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In one of the most important healing circles of 2022 on the 3rd September 2022 Niki will cover:

  • What has changed and will be changing in the Portal since Niki was guided to go back from doing 1 to 4 hours per day of meditation this week
  • The crucial importance of meditation for integrating the DNA activations, what you lose out on when you don’t meditate enough
  • The ideal amount of time daily Portal members would benefit from meditating with the Portal musical meditations
  • How we create stories about reasons we can’t meditate more daily, addressing patterns and root causes of self sabotage and self deprivation
  • Detailed guidance on how to meditate optimally, whether to move, or sit still, eyes open or closed, what to do if you feel drowsy, or particularly stressed, what the best time of day is to meditate and much more
  • Major announcement about the launch of a new meditation every week in the Healing Circles to support and motivate more meditation time
  • Experience the powerful new  30 minute deep dive meditation called Illumination
  • Niki will answer Live Q and A questions posted in the Member’s Forum
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.

What People Are Saying

I’m officially employed again after 10 years of strictly disability due to mental health related issues. I have eased into working by volunteering with various organizations over the past 5 years and finally this week, I took the brave step to commit to working part time. I am only able to do this because I am healing some deep trauma with the help of Source, my Source team, Core Ascension and Niki’s guidance through the portal. My baseline  for stress has lowered significantly and I am no longer in fight or flight mode 24/7. I am gaining more and more energy each day and I find joy in my interactions with people. I am feeling my self-worth and self-love increase exponentially and I empowered like never before. It began when I said, “Yes” to Source a few years ago – I was actively working on allowing healing and I was ready to acknowledge Source as my guiding force. After being guided to the portal, I have been healing faster than I thought possible and beyond my wildest dreams! I started accepting the idea that I am worthy of a monetary exchange for my service, I then I began to manifest the perfect job for myself. I am proud to announce that I am officially an employee of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in NYC. It’s been a long hard journey but, I am now looking forward to living a joyful, loving and full life! I am looking forward to the adventures to come.


Earlier this week, I went to get an eye exam and new glasses. I usually do this every two years. For a while now I’ve felt that my vision has gotten a bit better. Amazingly, that was confirmed with my eye exam! Compared to my results from two years ago, my nearsightedness improved by 0.25 in each of my eyes. This is AMAZING!! My astigmatism in my right eye is 0.50 worse than last time, but my left eye stayed the same. The placement of my astigmatism changed drastically, however it is now roughly in the same spot on both eyes (5 degree/point difference compared to the old 12 degree/point difference). It’s really cool to have tangible proof that my eyesight overall has gotten better, especially since my eyes have always gotten progressively worse since I was a little kid


I come from a background of strong inherited psychic spiritual faculty and capacity as my mother is Irish Gypsy (Pavees). My father was a doctor and ahead of his time giving me skills in muscle testing and radionics (among other things) from a very young age. I grew up on outback property in Australia with an active E.T presence, largely but not soley negative, that was “normal” to me.  I was educated in Medicine, Osteopathy and Kinesiology on top of my own innate ability’s and memories and being trauma and personal development informed. Despite said ability I was absolutely hammered. Inside and out, constant and ongoing life threatening “wars”. I joined the portal on the 2/11/21 on the recommendation of a patient. Below are some tangible personal experiences of mine hence. On the 11/11/21 in the space of 5 hours without prompting I settled my financial agreement from a separation that was due to go to court with a long, nasty, personally threatening trajectory that may not have given me any positive outcome at all.  In 2001, I had a compromised birth with my baby girl at the age of 24 and went on to contract an intracellular infection (think T.B) which caused ongoing pneumonia and encephalitis resulting in seizures, migraines and numerous stroke’s- I’ve been on restricted antibiotics both IV and oral for 8 years (which kept me alive and somewhat functional).  As of the last four months I’ve been antibiotic free and symptom free (largely). I think the above quantum changes in my life speak for themselves. With thanks,

Hope to see you all on Saturday!