The fourth wave of portal members will reach their full 12 strand DNA activation (Merkabah level 1597) as a Group in this coming Saturday’s Healing Circle (or during the replay). There are currently around 330 people at CC1597 – congratulations to them!

In this final session on Ascension Mechanics, Niki will be sharing:

  • Brief summary of the history of “invisible wars” over Earth and Humanity’s Ascension up to the present date
  • The triggering of the “Krystal Fail Safe Host” and how Earth is now being “catapulted” into the 5th dimension
  • Implications for humans with ET souls (Starseeds) and Earthseeds in their Ascension
  • A beautiful new group meditation called Eternity
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying

I am not “there” yet, but man, have I been enjoying the ride, especially these last few days.  I do know that something shifted for me this last weekend, where meditations don’t feel like a chore and there’s an inner shifting to a state of excitement, peace, and a stronger sense of confidence.  I have felt stagnant, less than, and a secret sense of shame around this for too long.  I finally feel like I’m crossing the threshold to leaving that heavy sludge behind. Beginning a couple years ago, a series of events culminated in shaking my life up enough to begin my spiritual awakening.  It was shaky and meandering, sifting through, then fairly quickly eliminating different spiritual teachings.  Then I stumbled upon Niki (and I can’t even remember how) and I haven’t looked back once.  Nothing she has said has shocked me, I have always felt the truth of it.  I am excited not just for healing circle days, but for the announcement days.  And this is huge for me, I have never had the attention span/interest level to stick with anything other than unfulfilling jobs and relationships.  This group is an absolutely gorgeous, amazing community, and I am happy to be here.  So excited to see where we go next.


I started in the portal January 2nd. My former husband and daughter have been in for the last year, encouraging me to give it a try. What got me to start was the astounding change in my former husband from one Christmas to the next. He was calm, positive, supportive and encouraging. As I began, I had resistance at each step. Still, I started the trainings and was blown away by the information, filling in a lifetime of pieces of my understanding of the God, life, death, karma and the omniverse. Before attending my first healing circle I thought – oh no it’s going to be so boring, such a chore. I was so jaded from a lifetime of spiritual bypassing and virtue signaling. However quite to the contrary, I was absolutely delighted and super impressed. The weekly healing circles are always deeply engaging, relevant and mind blowing. All that said, most importantly the meditations are the proof in the pudding. I have practiced meditation for 35 years always believing that the highest we could achieve as a human was spiritually. I cannot express how deeply grateful I am to have meditations to practice that bring me such great love, joy and clarity. As my own limitations release, and as Source, the Masters and Team are beginning to come through, I am brought to tears, sometimes of sadness but at the same time, relief, appreciation and joy. It is especially true of the more recent meditations playing chords that I can feel striking parts of my brain and making my heart sing. I know it’s not over but I somehow feel complete. I am so deeply grateful to Source, Niki, the Source team and all of You brave Souls in the portal. I am so very happy to be on this journey with you all!!


1.  I’ve had chronic diarrhea for 10 years and would say I am 80% healed so far and have even gained weight back. 2.   I no longer have any food sensitivities and am enjoying food I haven’t eaten for years. 3.   I am 100% healed from hypoglycaemia. 4.   My sleep has finally improved from 2 – 3 hrs per night to 5 – 6 hrs on most nights. 5.    My sore/achy left shoulder blade is 100% healed. 6.   The ganglion cysts I had on the bottom of both feet are approximately 90% gone. 7.   The foot and leg cramps I used to have every night during sleep are 90% healed. 8.   The chronic itching on my back from my first Shingles episode in 1985 (the largest & most painful) is 100% gone. 9.   The crows feet around my eyes are definitely diminishing. 10.  I am finally able to relax during meditations.11.  I won a Samsung Crystal UHD color TV from my accountants office.  I had forgotten I’d filled out a ballot so it was a wonderful surprise. 12.  I lost a white gold earring (a favourite pair) at the theatre.  Didn’t notice it gone until I was undressing for bed.  My husband drove back to the theatre with flashlight in hand and asked to be let into theatre number 6, row E, seats 1 & 2 to search for it and two young boys who were sweeping the floor found it, didn’t know what it was and were about to throw it in the garbage.  How lucky was I to get it back 13.  My mom was admitted to a  Alzheimer Care Facility 50 miles away in December and last week she was finally offered a room at a facility here in Lethbridge so I no longer have to drive 2 hours a day to go visit her. 14.  My mom’s condo, which has been for sale for 3 months, has finally been sold. The last 4 times all happened within 10 days.   I feel very blessed to be a part of this Ascension Portal!  Thank you Niki.