In today’s Healing Ceremony we return to our primary theme of Discernment.

Many Portal members don’t yet qualify for ascension in the category of discernment, so we thought we’d provide extra help and guidance on how to pendulum test the LLTW scores.

With the help of a Portal member, we have created a decision tree to help simplify the instructions for pendulum testing on discernment. We hope this provides a helping hand to anyone who felt confused or overwhelmed by the material on discernment.

We also share important information about Angels versus Aliens and what negative and positive beings exist all the way up to the 15th dimension – material from the upcoming New Ascension Teachings

We also share further important information on the further hidden benefits of the miHealth device and a Live Q and A segment dedicated to answering questions from Portal Members posted to the Q and A thread in the Member’s Forum.


Healing Ceremony 15th June 2024


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Pendulum Testing for Discernment we will cover:

    • Announcements – further hidden benefits of the mihealth device
    • Angels versus Aliens– amazing new information coming from the New Ascension Teachings video 3 on positive and negative entities covering all 15 dimensions (5 densities)
    • Discernment Decision Tree – simplified guidance for testing the LLTW of spiritual teachers, spiritual material and non-spiritual material
    • Live Q and A – we will continue to reply to questions portal members have submitted in the Member’s Forum.
    • Experience a beautiful deep dive healing meditation called Solfeggio 396
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying   

Thank you Niki for highlighting the importance of the NES MiHealth device.  Starting 2 1/2 years ago Source identified the importance of incorporating the MiHealth into my wellness and ascension journey.  I found the price of the device to be daunting and reasoned that I might use the numerous energy tools I have along with NES infoceuticals to try to fill this healing gap.  While these helped a great deal I increasingly became aware of the MiHealth’s necessity.  Nothing else adequately harmonized and supported what is overwhelming intensity from the challenge of ascension. Source kept prompting.  Source conveyed an awareness that I would profoundly benefit from the MiHealth by “smoothing out the highs and lows of the external flux” that are often my daily experience.   January 2023 I had had enough of what seemed to be unnecessary struggle.  I started the purchase only to find that my bank savings account had been robbed by sophisticated thieves.  Shortly there after NES reported that it had sold all of its MiHealth devices and were unaware of a future supply.  Once again during this past spring the intensity of my struggle intensified.  Again Source kept directing to “do the MIHealth!”.  I had had enough struggle.  I obtained a MiHealth device only to find that the device had defective software.  NES promptly replaced the unit and the results have been wonderful. I experience enhanced neurological integration, enhanced physical elasticity and deep biological psycho-spiritual harmonizing of the constitutional chaos with which I struggle.  Recovery time is reduced and extreme fatigue is more manageable. Initially I would broadcast the esr and liberator settings which calmed and stabilized. I currently broadcast the digestive setting. I anticipate this enhanced gut support will relieve the transferred intestinal stress which causes chronic low back pain, lymph congestion and core exhaustion. I am presently reframing my life … reducing complexity of living with its many survival issues.  As I steadily simplify, the coded geometry of ascension is better able to ground and transform the Absolute Fabric of my Being. Thank you Niki for your guidance and steady presence.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!