Before we discuss the topics in this week’s upcoming healing circle, please note Season 2 of our highly popular Wednesday Yoga Therapy Classes are once again available for sale at a discount for a limited period of time.

If you have not yet experienced the amazing benefits of Yoga Therapy with our wonderful instructor Doris Puehringer, you can experience the benefits in our free Saturday class – register free here.

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What People Are Saying


Wow! Thank you Niki for bringing Doris to us and thank you Doris for your caring and so generous offering of your Therapeutic Yoga class. There were many elements of the class that felt restorative. Beautifully done. Slow and clear. Perfect!

What a wonderful class that was, and what a superb teacher!  I trained as a Yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga back in the early ’90s, so I am fairly fussy. I thought I would try Doris’s and was SO impressed: she is clear, helpful, and not only tells you what to do but how to do it and how to modify it if you are unable to, for instance, sit cross-legged.  I feel so much better than before the class (during the first 20 minutes I kept yawning as my body relaxed: I hadn’t even realised it was tense!) and will most certainly be back!  Astonishingly by the end my very painful neuropathic feet were almost pain free, despite not being able to do the exercises expressly for feet – she is a miracle worker!  Thank you Doris for your expertise and kindness, and Niki for facilitating it.


Weekly Sunday Healing Circle Update: Allowing the I AM Presence Within


In this week’s Sunday Healing Circle for Ascension Portal members, we are going discuss and, more importantly, experience allowing the I AM Presence within. In addition we will cover:

  • An explanation of the I AM presence, and how we cultivate and directly experience it daily
  • How the I AM presence relates to bias in divine pendulum or muscle testing, now to overcome bias affecting your testing
  • More details and support on “allowing” health, when to finish taking supplements, the need for integration time
  • Understanding both “financial PTSD” and “health PTSD” and how to heal it
  • An update on how to have questions answered related to your Merkabah levels, hours and types of commands left to complete, and health challenges as part of the Portal
  • And much more!

What People Are Saying


Hi Niki, I am truly grateful for what you’ve helped me achieved during these last 8 months! Your Ascension Group has been a life changer and a lifesaver!I started in January 2021 and in only 8 months, I’m already at creator level 29.  More importantly, I have grown emotionally, spiritually and physically. It was overwhelming at first, committing to hours of daily commands and listening to the meditations 24/7 but with Niki guidance, I was able to prioritise my days and get organised.  I started doing 3 hours of daily commands, morning, noon and night with my continuous mediations and immediately started noticing big changes in myself and how I was showing up in the world…I started to see things differently and became very aware and clear of my life’s purpose. Prior to joining Niki’s intensive program, I didn’t know how to live, love, accept or value myself.  As a result of going through her intensive training, I am now able to create healthy boundaries, something that was always missing from my childhood right into adulthood…thankfully that is now a thing of the past. During Niki’s intensive group we were asked to write a future vision of the life we wanted to create for ourselves.  At first, I was resistant and could only visiualise a very small safe and comfortable vision…which would result in no real growth at all.  However Niki helped pushed me out of my comfort zone and now happy to say that I have achieved tangible in results my career, improvement my personal relationships and after procrastinating for more than 30 years, I finally have the clarity, wisdom and mindset to write my very first book. Niki’s mastery at teaching me how to get the truth from myself, using my pendulum, is absolute genius!  Today I walk in the knowledge, that every decision I need to take is divinely guided and I am able to get the right answers, at the right time! I thank you for the opportunity of joining your intensive group and the transformation you helped me achieve along the way.  It was certainly a lot of hard work, but most definitely worth it! Here’s to your next 500!

Angela Hammond Business Development Specialist, Writer & Motivational Speaker

Take care for now and hope to see lots of you on Sunday!