Tomorrow’s healing ceremony provides an introduction to a very important topic: sacred geometry.

We will explain how geometry is the basic building block of our physical universe and how we can use it to heal and enhance our lives. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the basic forms of geometry including the Platonic Solids
  • Understanding the geometry behind planet Earth and the meaning of “energetic vortexes” and sacred sites
  • How the Egyptians, Knights Templar and Free Masons used knowledge of sacred geometry in the location and building of temples and gothic cathedrals
  • Geometric tools that enhance the life force energy in buildings, rooms and your energy field
  • How ascension work links to sacred geometry, the energy grid of the human body and DNA
  • Understanding “Siddhi abilities” and the history of the Egyptian Djedi Masters

We will also include guidance on the 6 steps to Solving Problems and Handling Mistakes and how to use Prayer to enhance your life.

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Healing Ceremony April 27th 2024

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Sacred Geometry we will cover:

    • Announcements – reminders about updates to understanding psychosis symptoms, latest scuttlebutt from Source about current political developments
    • Sacred Geometry – understanding dimensions and the link to basic geometrical shapes and how they are the foundation of the physical universe
    • The Sacred Geometry of Earth – what energy vortexes are and the mechanics of “sacred sites” found across Earth
    • Sacred Geometry of objects – in buildings, jewellery and other devices  – an introduction 
    • Introduction to the human energy grid – link to DNA activations and enlightenment 
    • introduction to Siddhi Abilities – the link to sacred geometry and the history of the Djedi Masters in Egypt
    • Experience a nature-based meditation called Gentle Nature
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying   

Hi All…a very powerful & another huge reveal for me in today’s Healing Ceremony/Meditation (f.y.i luved the music:-) While Niki was giving her incredible info. to us all, an email popped into my screen. I saw the name & then it popped out of the screen. At that pt. so many thoughts were flooding in my mind..plus NERVOUSNESS seeing the name…I kept telling myself , just focus on Niki’s presentation…and did pretty good (Nikis info totally redirected me).Then as we were ready to meditate i knew that somehow this  pop-in email triggered something  & would reveal itself…I focused, deep breathing and went into my heart chakra…then it all flooded in…just tons of emotions, memories, tears…lots of body heat . I hadn’t even read the email yet…but just seeing the name in the box that popped in was, i know now not a coincidence…it was something timely and needed to be released…it went from memories of being told in childhood that mom wanted to speak with me but i didn’t know what it was about…then memories from my teaching days when a i got a note that a v.p wanted to speak with me, but i did not know why., or when someone left a voice msg or a text that they want to talk with me about something, but didn’t tell me why in advance….the flood  of these memories/emotions in today’s meditation (emotional vapassana process) started with  anxiousness, then not knowing what is going on, guessing, insecurity,  helplessness, doubt   & fear was the last layer today. Wow, and i have still been thinking about it  since our HC ended today…so i know its huge for me…and i am ready that more will  come to the surface with the help of  my source team ,going forward…to show me & help me  to release it all…thx Niki for all of your wise words, guidance,support and meditations


Hope to see you all on Saturday!