In this weeks Sunday healing circle we will discuss:

  • The parallels in the experience of personal and global human awakening
  • Insight into the impact of light rising on the planet and truths that will continue to be revealed 
  • Understanding how dark forces working against human freedom have operated
  • How and why they cannot succeed and our role in this global awakening
  • How to be fearless in the face of this truth and the reality of ascension
  • The Portal ascension progress, group healing meditation and more!

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What People Are Saying


Feeling full of joy! Full of gratitude for it ALL. This full exuberant feeling is coming without any effort at all. It’s been consistently present for the past two days. This feels like the true nature of my spirit setting the background for all of my interactions. Thank you ascension family for sharing the joy, the challenges, the insights and continual growth. You’ve been providing celebration and support like no other group I’ve known.

I am eternally grateful that I had those emotions exposed to me so that I could gain insight into them and understand myself further, I feel lucky to be in the Ascension Portal with such supportive ascension friends. 


Hope to see you all on Sunday!