In this unmissable healing circle  on the 24th September 2022 Niki will share:

  • A brand new guided meditation addressing what it means to be Whole
  • How and why to stop looking for Source (which is Yourself) in external things
  • A new magical divinely inspired Gratitude Stop Process so you can command Source to dissolve your pain- body and stop the reliance on external conditions for your wellbeing and happiness
  • Understanding how the pain-body is seductive because it’s additive
  • Support and guidance on identifying all your triggers and primary areas you are still stuck in bondage and suffering
  • Participants will then experience the new 30 minute guided meditation called Gratitude
  • Niki will also answer questions posted on the Member’s Forum and prioritizing those questions that are related to meditation practice
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

I had an amazing experience while having my chemotherapy session today, the treatment lasts for 2 hours so I decided to do my meditation at the same time. I turned on the new OM meditation and within about 15 minutes my whole body was tingling, it felt as though every cell in my body was vibrating to the sound of the meditation. Suddenly I was diving inside my body and came face to face with the tumours, I lifted my hand and sent love, light and healing to each tumour and watched while they all evaporated.  I also tweaked a couple of discs in my spine using the same process, but this time making them plump and whole. Then suddenly I was back in the treatment chair. I heard source say, see what you can do if you trust yourself, and take all the barriers down, but don’t forget that the body take some time to heal. It was truly an very moving and uplifting experience.


I can’t get this experience out of my mind, it was so magical for me, that I thought I would share with all you beautiful people in the portal.  I believe it is proof that our Source Teams are listening and helping us always. I love to meditate and since Niki advised we can and need to do more, I’m now doing 3 – 4 hours a day. I can’t always relax the way I need to during mediation and the morning of Sept 6th, I was having a particular difficult time relaxing my monkey mind and my body during the first 2 hours. So, before starting on the 3rd hour I asked my Source Team to please help my mind and body totally relax so I could get the greatest benefit from this next meditation. I put my favorite meditation, Sound Bowls, on loop and OMG I felt the difference immediately – so relaxed and focused. I had an extraordinary liminal dream while listening to and following the music of the sound bowls. I have never experienced anything like that before. I lifted gently off the floor of a huge, high-ceilinged house and flew around the rooms in synch to the music of the meditation – even managing to maneuver around a huge ceiling fan.  It was like I was dancing to and through the vibrations coming from the bowls.  At the end of the meditation, I gently floated back down and my head came to rest in my daughter’s lap (she was sitting on the floor). I was fully aware I was meditating and flying in a dream at the same time. It was amazing! 


In the last year I have been recovering from serious health issues which appeared after a viral infection.  I’ve had back pain from spinal stenosis with sciatica, radiculopathy of my right leg, neuropathy, surgery on left ankle to relieve pain from “bone spurs”.  Additionally, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroiditis, anxiety and depression.  It’s been a journey for sure. I was working in trauma ERs and ICUs as a traveler at the time and couldn’t work anymore.  June of 2021 was the last day I worked.  I was trapped without any income.  I had a lot of time to meditate, weekly EMDR, acupuncture, physical therapy and Ascension process.   Lately, I’ve had some great breakthroughs in regards to Attachment Trauma.  In EMDR and in myofascia release (MFR)sessions I have insights.  My loving husband who died 22 years ago connects with me during spiritual work sometimes.  Recently I began the renovation of my van to go on a month’s long trip to Glacier, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  I felt called to go on this trip.  In my session I heard my husband say, “Take a step forward.” I felt pain in my right hip.  I explained to him silently that we had bought a van before he died to make such a trip but we never did it.  He said to me, “I am going with you.  I am you, you are me, we are one, we are all one.”  I felt the truth in it.  I cried and let go.  The idea of separateness seemed ridiculous now.  My right hip pain let go as well.  The next day, in an EMDR session I wanted to know why I shied away from writing.  I’m a writer.  I have a lot to say and yet I can’t make myself tend to it.  I saw a bubble in my periphery that I’d reveal the contents of if I started writing.  I saw an aspect of my child self.  This aspect of my child self was in a constant state of panic.  I could see her in a room, locked in, no windows clawing, reaching, unable to breathe, in terror.  She couldn’t bear the situation.  I saw myself leaving her there.  I didn’t look back.  I left her there.  I had to leave her to survive.  I couldn’t survive in that state.   I felt so much pain, grief for leaving her, guilt for being selfish, shame for what I’d done.  I was little, I’d forgotten about her.  I was able to explain to her that I was sorry, but I had to go on, I had to live.  I explained it to her and held her in my minds eye.  I was able to forgive myself realizing that my psyche couldn’t take anymore.  My mother always told me I was selfish whenever I did what brought me joy.  I always felt selfish, but all of that got transformed.  My back pain is significantly improved following these two sessions. The day after this discovery I received notice that my Social Security Disability had been approved.  I can now travel again.  I can start a new life with an income that won’t require me to stay in my old life.  I can live in a van down by the river if I want to. 

Hope to see you all on Saturday!