In this week’s healing circle Niki discusses the transition from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness, what this looks and feels like as we ascend:

  • How the 3D versus 5D perspective on life differs
  • Practical examples of 3D and 5D approaches
  • The role of Source in lifting us to 5D
  • What happens when you live life in 5D
  • The requirement for deliverance from 3D to 5D: willingness

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What People Are Saying

The door to my restored health is finally cracking open and a few rays of bright white light are streaming through.  I have more energy throughout the day – don’t have to go to bed so early, feel refreshed when I get up.  My brain fog has reduced and my focus has increased.  I have a greater sense of well being – calmer, happier.  Skin looks clearer and brighter.  Some hair regrowth. For over a year I have had a pain in my hip that the doctor says is arthritis – it is much improved.  My dry eyes have a lot more tear production.  I have had one fingernail that has been split for many, many years and I can’t believe it – completely mended!!!!!  I have completed 50 hours of the abundance command.

How is it possible to feel this insanely happy? I have been sooo depressed for soooo many years. Unable to do much besides sit on the couch or lay in bed. This week I’ve harvested and cleaned 13 lbs of grapes from my yard. Yesterday, I made my first test batch of grape jelly. It became fruit leather. Lol Today, in the middle of boundaries commands, my Source team provided a simple clue as my mind was pondering how to make a better batch of grape jelly. Now I’m enjoying cooking what I know, with confidence, will be a perfect batch of grape jelly. I FEEL my Source team’s love and support. It is the most amazing feeling to feel so loved , and to reciprocate that love.

I hope to see you all on Sunday!