In this week’s healing circle Niki will be guiding people on how to stay empowered and balanced while learning difficult and sometimes challenging information about the truth of what is occurring on the planet at this time, including:

  • How discernment is needed at every step of the way due to the mass disinformation campaign 
  • Why we need to know the truth and how we are powerful enough to handle it
  • The importance of identifying and avoiding the rise of judgement, hatred, fear and fanaticism as a response to learning the truth
  • Why humanity needs the energy of the divine feminine to step up now and provide awake, aware, discerning, compassionate and wise guidance in the times ahead

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What People Are Saying

I’m grateful that since I started the meditations and now more powerful, the Commands I have been moving through numerous early belief patterns every week in EMDR. I have an awareness of erroneous beliefs about myself which enables me to feel the despair and negative beliefs that were formed about myself. Self hatred for not being strong enough physically to run, for not being smart enough to anticipate an action which resulted in abuse. I believed it wasn’t safe to need anyone or to ask for help. I believed that I was a bother to my parents and others. I believed that someone who perpetrated me was a good guy but those who came in kindness and love weren’t to be trusted. I believed that if someone expressed love, kindness, warmth towards me it was a trick and would hurt me. I wanted to die as an infant because I found no connection with humans and I was swirling in an existence without stimulation or affection locked in a room alone for hrs and days. I’m so grateful to have the tools to find the courage to find so many falsities! Thanks to everyone who shows up on this journey to heal!!