the cellular light infusion had turned my insides out. I literally got a symbol into my subconscious that showed me the reverse of a dragon fly – the inside body was like the ethereal light wings and outside was the heaviness that was leaving… And I’ll never forget this – I was sat in my beautiful local park trying to feel better and ground and suddenly I looked around and animals are coming towards me in a circle. I felt like Tesla with his pigeons!  Another thing that stands out for me now after coming through this stage – I really don’t doubt myself anymore. I think as a highly sensitive empath this has been a struggle as I feel the world’s heaviness and used to internalise it and run stories in my head about whether I had done something wrong (sure at times I might have). But to feel the emotional clarity and lowered self doubt through NOT being affected by the collective and other’s frequencies anymore is such a GIFT!! Oh.My.Frickin.God. It’s a game changer, especially at work (Energy Healer). So thirdly – my experiences with clients is growing more powerful. I channel intuitively and combine reiki with massage. I have a gift for sensing when the nervous system has become deeply disregulated (dorsal/ventral) and is ‘stuck’ in fight, flight, freeze and fawn – often from a past life experience or ancestral trauma. This means I have to tune in like a psychic detective and find the trigger point energetically and turn it off. What is coming through now my merkebah has increased is faster downloads.  Interestingly I had a new client the other day who I sensed quickly had a Pleiadian soul connection very strongly. This turned out to be accurate as at the point when I was releasing a strong religious trauma from a past life in her left hip the only thing that would release it was asking the P’s for help and she told me at the end that she really felt them come in at that point. So it’s amazing to sense positive ET soul connections more strongly now.  But I went for it the other night and during a shamanic journey I called in all my guides and teams and began to feel this strange energy around my belly. To cut a long story short there’s been some serious sexual trauma in both my family lines and although I wasn’t molested as a child I always felt scarred by it in someway…almost as if I had.  It felt so hard to fully hold in my consciousness, like a heaviness that was too scary to face, but again like I do for my clients I asked for my source team/guides/san germain as well as my favourite female ancestor to come in and help, and I felt it release – this huge lump of survivors guilt that wasn’t even mine.  The lightness of that along with the ascension has been surreal – I feel ready for a new phase in my life now and definitely no longer drawn to certain inter-personal dynamics that were fuelled by this old lump of guilt. Anyway as always vastly appreciate this portal and all of you, Niki, the team, everyone. It’s been an incredible journey. I’m in an Ascension School! If you’d told me ten years ago that sentence I would have been like ‘huh?’ I did feel like I was connected to somewhere else without really knowing it so it’s mesmerising and quite empowering to feel that confirmation in this group.



I’ve had a number of great shifts with ascension, but probably the biggest change I have noticed with ascension is I feel like a better Mom. I feel like I am more present with my children, have endless patience, and so much more love. I didn’t think I could love my children anymore than what I have, but that love affair that Niki has talked about with Source is what I feel like I’m having with my children. Being more present with them, I am noticing so many more of their fun corks, smiles, laughs, little things about their personalities I hadn’t noticed before. I also thought I had a lot of patience before, but now I am amazed how I can remain the calm in their storm and be firm when I need to without getting emotionally upset myself. Now when I do get upset, I notice my ladies almost being surprised because they don’t see this often. It seems my children have really responded to this as well. I have noticed they don’t get as upset as easy so we are able to talk about situations more instead of escalating to getting so upset we can’t talk about a situation. I have found myself enjoying them all the more and pleased that hopefully my husband and I are teaching them better ways of living through our example. Of all the things I have experienced with ascension, I think this is the one I am appreciating and loving the most. 


Hope to see you all on Sunday!