Welcome to the topic of this week’s healing ceremony.

We will be completing our work on the Knight Templars sharing more mysterious visual evidence of the fact the Templars were secretly practicing ascension rites of passage in Portugal and elsewhere during Medieval times, and ultimately what became of them when the Grand Master of the Templars and others were arrested in Paris on Friday the 13th in October 1307.

We will also expand on the follow up to the Knights Templars: The Rosicrucians, who founded them, information about their symbolism, who they were, and ultimately their greatest hidden success on Earth so far.

We will also complete Ascension Portal Indexes (skipped last week!)

We have a mystical, beautiful and expansional  meditation once again called Solfeggio 963 Hz..

See you all tomorrow!

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Healing Ceremony April 13th 2024

In this week’s Healing Ceremony called The Rosicrucians we will cover:

    • Announcements – why it is very important to stay connected on email and receive all weekly emails into your inbox if you are a Portal member.
    • The Knights Templar more evidence for practicing ascension rituals in Europe in Medieval times
    • What Become of the Knights Templar – what happened after October 13th 1307 – Friday the 13th, how and why the Templars went underground
    • The Rosicrucians (the big reveal) – details on who founded them, what they knew, who they were and their greatest hidden success on Earth not so far discussed.
    • Experience a mysterious and expansional meditation called The Solfeggio 963 Hz
    • And much more!

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What Members Are Saying   

I have been a portal member since the beginning, after initially joining your weekly meditation sessions. I have had quite large changes in my life since joining the portal. These have included practical changes, like moving back to the US after many years abroad, and separating from my husband of many years. I have also changed internally a lot (which precipitated the practical changes): much greater confidence, decreased anxiety, and a greater connection to Source.


I’ve been having quite strange and intense dreams recently maybe some of this is processing but a couple of times I’ve had unusual conversations in my dream. Last night I remember having this quite vivid conversation with an unknown elderly woman. It was like she was in on something no one else knew and she said from what I can remember something about an angel being with me and would I test (with the pendulum) if she should get turquoise earrings! I don’t know what to make of that but it felt different to the usual dream stuff. Also I woke up suddenly last night because I heard a voice say ‘hello’. This wasn’t in the dream, it didn’t sound like a human voice and I woke up a bit scared. A few days ago in a dream I was having another vivid conversation with someone who at first seemed like my friend from school but then I realised it wasn’t them. It was a young woman with long hair, when I left her I saw she had a blue face but this was like a glimpse that disappeared. I don’t remember the whole conversation but I remember her saying ‘ you’ve penetrated ‘ which is an unusual phrase! But I took it to mean I’d broken through some sort of barrier. A couple of days ago I was doing the Field Clearance meditation and when it got to the bit where Niki says ‘the earth star’, it was like a female figure suddenly emerged from the earth star’. Next she came close to my face on the right side to look at me. Also it was like I was in a building like a cathedral and then floating or levitating horizontally whilst the golden bubble of white light surrounded me. Also and this is weird it was like I was floating above a tomb. It’s hard to explain because obviously I wasn’t there, I was in my bedroom at home ! Oh also I’ve become aware of often hearing music just before I wake up although I can’t remember what it was once I’m awake.


Hope to see you all on Saturday!