In this enlightening upcoming Saturday Healing Ceremony on the 21st January 2023 Niki will cover:

  • The Akashic records – what they are, who first popularized them, how they contain the vibrational information of every soul, it’s entire journey and every thought emotion and action taken
  • Understanding soul vows, soul missions, karmic debits, credits and what happens during a life review after death
  • Embodying the frequency of compassion – how to be permitted to clear karmic blockage
  • One to one Akashic Readings – how sessions can allow you to identify and clear karmic blocks and outdated vows that prevent receiving, understand the souls growth path and the reason for events and circumstances in your life such as the family lineage you have incarnated into
  • Niki will spend time answering live Q and A posted in the member’s Forum
  • Experience the new Reflections meditation using nature sounds to support your ascension
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying


I was always athletic and a physically fit- I took it for granted and thought I would always be that way. Ha, joke is on me. After several injuries, along with very challenging mental health issues, I wasn’t bouncing back as easily. I found that after 2 or 3 hours of walking at my volunteer job, doing errands or taking the dogs on a hike, I would be in CRIPPLING pain and exhausted. I could barely make the commute home, and when I did, I would literally collapse into bed and sleep for several hours. Over the summer, I was offered a part-time job in a place that I absolutely love. I was concerned that it would be too taxing for me physically. Even though it was a challenge for the first couple of months, I stuck it out. I had to limit my time on my feet and could only work every other day. Lately, I have noticed that instead of going home to sleep, I go straight to meditate. After meditation, I have plenty of energy to get through the rest of the day without napping. This past weekend, I had to work both Saturday and Sunday and I was on my feet for several hours both days. Today as I was walking to the subway station, I realized I was full of energy, my mind was clear and I felt great! I could walk with very little pain! I don’t really know when pain started subsiding but, it has been at least 2 months now. The miracle is happening! 


I really got it this week,  thank you Niki for all the work you put into these weekly healing ceremonies. During the session I had feelings and visions of my childhood, not all bad, more enlightenment as to why I am here on the planet in this lifetime.  I have been asking myself this question for years and now I know.  Even down to the date and time I was born, the name I was given, my life story to date, the healing work I now do (commenced 2020 after years of training and procrastination  – same time  I found your first online meditation and have been doing weekly ceremonies ever since) and  my soul report it is all now making sense.  Thank you so much for the clarification today I am so looking forward to the Akashic next week.  Loved the meditation too I have been craving the Ocean recently and the sounds of the waves took me there.


A pearl actually came about back in October, during an incredible meditation in which I felt this amazing connection to Source and a sense of “I get it!!!” Everything just suddenly made profound sense in a way that I can’t even begin to put into words.  The model/realisation is this: each of us is like a single cell in the human body. We are individual, unique, and have a specific role to carry out. Yet, we are also simultaneously part of the whole, and without specifically doing anything, we are also fully aware of everything else that makes up the whole. When we start focusing on ‘other’, it’s distracting us from doing our own task. Like a liver cell starting to obsess about what the brain cell is doing. The liver believes it can see the brain getting things wrong, and it (the liver) begins obsessing about what it can do to get the brain cell back on track. All that is actually doing is taking energy so the liver cell is distracted and not doing its own job. Not only does this NOT do anything to force the brain cell to change, it’s causing new problems in the liver because the liver cell is neglecting its own purpose. In biological reality, this might look like the Vagus nerve communicating to the brain that the liver is allowing toxins to build up. So, the brain starts to worry, and causes the Vague nerve to communicate to the liver and other organs, that the ‘whole’ is under threat. And the entire system gets out of balance and dis-eased. If the liver cell simply returned to focus on its own job, and perfected that, and stopped worrying about everything else, the system would naturally rebalance. And that’s the beauty and simplicity of this: all we have to do is each, individually, focus on remembering to connect and partner with Source to heal ourselves. Everything else will follow as an inevitable, natural consequence. Every time we get distracted by focusing on the pain body (e.g., “what can I do to heal this symptom?” or “what political party will be better for the environment?”), we stop connecting back to Source and continue contributing to the current chaos. Make of that what you will! For me, it has helped to remind me not to get distracted with worrying about what I can do to fix other people. I am doing the best thing I can, simply by staying focused on my personal growth. Thank you for reading this. Sending love, light, peace and blessings to you. 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!