Based on member feedback, last week’s healing ceremony was your favorite so far, with many choosing to listen to it twice!

As well as releasing the most powerful meditation to-date, the Loving Kindness Meditation, there was also crucial information shared about the 5 steps to releasing worldly resistance to health symptoms – not to be missed!

This week we are continuing the loving-kindness theme, understanding how the new Loving Kindness meditation works, how to deal with layers of emotion it may bring up, dealing with questions from members in the Forum, and importantly, we explore how this meditation is integrating the Sophia Source Codes from Mother Mary: The Way of the Rose.

The Way of the Rose is all about learning to listen to your HEART and allow it to integrate into your life.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 12th August 2023

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Loving Kindness  we will cover:

    • The Loving Kindness Meditation – how to use it, how to deal with layers of emotions it may bring up, what to do if you do not feel you can send loving kindness
    • The Way of the Rose – understanding the Sophia Key Code IV from Mother Mary – how to listen to and follow your HEART
    • Case Studies – we are covering up to 10 member case studies focusing on health issues
    • Experience the beautiful new meditation called Flying
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!


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What Members Are Saying About The Loving Kindness Meditation


I felt real heat as soon as the meditation started and then a wave of love from Source. I fell asleep in the middle somewhere. Very powerful and intense but wow, wow, wow

Beautiful!  It was well paced, nicely toned, and the twinkling chimes felt like compassionate fingers. I started crying before your voice even began with the oncoming feeling of surrender. Deep engagement for me and highly visual.

I love the latest meditation! Sending love to everyone,  not focusing on if they “deserve” it, but remembering that we are all connected no matter what and we all deserve love.  During, I felt a lot of activity in my third eye and crown chakra, then waves of energy from my feet up my legs, the back of my head. I had all of these people popping in my head when it came to the difficult people-the three I have been having conversations (on repeat) with per my case study. The energy movement continued the rest of the day and evening for me as well.

Thank you for this meditation. It felt very powerful to me – huge energy in my crown chakra, that felt like it extended all the way down to my brain stem. Lots, and lots of people popped in for me at every level of healing…in the people I love, this included the people that also challenge me, so right from the beginning, I was finding myself extending loving kindness freely – it felt very beautiful and natural. When it came to extending love to people who have personally hurt us, I had my Anunnaki ex pop in: that caused me some fear for a few seconds, but I found myself able to allow that to pass through and then extend love to him, so that was hugely powerful. I am curious to see how my experience evolves and looking forward to releasing all this baggage.

I fell asleep yesterday but did this meditation this morning and love it! I completely get that we need to heal all – the dark serves the light as Niki always says.  I would have signed up for certain lessons before I was born so really any wounds are part of my healing journey. Whoever delivers the lesson may not do this to be unkind – they are supporting my growth. My narcissist sister came in this morning. That felt fine. Thank you Niki I get why now is the time

I really liked the meditation. I had a deep sense that I was ready for it, the way forward was through this door of “loving kindness”.

I absolutely love the meditation,im aware I will be on a journey with it and there will be layer’s released with some turbulence .. Im so ready to let go of resentments, expectations of others and judgement of others and self, ts weighing me down and no longer has place in my journey and expansion

I am delighted with the Loving Kindness meditation…I absolutely love it.

My experience was a mix of relief, frustration and sadness. I love that you’re using the Buddhist Metta Bhavana model to cultivate loving kindness and that you’ve included the dark characters we’ve learned about in the portal.

I have just done the meditation for the second time… I felt waves of emotion from my heart as though it was opening more, and I was choked with tears at times. I found it surprisingly easy to to send loving kindness to my ex…although I was very distracted when trying to send it to those who harm children.. I guess that comes with practise. I now feel extremely calm and almost don’t want to burst the bubble to go about my day. Thank you – I love this meditation

On Saturday when we did the loving kindness meditation for the first time, I was deeply, deeply affected by it – tears of inexpressible love at the very start as I pictured my nearest and dearest, then every single category after that just loads of tears – love for acquaintances, neighborhood, the portal members.  Went on to someone that has hurt me and cried tears of love for her and greif over the wasted years, and it was very healing, then on to the most heinous people and child harmers, and I was still responding profoundly with tears – just sadness and empathy for the lost souls.  It was very powerful, very moving.

I loved this meditation. I was familiar with how it works but found Niki’s words and pace even more helpful. Second time round it was clearer and deeper and the tears came especially around the issue of child abuse. My tears were for the children yet I was able to offer out the hope of healing to perpetrators viewing them as damaged and existing in a living hell. Not sure how this will continue.  My sense is that as we practice more we may tap in to ever deeper challenges within our shadows in order to get closer to true loving kindness. 

Wonderful meditation. The part referring to being worthy brought tears. It seems I still do not feel worthy and do not know how to move past this. Since I do not yet feel worthy nor love for self, it is a challenge to send to others. My intentions were sent to others, even though I felt a disconnect. How do I move past not feeling worthy, so I may feel the love to send to others ? Niki, I did have the intent Thank you for the beautiful meditation.
I listened to this week’s HC yesterday I fell asleep almost as soon as LK meditation started and woke up as soon as Niki started to talk again.
Last night my sleep was very disturbed repeatedly coming in and of sleep in a drugged sort of way I normally spend quite a lot of time awake but am peaceful 
I have found it hard to function today am feeling very emotional 
I’ve meditated with the Loving Kindness meditation twice now and even though I slept soundly through it, I am feeling the energy quite deeply. The opening of my heart in the beginning before I fall asleep is so deep, it’s painful. I feel the energy through my entire body very deeply as well. Even though I say I’m asleep, I feel like I am off somewhere processing and talking with people. When I meditated with the regular portal meditations today, witnessing was vivid and active. I was able to stay with it for almost the entire time and it feels very productive. There is a softening that is happening in my body too – it’s difficult to find the words to describe how the softening feels. I am welcoming the alone time with gratitude and without guilt. I think I am addicted to meditation! Also, something that I have noticed more and more lately, I can do the witnessing without the portal meditations. 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!