The third wave of portal members will reach their full 12 strand DNA activation (Merkabah level 1597) as a Group in this coming Saturday’s Healing Circle (or during the replay). There are currently around 235 people at CC1597 – congratulations to them!

In another block buster session, Niki will be sharing still more information on ascension that has been camouflaged by Source to protect the work we are doing. This will be an unmissable session!

  • Learn the full picture about all of the DNA strands being activated in those of us with ET souls
  • We will be examining ascension mechanics, the link between DNA, dimensions and states of consciousness
  • Ground breaking information on the history of Earth and humanity, and how life first began on Planet “Tara” 
  • How the “fall of man” occurred and the rescue mission to ensure Earth once again became an Ascension Planet
  • Ascension cycles and why this current time period is so important, and the opportunities it provides
  • Beautiful group meditation called Tranquility
  • Ascension progress report for the Portal and Humanity
  • And much more!

If you have not already joined the Ascension Portal, find out more here.


What People Are Saying

Would it be helpful to share my experience as a portal member as well as a practitioner (chiropractor) who has worked on another portal member? My friend (also a chiropractor) and I meet regularly and have done for many years to exchange treatments.  We know each other’s spines very well.   What has been fascinating is to see how our bodies have responded to the portal work.  What is really cool is that our bodies are responding and behaving in new ways which we haven’t seen before.  It’s an upgrade! My understanding is that doing this ascension work is a bit like wearing a new pair of shoes.  As our merkabah is building and our energetic body changes, the physical body needs to accommodate those changes.  Sometimes that can feel a bit uncomfortable (like new shoes that need to mould themselves to our feet) while we get used to it. When my friend started the portal in February I was able to observe the clinical changes in her body.  And of course by that stage the silent meditation was more powerful and more integrated with the ?14th? dimension (can’t remember which) so it made for a smoother transition.  And faster ascension.  While I could tell her system was dealing with something new, there was a high level of organisation while processing that newness.  It was resourced, efficient, capable.  That level of organisation has got more sophisticated since then.  Her body is regularly demonstrating characteristics that I would usually only see when a person is feeling really fabulous (like after a two week holiday or a healing retreat).  This is big news, people!  As a chiropractor, I’m thrilled to see this.  I was taught this was possible but I’ve seldom witnessed this before. Despite this fabulously efficient and resourceful spine, sometimes my friend would be aware of discomfort or physical tension. So again, that describes the mismatch between how quickly or slowly the body can adapt to the changes in the energetic bodies that cause a sense of physical discomfort or symptoms.  Doing some kind of bodywork seems to assist with that transition and help to make those ’new shoes’ more comfortable.


I am finding that the 30 minutes meditations seemingly have been getting more powerful than the one before.  I found the Let Go to be a very powerful meditation for me in that almost as soon as the music started I felt an expansion in my heart center as though I was being embraced in love.  At times I felt full vibrational energy from head to toes, body chills, sensations in different areas of my body.  Thoughts would arise where I felt guided to release my feeling of being responsible for my son.  Just when I would feel myself handing the feeling of responsibility over to Source, I started crying and my eyes and nose began to flow feverishly.  This wasn’t a few tears, it was an actual very vocal cry.  I felt completely held in Source’s love.  Then I would feel a calm sense as the music would come to a rest, and then the music would begin again and I had another memory stirred up to the surface like a lotus flower rising up from the muddy depths.  Again, I would hand it over to Source and again, the flowing from my eyes and nose began again.  Sometimes I wouldn’t know what was coming up, but sensed that something again was arising from the depths of my body, ready to be transmuted by Source. The second time I did the Let Go meditation, it was a similar experience as the first time. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be handing over this heaviness that is leaving me lighter, grateful and joyful.  The magic is in the incremental shifts along this journey and the knowingness that on a very deep level we are healing


I’ve been checking my chakras during Connect to Source and at other times and have noticed how they’ve expanded over time. The spiraling energy has grown larger and stays that way even when I’m not meditating. Maybe slightly less. The chakras above the crown have all become so large that I can no longer feel the edges of them.
I’ve found in working with clients that I’m able to ‘see’ the energy and blockages with much more clarity. I’m able to ‘see’ cords that need cutting and objects that need to be extracted. Everything is so much clearer.

See you all soon!