In this important Healing Ceremony we discuss SIMPLICITY as the hallmark of true healing, enlightenment and ascension. How most portal members have missed what is right under their noses for healing.

The myriad ways we are distracted and tempted to go outside for answers which, in truth, lie within.

How to see through the distractions and cultivate awareness in the PRESENT MOMENT.

We have several important announcements to make in tomorrow´s ceremony, MAJOR news update from the ET “Halls of Power,” and finally we also discuss “heart walls,” what these are, how they function, how to test for them and heal them.

I hope to see you all there! If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


Healing Ceremony Saturday 2nd September 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called Simplicity  we will cover:

    • Simplicity – the hallmark of real healing, and enlightenment
    • Seeing Through Distractions – the truth is simple, if not always easy
    • Understanding Heart Walls – learn what heart walls are, how we test for them and how to heal them
    • Case Studies – we will cover 10 case studies by members submitted to the Members Forum
    • Experience the new deep dive meditation called Chakra Chants
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!


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What Members Are Saying About The Emotional Vipassana Meditation


Hi Everyone, I just had my first ever amazing experience while in the Emotional Vipassana Meditation.  I was holding anger from last night in my neck and as I focused on it,accepted it, it disappeared!!  This was my first meditation with Emotional Vipassana!! Wow!  Thank you Niki and Source!!

During the meditation I reviewed that scene with the ants and my husband and the feelings of abandonment and then worthlessness came rushing in. My emotions felt that he didn’t care to help me which lead to he didn’t care about me which lead to abandonment and then I must be worthless.  I saw a beautiful gentle elephant come to me and embrace me with her trunk like a big gentle hug. I heard the words “it is impossible to be abandoned “ I had an immediate feeling of wholeness and connection to source. The feelings of worthlessness melted as I knew that was impossible too. It brought back memories of early life abandonments. That’s where I first learned to store emotions about abandonment and worthlessness. Tears just flowed down my checks! I really did feel a release and what relief. So amazing to see how seemingly small events can lead to amazing breakthroughs. >nd BTW my husband is a great guy who does care. He was just busy in his own world at that moment , to jump into my “fix it now” world !So thank you ants and my dear husband for being a part of todays gift to me.


WOW, WOW..it makes me giggle b/c every time i think how can things get any better  in our healing  ascension journey & practise, then BAM, i experience today’s new guided meditation…it was so impactful /and also very exciting for me. First, the original Vipassana music from way back ,has been one of my all time favourites…so i had a smile on my face from the get go today.  As Niki started guiding us to the chest/heart area, tears just started welling up & so i remained neutral & just followed Niki through it….i started feeling a pain/ache  in my left shoulder blade…really sore there… i just breathed through it and then the emotions popped in really quickly…no  deep thinking  needed…it went from loss of love, then sadness, then disrespect, then anger then yep fear. Then the memory of a past relationship (like 30 yrs ago) came in….wow, i really thought i had dealt with that/him…but nope..lol. Then as those feelings/emotions were rising., i just thanked them, glad they arose & came through for me to heal….then the aching in my shoulder disappeared…but then it moved to my left knee…that got sore and my whole left leg started moving…and restlessness flooded in …and then stuck-ness…then i had a dull headache..i kept with it all and just followed Nikis guidance…and then the tears stopped and everything just dissolved (no aching ,nothing )and my breathing became calm & relaxed….OMG…my mind is just blown away., i am so excited to do this all over again tomorrow.  Love it all….thx Niki for this amazing journey & helping me to release what lies beneath…It does feel like layers are pealing away….
I had a most amazing experience.  I was not able to watch the live broadcast of the healing circle Saturday.  Instead, I had to go pick up some beef that I had ordered from a farmer that sells at the farmers market where I used to live.  I live alone now and had been feeling weak lately and when I had a little piece of beef for lunch one day, it dawned on me that I was low in iron and probably protein.  It was a beautiful day when I got to the market and it was very busy.  There were so many more stalls than when I had been there in early spring.  The live music filled the air.  Everyone was happy including me.  I took in all the stalls with the beautiful produce and bunches of fresh flowers.  It used to be my favorite Saturday morning routine.  I went to the stall to pick up my meat order and surprisingly the guy remembered me and we chatted for a while.  I left to return home filling the same fullness and completeness that I had always felt in earlier years. When I got home, I decided to jump right in a watch the healing circle.  I settled in for the meditation carefully waiting for an emotion to rise up.  Nothing came but I enjoyed listening and felt relaxed.  Toward the end I began feeling some sadness coming up but the meditation was ending.  Just as the music was stopping it came to me “rejection” leads to “self rejection”.  I was stunned.  I sat with that in the silence. (I want to interject here that I have been reading “The Having”.)  For so many years, I would go to the farmers market and be with the abundance there.  The farmers that grew the beautiful fruits and vegetable were my friends.  I was filled with appreciation for all the efforts they put into growing such beautiful food.  I loved the smell of the fresh basil when I got home and began putting the produce away.  “I was HAVING!!!!’  For many years I would try to share my wonderful farmers market experience with friends and my family.  “Why would you go and spend all that money when you can go to Costco or the supermarket and get stuff so much cheaper.” was the typical response.  I had so wanted to share my feelings of abundance and felt nothing but rejection.  As I sat there with that feeling, I realized that what was wanting to happen was the inward self rejection that I had held onto wanted to just melt away.  I was HAVING this abundant experience with complete freedom. And SO IT IS!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!