Since we launched the Ascension Portal in July 2021, the experiences from members on healing all aspects of their lives are pouring in, and they continue to increase each week!

It is a real privilege for myself and everyone supporting the Portal to witness the transformations we first experienced ourselves. Read more about what people are sharing below. 

In this weeks exciting healing circle, Niki will be sharing details on the New Human and wider implications including:

  • Reaching health sovereignty
  • Mental and emotional sovereignty
  • Spiritual and intuitive sovereignty
  • And finally, wealth sovereignty
  • Update on ascension portal progress
  • New guided meditations and New Years videos
  • Group healing meditation for almost half a million disincarnate souls
  • And more!

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    What People Are Saying

    This has been a transformational year for me and I’m so grateful for finding the healing circle. I was 38 years old when I first had a cervical fusion in 2015 and desperately wanted to know why my spine was degenerating so fast, and what I could do about it.  I went through with the lumbar surgery and all went well. In hopes of speeding up my healing, I tuned in to the weekly healing circle and knew I had found something wonderful. I continued to join in on Sunday, and listened to the replay meditations several times a week. When I saw my physical therapist, he was amazed at how fast I was progressing. My emotional health was improving also as I started to realize that I was finally letting go of old resentments and negative emotions. I was a little late starting, but got an MP3 player and began core ascension. I am happy to say that I no longer need the coping mechanisms that I once depended on. I quit smoking for good, gave up alcohol and no longer feel the need to numb myself with marijuana. I was blessed with the opportunity to buy a beautiful home this year and was able to move in in September. I feel like I am finally on a path to wellness. I am experiencing so much more peace and joy in my life. Thank you.


    One week ago, just right before I was falling asleep, I literally felt huge surge of light entering my body in my solar plexus! It felt extremely sweetly pleasant, tingly, slightly buzzy. I felt so content! That sweet type of happiness and joy you feel when you fall in love! I knew its my Merkabah building up! And since that time, every day, I feel more energy, joy, picking up extra shifts at work, helping other’s at work, my nervous system is at optimum now, its like I have an extra layer of protection or a bubble, am not afraid of anything, or anyone, I am more present, I am not worrying or thinking anymore about my day at the end of work day. Its like being in Love all the time, the butterflies in the stomach, feeling High and Light and Joyful! I love the process, will never stop, want to continue to infinity, 


    I just love being happy for no reason! Isn’t that fantastic?! I love just being happy… & having fun…singing & dancing in the kitchen, just being silly & just being happy! I didn’t want to post it then because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a flash in the pan. But it’s happened again, more and more times and it’s absolutely wonderful!
    I don’t feel like that a lot of the time, still can get anxious, triggered, weighed down etc but being happy is becoming more like it’s going to be a constant companion! And it’s even more amazing because I have been suicidal for a lot of my life, since I was 14 & depressed, in some form or another, for most of my life as well as anxious, fearful/terrified etc etc..you know how the story goes! And WOW, having ‘Northern Lights’ in my bedroom, courtesy of St Germain & my Source Team again!


    Me too!!! I have all my FB postings in my Notes on my phone too. I wrote about each milestone breakthrough as my CC climbed!!! After finishing all my emotional commands I felt the release of the weight of the Empire State Building off of my shoulders! VERY PROFOUND that I will always be forever grateful.  I’m writing in my gratitude journal every day!  I’m in Joy, Bliss, Freedom and Peace. Connecting to Source…Just when I didn’t think I could, I DID!!! JUST HANG IN THERE EVERYONE! It’s the greatest Trust Walk I ever took!   I love the daily 1-2 hour meditations (breathe) and combine every day with the Core 60 min silent 24/7 Ascension Meditation,  GPC, BC and grounding.  A little every day, I now have the time to review all the transcripts, Sunday Healing Circles, reading the books Niki recommended, videos to watch again…like auditing and enriching my 4 month growth/experience on Niki Skye’s priceless Ascension Portal. Niki said just 500 people with 5% of fifth dimensional awareness can change the world!  WOW!  Again closer to CC1600 to the full mastery of the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body….continuing my path to Masterful Manifesting and Creation!!!  I now create and love the daily mini-miracles. As I tell my closest family and friends…You cannot make this up!!!  Lots of tears of joy and gratitude Niki! I LOVE YOU dear sister. I’m truly on my Magic Carpet Ride…. 


    Hope to see you all on Sunday!