The testimonials from Ascension Portal members continue to increase weekly – read more about what is happening for people below!

In this week’s healing circle, Niki will be sharing details on:

    • Guidance on manifesting your heart’s desires via aligning with Source
    • How to discover your soul mission or life vocation and align with it
    • How to create a vision statement for your life and heart’s desires
    • New guided meditation on releasing limiting beliefs and blocks to manifesting
    • Ascension progress update for the Portal
    • Final group healing for almost 250,000 disincarnate souls
    • And more!

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What People Are Saying

I’m Grateful for Niki and my schoolmates and learning and growing with you all. This is my favorite school ever..I can go without food and water and not feel deprived- I used to get low blood sugar if I went without food for limited amount of time and my body would shut down, not no more…I totally agree. It is a miracle to be free of so many food sensitivities, heavy metals and chemicals, etc. I have been able to many foods back into my diet: cow cheese, chicken, tomatoes, and more


I wanted to say I have been thinking about how amazing these health stats are. For us in the Portal to be free of food sensitivities and 100% clear on average of heavy metals, chemicals and mold is huge. It feels great to me to be over SIBO and to be much improved from toxic heavy metals and I didn’t have to do the Elemental diet or buy a detox footbath. To be over cc29 is also massive for me as I know it means I am overcoming the genetic SNPs that contributed to me being unwell in the first place. Funny how miracles like this start to feel like the norm! 


Thank you Niki Skye and all of our Portal for such connections, support, and above all a clear path of ascension work. For me, ancestral trauma has most likely been my largest area of need and, thereby,  growth. Through the months I have felt a tremendous shift in how I perceive both my ancestral lineage and my adult children in this lineage. Most magnificently I have felt my lineage as “alive” , supportive, joyful, interactive, appreciative, present, moving and receptive. My prior relationship with my ancestral lineage was one of a huge fight to get over, heal from, protect myself from, apologize about, distance from, and defend myself from. I am willing to believe that many of us know a piece or all of that. Currently, every single trauma based emotion and feeling that I consciously acknowledge and choose differently to respond to— stepping up with the “now” me as I watch myself respond or choose— feels like I have an ancestral group behind me smiling, actually communicating caring and loving support to me….. like so many pieces and times it is for them too…. For whatever reason, it couldn’t be done in their lifetime or circumstances….This shift from my defensiveness, anger, judgment, and most harmful I believe- separation- has been such a wonderful homecoming. I am so grateful to have this “alive” connection and support.  For one of the first times in my life I feel as though I’m meant to be here, I’m worthy and doing work for my huge lineage and much more. Thank you all.


Hope to see you all on Sunday!