Spectacular hidden information about Earth history, human origins and the truth about Atlantis is being revealed through Portal’s pendulum testing group! 

Source has even downloaded information about prophecies that will be discovered in the ancient archeological site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey.

We are currently incorporating this information into an updated version of video 3 of the NEW Ascension Teachings – the information was too big and important to leave out of the free Ascension Teachings program.

This week we are sharing important tools to help Portal members with ongoing weight and sleep issues, and we are addressing the all-important topic of PRIDE.

Everyone has heard of the phrase “Pride goeth before a fall.” Humility is another cornerstone of ascension work and an essential ingredient of all personal healing and emotional growth work.

Pride leads to inaccurate mental presumptions about the health of our mental and emotional attitudes, it causes us to be complacent about self examination and truly committing to the deep emotional alchemy work needed for healing.

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Healing Ceremony March 9th 2024

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Pride we will cover:

    • Announcements – special help for people with ascension-related weight issues and sleep problems caused by existential fear,
    • On the trail of Atlantis  – amazing information about Earth history, the origin of humans, Atlantis, the Anunnaki, the Nephilim, Gobekli Tepe and ancient megalithic sites all over the world has been revealed through the pendulum testing group – not to be missed!
    • Pride – understanding how hubris is preventing our growth and healing and important tools and steps to overcome this
    • Experience a deeply healing and relaxing meditation called Solfeggio 432 Hz
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying  

I am so so grateful for all that the Portal does for me. The teachings are so timely and the zoom calls are an incredible support. It is a huge comfort to hear how others face the challenges this process brings and it is always so heartening to hear others for the first time. Although we are from a wide variety of countries and personal situations, we share such a strong connection through this journey. The timeliness of the Healing Circles shows that, as do the zoom shares. The intense feelings last less time and I have noticed situations that would have triggered me massively just pass without being impacted. I am calmer and freer in myself. I had no idea how uptight I was. There are not sufficient words to express the value this adds to my life. Lots of love

So much healing, inspiration, understanding and above all Love sent to me from …Source, my Guides,  Niki, Jeff, Christine &  jumping into pendulum  testing  with  Annie. Todays HC, and the many recently have been so profound for me . They have really narrowed in to what i need to heal, understand and let go of 3D stuff/karma etc…Its so exciting, and calming but above all that peaceful knowing ….esp. being in this portal with Niki guiding us..a few things but something specifically today, just popped out in Nikis guidance… saying & being real “i don’t care”…omg…that happened not to long ago with a friend. That stuff had been boiling up inside me for awhile…and i just said it to her recently,  ‘i dont care about that anymore’..if looks had daggers from her, and her response was defensive…but for me ….it felt like liquid flowing , peace & freedom in my body…so i know now that Source & my Guides were supporting me…and it was the right time that i said it….and its been such a relief since. Hugs to All & Thank you Niki as always


So I am so grateful to you Niki for everything. I feel like I have changed so much. Definitely having brought to my attention my ego right now and what needs to be surrendered. 


Hope to see you all on Saturday!