Back with a bang!  See some of our amazing ongoing shares and testimonials from members of the Ascension Portal below. Miracles continue to unfold and we expect them to increase through 2022!

This week and on the NEW weekly healing circle day – this SATURDAY 23rd April 2022 be prepared to be enthralled by:

  • Understanding what resistance is, how it keeps you stuck and how to surrender it for radical freedom
  • Active and passive ways to release resistance
  • Understanding how ascension is different from common mindset tools taught in the personal development space
  • See a video demonstrating direct scientific evidence for brainwave states correlated with the higher dimensional states of awareness covering the 14th to the 18th dimensions
  • Beautiful group meditation called Let Go
  • Niki will continue to response to questions submitted for the last Live Q and A session
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying

Niki I had a very similar life history like yours. Lots of attachment, development trauma and PTSD!!! I think that I am one of them with very early trauma from before 2 1/2 years old!!! My first psychiatrist told me, that it was incredible that I didn’t end up like an hard drug addict, prostitute or have committed suicide!!! Progress/success until now to show that the ascension is working: 

> So much more peace in my mind and living much more in the present moment. I used to worry all the time!  

> Desire for living and I am more happy, for the first time I am looking forward to the day and I feel like waking up! Not everyday, but I feel the difference! 

>  I am more motivated to do different things in life! 

> I had a precise vision for my future during a meditation!

> I am normally very alone and feel lonely (no family, only my old father and very  few friends)! I don’t feel so much loneliness anymore! And It is like my energy is expanding and people/friends are contacting me out of the blue! 

> Smoking less! I think I can stop this year ;o) 

> Having so must (sexual) lust and easily orgasms!!! – it was very little before!


My work in this portal, with Niki and the Portal has been nothing short of IMMENSE! My work through Niki’s  her clear, consistent,  loving, teaching has brought me immensely and lovingly home to myself…..  an amazing self !!  One that has developed so much through giving to others even if I wasn’t able to give to myself or receive. It is sometimes easy to disregard the passion and creativity of giving – I simply hadn’t found my path Home to me, my incredible body, my wit and delicious humor, my strength, and my deep compassion. Niki’s authentic directives and guidance from Source rang true for me and I committed.  Years of being held by the false beliefs and patterns of not deserving a life, not deserving to be seen or heard, much less appreciated…. These false beliefs have been transmuted!!!! I am aware of them, they pop up here and there, but they simply seem to exist in some place of nothingness…..I am deeply grateful, I send continued support and strength to all of you!


I wanted to share how much better I am feeling! My leg pain is mostly gone and the flatness that haunted me for months has lifted!!!!!  I’m enjoying more present moment awareness and acceptance of what is! This is amazing to read! I am so happy for you ️ Like you I’ve suffered such deep pain for months on end and just today I feel it’s starting to lift & I’ve finally felt some energy.


Joining the portal has really helped me to start to connect to who I really am-not someone else’s version of who I am. Thank you for helping me to clear out the old garbage  for something much better. Right after I chose to delete my post, I saw the numbers 414 repeated. I looked it up and it said to focus on being happy and optimistic. I choose that. 


Beautiful meditation. I’m halfway through the Saturday zoom meeting from last week. Thank you for keeping it on the site. Truly grateful for it. Absorbing info deeply. Healing with it. In tears. A long time coming for me. I’ve been led to and am healing the developmental trauma of childhood and from narcissistic relationships and energy murder. Just feel my heart opening and tears. Blessings all and thank you Niki. 


I just wanted to share my experience with the Let Go meditation too. Whoa is the appropriate word lol. So much letting go is needed for me. So much resistance arose and great sadness. I felt stuck to begin with, saw all the resistance as a messy ball of thorns and cement; it seemed impossible to penetrate, to even start the letting go process. t I felt like I was vomiting up all my negative emotions and resistance. It felt as exhausting as 3D vomiting lol. It was definitely coming from my heart. Then I did start to release from my shoulders too, but this time it was the exploding into white light that happens in the field clearance meditation, definitely easier. Of course there were tears. Think I’m going to need to do this meditation a lot!

See you all soon!