In this important healing circle  on the 10th September 2022 Niki will cover:

  • Why healing trauma and developing self love and compassion are crucial for authentic communication with others and the power to stand up for yourself – including with ETs and non-physical beings
  • Why it takes courage to have real authentic friendships and why you are likely to become less tolerant of inauthentic relationships as you ascend
  • How your level of self love will attract how you are treated by others, how this affects your pendulum reading accuracy – your pendulum readings cannot prevent you from experiencing karma related to unconscious lack of self compassion
  • The difference between peak experiences (states of consciousness) and STAGES of consciousness, the common mistake of assuming that a peak experience means you are enlightened, how peak experiences can be traumatic, how to integrate these
  • Details on the key features and benefits of integrating DNA strand activations 12-24
  • Experience the powerful new  30 minute sound healing meditation called the Tibetan Chakra Healing meditation
  • Niki will answer Live Q and A questions posted in the Member’s Forum
  • And much more!

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What People Are Saying

Hello all of you beautiful ET souls, I just wanted to share a little bit about the new divine masculine meditation. It is to date my all-time favorite. For me it is so profoundly different than all of the rest in the terms of bringing me into a complete an absolute sense of intense stillness. This morning during my meditation I felt more strongly than ever during my entire  Journey how connected I was. It was an amazing sense connection with Source and  my entire Source team and the feeling of so much unconditional love. That’s when the tears began flow. There is something so very powerful going on here folks and I truly feel in my life, as in all of yours as well, the Miracles are happening and that so many more are to come. I truly hope that you will experience these miracles no mater how big or small they are and that when you do, you will share with us because, Source and our guides are constantly there for all of us with the “Unconditional Love” that make this all possible !!


 Positive thing number one…after my share last week (post on gaslighting), something shifted the following day, during meditation. I’m not sure what I released, but it must have been a pretty big blockage as I felt an uplift at the time, and I’m happy to report that hasn’t disappeared. It’s mostly on an emotional level…more ability to sense joy, less heaviness…and although it’s reasonably subtle, it is most definitely there…Positive thing number two…when I had my session with Nira, she predicted that I would start to feel some improvement about five weeks from then. Well, guess what? Last week was five weeks after the appointment…so big thank you to Nira for your wonderful gifts and support…and to anyone else reading this, who has had predictions of when healing may occur, I hope this brings you more faith, if you should need it! Positive thing number three…Last weekend, I went into London to the theatre for the second time since the whole pandemic thing. I should just mention that, prior to the pandemic kicking off, I was just starting to come out of a CFS/ME crash, so was beginning to go out socially, but still really struggling with that. So, in reality, for me, a trip into London has been a huge challenge since 2016. Well, last Saturday was an incredible improvement…I didn’t simply ‘survive’, I thrived. My Mum is my normal companion for theatre trips, and she has grown used to me crashing (through CFS/ME) and become ultra-sensitive to spotting signs of when my energy is starting to fail. She commented that she found the day was far more relaxing because she never once had to think about whether I was about to crash. So, she noticed the difference. From my perspective, I went out, enjoyed the day, came home, and it was as if I’d done nothing more than usual….which might not sound much, but it actually pretty mind-blowing…I can’t remember the last time that happened. Normally, I would feel some degree of tiredness, but no, I came home, enjoyed healing circle, and still had energy left when I went to bed…amazing! Positive thing number 4…being able to recognise what is happening to me and recognise my power to heal that.


Last Thursday I returned to work after the six week summer break and we had two inset days. I had not wanted to go back really as I had a difficult summer with a variety of different things happening. I noticed straight away how people were gravitating towards me and wanting to sit with me or stand with me and talk. I was very open to what they were saying and I felt guided to give responses that I’m sure were not completely from me but from source. I have also been able to use the ‘stop’ technique successfully when I’ve had pain body thoughts in my head. This is something that used to take a long time to shift and now it goes almost instantly. I have been suffering badly with my wrist and I can see now that it has happened so that I slow down and get connected to source more easily. I have accepted it with grace and love and I know it is part of my journey and even when I get upset about it, it passes quickly. The other noticeable thing is that I am still managing to get things done even though it feels like I’m not doing a lot. Meditation is so much easier now and I am definitely going to aim for two hours a day.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!