The sixth wave of portal members will reach their full 12 strand DNA activation (Merkabah level 1597) as a Group in this coming Saturday’s Healing Circle (or during the replay). There are currently around 503 people at CC1597 (target is 700 by the end of June) – congratulations to them!

In tomorrow’s Healing circle on the 11th June 2022:

  • Niki will be running a series of Live Q and A sessions on Saturdays through June and into July as she will also be releasing regular updated Ascension Training videos each week, and there are well over 200 questions from members still outstanding. Please post questions you would like Niki to answer live in the dedicated Q and A thread in the Member’s Forum
  • Niki will briefly discuss the challenging week a significant portion of the Portal experienced due to downloads received when she completed activation of the 15th DNA strand and help people understand the implications of consciousness expanding in “spirals,” 
  • She will share some amazing testimonial updates from members on the healing effect of Core Ascension on animals!
  • Beautiful group NEW meditation called Serenity
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying


I wanted to tell you some of the things that have changed in my life because of you, because of this portal, because of Source. At Christmas time, you did a Christmas reflection meditation. You broke the portal down in to thirds. One third wasn’t the same person. The other two thirds were on the way. At the time, I was definitely still the same person. The same stress, the same thinking, the same problems. But today, I can say—I am definitely not the same person. My addictions have mostly healed, my thinking has changed. I can eat anything I want. My health condition is improving. I feel more powerful, as if I have energy at my fingertips and am radiating energy outwards, positive energy. I have a tremendous positive outlook on the future, personally and planet-wide. I feel like I am part of this human race, not separate and alone. I feel I have friends who are on this journey with me and understand me.
I am beginning to believe I can pendulum test and get correct answers at some point in the not too distant future.
I feel I am part of a big wave that is sweeping the planet and all evil is being swept away. Thank you, Niki!!
I love you and I am so grateful for you!!


I also wanted to share some of the amazing changes I have experienced since hearing you on a Trauma Summit a few years ago, listening to your Self-Love Meditation daily for many months, attending the free Healing Circles every week, and then joining the Portal last July. I do think I am a different person. I have a lot more confidence in myself, my business is gaining traction, my relationships are deeper and richer (especially with my 18 year old son), and I just don’t get triggered the way I used to. I have weathered through these last two years and have experienced so many silver linings, including using discernment with my friendships – letting those go which don’t serve me anymore, and developing so many new, much more enriching and authentic ones. I am much less judgmental with others, and especially with myself, and have more unconditional love. I have a more positive outlook in general. I am more in touch with my emotions and see that as a good thing, along with appreciating the roller coaster of life, and seeing both the ups and downs as part of the plan!  Thank you, and hope you have a fantastic birthday!!


I wanted to share some progress. I realized that I’m comfortable deflecting my mother’s blows (verbal). I feel less offended or hurt when she has a tantrum after I assert myself and more like a parent / but not in a caretaking way more discipline. Despite losing my sense of self / identity with neurotoxicity I can separate my “self” from her version of ideal me or others. I can calmly assert my needs (mostly) and state that I am doing something different because it’s me and it doesn’t need to be what she would do or like. I have absolutely zero fears about Source asking me to change to be an inauthentic version of me. I know 100% that Source wants me to be more me / the authentic me. I feel 100% free of the previous religious abuse, fears, manipulation etc / less rigid in my beliefs too. I am better at saying nothing in an argument and better at understanding that it’s not personal. The difference between 2015 me and current me is huge in these areas.  I felt Source was working against me then. Religious abuse was insane for me. It was extremely coercive and manipulative. Very toxic. I’m immensely grateful to be free from that.  I don’t know how to articulate the portal’s role but I know I’m a different person.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!