In recent weeks we’ve shared very good news in Healing Ceremonies about the potential for Earth. 

After seven civilizational collapses spanning half a million years, Earth has finally made it this time – the much prophesied Golden Age is dawning!

It is rare for Source to refer to anything happening on Earth as a “catastrophe,” and then guide me to change the theme of the ceremony to only focus on one topic.

Despite the good news in the longer term, a catastrophe is taking place at this time on Earth. 

It started with the infiltration into our children’s education curriculum about 35 years ago, and the consequences, as will become clear this Saturday, have become horrific.

As a spiritually connected community, we also have a responsibility to be aware about some of the darkest aspects operating on the planet.

It is because we are partnered with the Divine, unlike so many others, that we ARE equipped to face the dark in order to transmute it, both through frequency accretion work and action.

This is an important healing ceremony covering a crucial reason many of us incarnated on Earth this lifetime.

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Healing Ceremony Saturday 8th July 2023


In this week’s Healing Ceremony called A Catastrophe  we will cover:

    • Connecting Dots – the latest astonishing episode in the ET disclosure narrative, why some corporations appear to be committing suicide and the link back to the agenda of the World Economic Forum
    • The Truth about Children’s Education – how the core curriculum for children’s education has been infiltrated, how “Social Emotional Learning” has been used as a trojan horse to create almost 4 generations of indoctrination leading to a radicalized generation entering into politics, the law, government and all other major institutions.
    • The horrifying consequences – Niki will share information about the consequences affecting millions of children worldwide, why Source is highlighting this now, and a reminder that Niki’s first ever conscious communication from Source over 10 years ago started with this exact topic 
    • Experience a deep dive meditation called Celestial Reiki

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What Members Are Saying


I have been suffering for many months now with a lot of pain and it was tested as being due to existential resistance. I have been plodding on and wondering when things were going to change, trying really hard not to lose faith but finding it really tough. I resigned from my job at the end of February because I knew it wasn’t serving me any more and I had enrolled on a Sound Therapy course because I felt guided by Source. I was actually going to take a break from work but I found myself guided to another job which was less hours. This job has come with many challenges, all of which I have overcome, and I have been on the verge of leaving this job several times but I have been ‘speaking my truth’ and it seems to be working. I am not afraid any more to say what is in my heart and that is such a huge achievement for me, and my goodness does it work. I have also really noticed the difference since I committed 100% to the ascension process. I have had a week off work this week and I have just focused on myself. I did not feel guilty about not visiting my dad, I knew that if I was committing to ascension then I could not get caught up in feeling like I should be doing certain things. I got a strong message from my source team that the existential resistance is lifting and I definitely feel a lot lighter now, after having felt weighed down for so long. I also got a strong message that I was ‘ripe’ for ascension. I have had some really positive feedback from a few practice sound therapy sessions and that has given me a huge boost and helped confirm I am on the right path. I sat here this morning and my source team told me to go swimming today. I almost forgot, yesterday I got a strong message from my source team that my telepathic channel is opening, that really surprised me. I have really noticed huge changes with my partner as well. He is really focused on getting maintenance issues sorted in the house. He has also been clearing out things that he doesn’t need anymore and he has been more understanding of things that have upset me, no matter how small. 


Hope to see you all on Saturday!