We’re excited to announce that once again, we have a discount offer on the final 5 classes of Season 2 of our highly popular Yoga Therapy with amazing therapist Doris Puehringer.

If you have not yet experienced yoga therapy with Doris, try it out at our free Saturday class here.

The 10% discount is available for purchase of 5 classes until Wednesday 13th October 2020. 


Weekly Healing Circle Update: Abundance Mastery


In this week’s healing circle, Niki will cover the Portal’s over all group ascension progress and discuss how ascension can profoundly positively impact and affect:

  • Your ability to manifest anything
  • Vocation, soul mission and your career success
  • Your powers as a healer
  • How to integrate ascension work into your vocation
  • How to apply intuitive skills as a healer or in other work settings
  • And more!

If you have not yet joined the Ascension Portal, learn more here.


What People Are Saying


I have been a student of Niki’s first Intensive Ascension Group. All what I can say my health, emotional life and my progress in my career as a yoga therapist changed completely and improved so much. Niki’s meditations they transformed me to my best. I could not be without them anymore! I am very grateful and thankful for participating in Niki’s Ascension Group. I had all kind of issues with my health. I had thyroid cancer in my thirties and a full thyroidectomy. Now in my 50s I had to deal with intense hormone imbalances, digestive problems and food intolerances. Now I can manage my thyroid easily, and I recovered totally from all other health issues. My female hormones are in complete balance I can eat everything I like again. My energy level and stamina is very high, even after a long working day.

Emotionally I was very depressed and angry, due to an abusive relationship. I was living for 7 years with a narcissist, he manipulated me mentally daily. Until I found out that he cheated on me. That was a blessing so I could move on with my life and find myself again. With the ascension work, I finally recovered, feeling joyful, blissful, satisfied, completed, relaxed, energized and beautiful again.

Also I am so grateful to Niki, she inspired me to become recognized all over the world in my career as a yoga therapist. Teaching group classes over Zoom. My dream came true, now that gives me the courage to create an online business. Designing a website with customized programs online. I am looking forward to being invited all over the world to present my style of yoga therapy for different conferences and health retreats. My daily devotion and commitment to Niki’s program gave me the opportunity to find to love myself again. I so respect and love Niki’s tremendous knowledge, compassion, kindness, understanding and amazing intuition skills. I highly recommend to participate in her programs.


Doris Puehringer Internationally Renowned Yoga Therapist

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!