A few years ago, it came to our attention that over 95% of all people’s telepathic channels were infiltrated by negative beings who were either pretending to be light – called “pseudolight,” or they were proxies, which are relatively positive beings who are actually working for very negative entities. Precision divine muscle testing is now crucial for discernment.

Understanding what testing someone’s Love, Light, Truth and Wholeness quotient (LLTW) really means is very important, whether you are testing the human, their Source team or – importantly, their telepathic channel. These three elements are not the same and can test very differently.

In this week’s Healing Ceremony we will be delving into information shared in the Law of One about the beginning of creation, what the first expressions of Infinite Intelligence were (they included Love, Light and Wholeness) and the implications.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 27th May 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Love and Light we will cover:

    • The First 3 Expression of Intelligent Infinity – discussion of free will, love and light according to the Law of One.
    • Balancing Love and Light – the meaning and purpose of balancing love and light, the heart and crown chakra
    • Wholeness – the meaning of “wholeness” when we assess people’s Love, Light. Truth and Wholeness scores
    • Telepathic Channel versus Source Team – the epidemic of negative infiltration into people’s telepathic channel, and even worse, Source teams
    • Case Studies – we are aiming to address 10 Member case studies submitted in the member’s Forum thread here.
    • Experience the soothing drum based meditation called Tribal Drums
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying

I’ve been actively participating in the portal since July 2021 and have noticed a steady increase in my wellbeing – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. I joined the portal to heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis (diagnosed by traditional GP) and Lyme’s, as the opening for RA, diagnosed by The Sophia Institute, following Dr. Klinghardt’s methodology, although I didn’t work with him directly.  I am currently meditating with portal meditations an hour a day, sleeping 9 hours, most nights, eating well and doing small amounts of exercise (my weakest part of healing).  After loosing almost 50 pounds, I’m back to my normal weight of 120 – used to weigh 99 pounds and am 5 ft, 8inches. My pain used to be at 7 & 8 and is now at 2 & 3 and my energy levels used to be 2 & 3s and are now mostly at 8. YAY!! Lots to celebrate


I’d like to share with you the profound & significant experience I had this morning. I settled down to begin my usual morning routine of grounding & connecting, followed by my usual 60min meditation, mobile phone close at hand. I sensed into my body and, as I did so, I felt something I’ve not experienced before. I hadn’t even consciously grounded or connected, yet I felt completely connected already. It felt like that ‘fleeting’ state you can reach  during a deep meditation. That ‘fleeting’ feeling of expansion, wholeness, peace, STILLNESS. Yet, this was continual & constant & completely effortless. I can only describe what I felt,  as complete peace. My energy in my own body was dense, concentrated, quietly powerful. It felt like every fibre of my being contained ‘me’ – not trauma, or doubt, or anxiety, or anything, other than ‘me’ at complete ease, peace, stillness and grace. No bells, no whistles, no extremes of heightened emotions. Complete and effortless peace. It was as if I had reached my own CORE. Not in my head, not even in my heart, in the heart & core of myself, my being! And what I found there was this vast expanded sea of present moment 100% awareness. I could hear my thoughts, I could feel my feelings, but I was GREATER than that. Two words formed in my being ‘I AM’ I felt like I never wanted to leave this place, this space, this awareness, this level of consciousness. It was like I was remembering this feeling, this space. It was as if my whole self had completely exhaled. A gentle smile formed on my face. A constant, effortless, zero-point field of expanded awareness. I heard my right ear receive a frequency, a radio tuning frequency sound. For me, my clairaudience messages are – left ear for important, right ear for VERY important. I simply let this happen & observed from my point of stillness. The sound eased up slightly, then continued at a lower volume for a period of time that I wasn’t aware of. I then observed my own thought forming,  recollecting Niki saying recently that some of us may ‘feel’ when ‘significant events’ occur, so my thinking brain wondered ‘is THIS one of them?’ Despite not wanting to break or leave my state, I felt around for my phone with my eyes still closed, to make a note of the time, in case it was meaningful later. I couldn’t feel it, so was forced to open my eyes & look at my radio alarm clock Of course it was! 11.11 BST on 23/4/22. My clock is actually a little fast, the accurate timestamp on that photo was 10.57am. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t ‘feel’ my phone to look at the time? I was meant to see 11.11 to provide further significance for me. I closed my eyes and immediately returned to that same ‘space’ I allowed myself to stay there and revelled, & luxuriated within this state. I was aware of sensations, tingles, the odd scene/thought appearing, but mainly it was simply BEING, experiencing complete stillness for an extended time period. Just SILENCE 42mins later, I ‘came to’ unaware of those last moments in time. And then I attempted to articulate this profound experience as best I could

Hope to see you all on Saturday!