The Hero’s journey – popularized by the comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell, suggests that there is a great story unfolding that every human lives through, over and over again, from lifetime to lifetime, until we master the gifts it has to offer us. 

The story not only describes the journey of ascension, but the collective history of humanity, all ET species, the planets, the cosmos and the experience desired by Creator Being itself.

It is an archetypal pattern older than the dinosaurs, that appears in all mythology from all over the planet from different epochs of time thus representing a profound type of perennial wisdom. 

The Hero’s Journey describes the essential ingredients for successful storytelling whether in books, Hollywood movies or TV stories.

When you hear the story told, it affects you deeply, its themes resonate with a profound knowingness within reflecting that we are all connected ultimately to one great soul with a galactic archetypal mind. 

When we recognize the patterns and themes of the Hero’s journey in our own lives, we realize we are conscious co-creators with a grand purpose, all of it part of a deeply meaningful experience of growth, expansion and evolution: our soul’s mission.

Awareness of this universal journey can refill us with hope, and help to see ourselves as the ones we were looking for – able finally to alchemize our experiences, and ultimately win the greatest game there is to play in the universe.

Join us for this week’s healing ceremony where we will share how to turn every wound, challenge and limitation into a sacred rite of passage, designed to bring you closer to the infinite intelligence of Source that is the essence of your being.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 15th April 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called The Hero’s journey we will cover:

    • The Hero’s Journey – a detailed description of the universal story of our lives as detailed by Campbell and others
    • The Jungian Archetypes underlying the themes in the common story of our lives such as The Hero, The Shadow, The Wise Old Man, Mother and more
    • How we can become empowered through awareness of this universal journey, so we know that we are not alone, but are all on a similar path, never without purpose, nor without hope that we can heal, that all Dark Nights of the Soul are temporary and everything can be healed
    • How to alchemize our lives with the realization that life is full of purpose and meaning, and that a benevolent force is supporting us to succeed and heal when we learn how to make every wound, limitation and issue a rite of passage back to Source
    • Case Studies – we are aiming to address 10 Member case studies submitted in the member’s Forum thread here.
    • Experience the calming and very soothing new meditation called Relax
    • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
    • And much more!

If you would like to join our weekly Healing Ceremonies, you can find out more about joining our private membership portal called The Ascension Portal at www.NikiSkye.com.


What Members Are Saying




I had an amazing thing happen but I don’t know if I can really convey how profound it was. A few days ago I was making a tea in the evening and I thought ‘I can’t wait for tomorrow.’ And the feeling was just a pure exuberance for the idea of waking up and living a day. I had nothing special planed. In fact, I have CFS so my days consists of a dog walk and lots of time in bed and can get quite samey.  My life hasn’t been dull or boring by a long stretch but, due to battling with one thing or another along with CFS for a long time, I don’t think I’ve been excited to live for at least 15 years, possibly never quite to the degree I felt it at that point. I’ve been excited because I’ve got an event happening, or excited because I didn’t have to go work the next day and I could lie in bed (probably more relieved) but this was just pure joy at the idea of being able to get up and carry on experiencing being. It felt wonderful. I haven’t felt it since and am still having ups and downs as I work through the layers. But I’ve definitely noticed more energy lately, more joy in my projects, less reactivity to other people or when things don’t go my way and being happier overall. I have this feeling though that perhaps this was a sneak preview of what it will feel like at some point all the time. Just loving being alive. I can’t wait!!


I am another of our beautiful portal who experienced energy murder from my parent, my mother.  I began early to survive by disappearing in order to be safe from her disapproval and very covertly narcissistic wrath. The horrible effect of this is that I took on the belief that I didn’t deserve to develop or individuate as a person, I wasn’t worthy of thoughts, opinions, habits.  I also survived by seeing clearly what everyone else needed and became hugely competent at being able to provide for others.  These traits (above) are a platform for acclaim in our culture so even as I grew up, accomplished degrees and credentials, and literally gave thousands of hours to others’ success, I could not give love, support, or success to myself. My work in this portal, with Niki, has been nothing short of IMMENSE! My work through Niki via her clear, consistent,  loving, teaching has brought me immensely and lovingly home to myself…..  an amazing self !!  One that has developed so much through giving to others even if I wasn’t able to give to myself or receive. It is sometimes easy to disregard the passion and creativity of giving – I simply hadn’t found my path Home to me, my incredible body, my wit and delicious humor, my strength, and my deep compassion. Niki’s authentic directives and guidance from Source rang true for me and I committed.  Years of being held by the false beliefs and patterns of not deserving a life, not deserving to be seen or heard, much less appreciated…. These false beliefs have been transmuted!!!! I am aware of them, they pop up here and there, but they simply seem to exist in some place of nothingness…..I am deeply grateful, I send continued support and strength to all of you!

Hope to see you all on Saturday!